9+ Powerful Gintama Quotes (Images)

Gintama Quotes. Gintoki Sakata Quotes. 'I can't do anything alone. Together, we make the perfect main character.' Quote The Anime

Gintoki Sakata Quotes



The fact that war is something that makes us all regret everything. It is said, that real leaders, always try to avoid war at every cost, and that gong to war, is usually and absolutely the last option. Because war makes people lose lives, and cause immense turmoil, which can be avoided by out-thinking, out-creating, and out-maneuvering your enemy.

Gintama Quotes. Gintoki Sakata Quotes. 'No matter whether you win or not, there's no meaning to war.' Quote The Anime

I am currently realizing this myself as I build our team for QuoteTheAnime itself. That me alone, I can’t accomplish much. But as people join the team, we’re improving slowly and getting better and better. That we’re at our best with others around us, and that we can create the most in this world, when we put our skills together with our comrades.

Gintama Quotes. Gintoki Sakata Quotes. 'I can't do anything alone. Together, we make the perfect main character.' Quote The Anime

Gintoki Sakata, Gintama Wallpaper

I think the lesson for me here was that, times can get tough, and that is a part of life. If day represents good times, and night represents bad times. Then no matter how bad times may get, we have to keep ourselves focused on when the good times are about to come, because they always come after the bad times.

Gintama Quotes. Gintoki Sakata Quotes. 'The night is in its darkest just before dawn. But keep your eyes open.' Anime Quotes.

Okita Sougo Quotes



I think I’ve personally had to face this sometimes in my life. Where I think past memories for us, really hold us back in our lives. I’ve taken the time to go back to those memories and resolve them, and deal with them.

Gintama Quotes. Okita Sougo Quotes. 'Sometimes, it's necessary to look back at the past in order to move on to the future.' Quote the Anime

I’m really on the fence with this one. Because if there’s a situation, where a kid or someone helpless is in danger, and the only way to save them is to kill the person that’s attacking them or intending to hurt them. Then would I be willing to take that person’s life.. What would you do?

Gintama Quotes. Okita Sougo Quotes. 'In this world, there are things you have to protect even if our hands get stained with blood.' Anime quotes

Shimura Shinpachi Quotes



I have learned this one day in and day out. That we can never become good without putting in the work required to get there. There is simply no other way around it.

Gintama Quotes. Shimura Shinpachi Quotes. 'There's no short-cut to becoming strong.' Quote the Anime.

Shimura Tae Quotes



I think it’s fair to believe this. Because there are some things that might be extremely harsh, and to make a kid grow up before they need to, just seems so cruel.

Gintama Quotes. Shimura Tae Quotes. 'Some lies are necessary for giving children dreams.'

Sarutobi Ayame Quotes



This is so motivating, to realize that everything around us, in every way is a representation of our own capabilities. If we wish to change all that, we just need to change ourselves, and things outside us will change to accommodate that.

Gintama Quotes. Sarutobi Ayame Quotes. Breatk through your destiny with your own hands, and build your own reality.' Quote The Anime

Takasugi Shinsuke Quotes



This is somewhat true, and somewhat not true, because there are lots of people that are poor who also believe this. I think money matters greatly in this world as a resource. But it cannot be the source of anyone’s happiness, and that’s the truth.

Gintama Quotes. Takasugi Shinsuke Quotes. 'The only people who say that money doesn't matter in this world are the ones with lots of it.' Anime Quotes

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