9+ Powerful Gilgamesh Quotes from Fate Stay Night

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'You break the law ans I'll punish you, there is no room for discussion.' Quote The Anime.

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Gilgamesh being one of the strongest hero, in the series of Fate. We are all attracted and as anime fans love the level of Power he wields. So here are some of the best quotes and images that we put together for you to enjoy of Gilgamesh, the king of Gyros. The one who was unparalleled in comparison to his strength.

Best of Gilgamesh from Fate Series

1. Such a powerful line this one, because it’s true if we let a little bit of problems in our lives stop us from doing what we wanted to, or becoming what we really wanted to and how could we really achieve what we wanted.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'If a couple curses stopped me, what kind of hero would I be.' Quote The Anime.

2. I think it’s a natural human attraction towards having things that are very scarce. There’s actually a principle called scarcity, and this is the chief of one of the six ways to influence human beings. You can find more about this principle in a book called influence by Robert Cialdini.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'The things we can't obtain are the most beautiful.' Quote The Anime.

3. This is such a great lesson for me, and really shows me that actually should observe others and people. Because that will help me learn and understand people more deeply which can help me influence them, work with Sam, lead them, or follow them. To truly understand people pay attention to what they are saying and what they’re more interested in talking about call my dad is a lesson I got from Gilgamesh here.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'What you speak of at greatest length is what interests you the most.' Quote The Anime.

4. When I think about this line, I find it completely true because we’re all going towards things naturally that give us a distraction or pleasure in the moment. But I believe when we truly find our purpose or what we really want to do in life. We start to deviate towards a different path where we understand that delayed pleasure or delayed gratification seems so much more rewarding for the challenge comedy inspiration, the fun that it gives.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'A soul naturally seeks pleasure.. consciously or not.' Quote The Anime.

5. This quote here shows to me how to clear your path and how to let go of hesitation. The weighted actually do it I’m realizing after this quote, is that to go back to the source of what you like them from their figure out what really gives you Joy specifically, and then from there on you can go forward and move forward and be sure of what you’re doing.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'Do exactly as you like Pleasure leads to joy to happiness.' Quote The Anime.

6. I think this quote really is a great line in terms of the representation of one’s Integrity. It shows that being the king of Heroes he really takes integrity and the principles and rules a person lives by and holds that to a very high standard.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'Surely there must be limits to which one may sink.' Quote The Anime.

7. I think this one makes a lot of sense in the lesson here for me was that you know when you find yourself following in the footsteps of the masses call Midas a time to realize that you’re not following the right path most likely because the wisdom of the few is where I believe the potential for human evolution lies, and not with the common knowledge of the masses.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'Isn't the foolishness of a few more precioius than the wisdom of the many..' Quote The Anime.

8. This is a brilliant principle call mine the lesson I learned here is that as a leader you have to punish bad behaviour for others but on yourself as well. I saw this happening a lot Naruto, where is Guy sensei, and Rock Lee would set up self-inflicted challenges, and self-inflicted punishments and not achieve certain things.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'You break the law ans I'll punish you, there is no room for discussion.' Quote The Anime.

9. I actually don’t understand t means by the stupidity, but I’m going to take a guess here and I think he means that it is courage because courage goes hand-in-hand with stupidity and that is the one he’s talking about because in comparison to the first arrogance, which is basically overestimating what you’re capable of, the under stupidity than could be under estimating what you capable of come along with the courage that comes with that stupidity.

Gilgamesh Quotes. Fate Stay Night Quotes. 'There are two kinds of arrogance, one where your dreams are too big, the other is commonplace' Quote The Anime.

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