11+ Powerful Full-Metal Alchemist Quotes (Images)

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Edward Elric quote. 'Once You've withstood the pain and over comeit, you will gain a heart that is stronger. A full metal Heart.' Quote The Anime.

Alphonse Elric Quotes

1. Hands down one of the best quote to ever exist in anime has been this one by Alphonse Elric. I think this was such an important lesson for me that he gave to us. I am seeing the application of this principle in life right now as well, then we have to sacrifice certain things, and at times they’re actually good things, in order to do something great in a book called Good to Great” by Jim Collins, if you’re interested. It really shows us what’s the advantage and the biggest enemy of greatness is. The biggest enemy of greatness is not bad the greatest enemy of greatness is good because good is easy and very comfortable and so it makes us want to stay there.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Alphonse Elric Quotes. 'Humans cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.' law of Equivalent Exchange.

2. This quote represents my favourite concept and peaceful of a life, that Talent itself is so overrated and the fact that people with hard work and work ethic make it so much farther than people who rely on their talent. Rock Lee & Guy Sensei were a prime example of this principle in action. 

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Alphonse Elric Quotes. 'being able to try your hardest to be something is a talent by itself.' Quote The Anime

Edward Elric Quotes

1. A brilliant reminder, to us is that we have all the resources we want in life and if we don’t we can find them or make them ourselves.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Edward Elric Quotes. 'Can't find a door, make your own.' Quote The Anime.

2. It’s intriguing what Edward actually says here, because I do believe that the most beautiful people come from the most excruciating circumstances in life but I believe he’s also saying here that you know when you go through so many painful experiences your heart becomes colder and you get a full metal part but I believe the real lesson in this is that you know the more pain and stressors we put ourselves through the more difficult we can handle the most successful we actually become.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes.  Edward Elric quote. 'Once You've withstood the pain and over comeit, you will gain a heart that is stronger. A full metal Heart.' Quote The Anime.

3. This is a great example of unity. I believe this quote signifies that you know we might think we’re really different from certain people to listen for me is that at times myself where I kind of really different or I’m better or I’m worse oh, and I realized at a certain point in my life that I can relate to any person in the world if you put me beside them I can relate and have a conversation with any person in the world because they’re human and they are certain things and that could be going to the real basic eating showering dot-dot. Hopefully showering. 

Greed Quotes

1. Personally, I regret to say this but I actually kind of agree with the benefit of greed I think the way he looked at it or sort of bad but it is true that we all want something and we all have desires. And I think it’s really important to have these Motivations these desires these passion because they are the things that make us and help us accomplish great feats. But I do think there is a limit and philosophy that should go behind the pursue love big goals and that is to stick to certain ethics into practice it would certain ethical restraints which I believe greed lost.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Greed Quotes. 'Greed may not be good, but it's not so bad either. everyone wants something.' Quote The Anime.

Maes Hughes Quotes

1. The Author really went to the Limit here… what a controversial line to say. but I can’t stop but loving it. The fact that Mae’s Hughes so but clear in his values as a human being, it was truly awe-inspiring.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Maes Hughes Quotes. 'I have no use for a religion that's been forsaken by its own god.' Quote The Anime.

Roy Mustang Quotes

1. Goodness. Roy Mustang was actually a goddamn piece that I didn’t know how strong he was till they actually started fighting the seven sins. Him and his lighter way too God damn sexy. In a way this kind of reminds me of Goku, because Goku’s actually an insanely powerful being, monstrous even, but he always does things for the good side, and even Vegeta after the Frieza Arc.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes.Roy Mustang Quotes. 'when I am called a monster and fight a real monster I can realize i'm just a human.' Quote The Anime.

2. I love that and I admire that the beauty in the world is that it’s not perfect. it’s such a beautiful line, it reminds me of a quote by Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes.Roy Mustang Quotes. 'The world's not perfect that's what makes it beautiful.' Quote The Anime.

 Trisha Elric Quotes

1. UnBelievable and what true I suppose. Humans are the weakest creatures or some of the weakest creatures in the animal kingdom physically for our size or very weak but I think what makes us the primate that resides over every other living being in this world is our ability to create and think and use Leverage I believe our conscious mind is our biggest strength and our ability to create tools and evolution together.

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Trisha Elric Quotes. 'Humans are weak creatures, leads to us becoming stronger' Quote The Anime

Winry Rockbell Quotes

1. This one was quite hard for me to understand actually, how certain things can only be understood through words. If someone actually gets what ‘WINRY’ is saying here please put it in the comments so I can actually understand what she really meant. Because I want to get the lesson for all of us.

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