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(フェアリーテイル, Fearī Teiru)

Love this line… such a great reminder.

(Episode 319, 14:02)

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Aries Quotes



1. To stick to your mission, and your purpose above everything. There is nothing more Noble I believe.

fairy tail quotes - aries quote even if we owe that enemy a great debt, we must defeat them

Caprico Quotes




fairy tail quotes - capricorn quote - I cannot give my power to lucy at this point. For it already belongs to her

Carla Quotes



1. It’s true that alone, we might not be able to do too much. But together we can do so much.

fairy tail quotes - carla quote - who cares if youre weak if we band together we can do anything

1. Pain I think very hard in the moment. But it’s so crazy that it’s also the reason for our biggest growth in this world.

erza-scarlet-quotes-those painful memories are what help us make it tomorrow and become stronger--fairy-tail-quotes

2. It’s the truth, if you don’t have the humility to understand people at their weakest. Then yo u haven’t been there yourself, or aren’t grateful for the things that have worked out for you.

erza-scarlet-quotes-if you find peoples suffering to laugh at-then youre still a long ways off from the top-fairy-tail-quotes

3. Now that’s the power of friends. You might feel like you’re doing things for them, but actually they’re the ones saving you from yourself most of times. And I, definitely am a prime example of this.

Erza Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'It's not that I was protecting everyone. I was the one always being protected.'

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4. Wow. To only want and need enough is so profound, when we think about it. All we need is the strength to protect the ones we love, the rest is unnecessary. What a beautiful line, and top top it off with, I’m alright with being weaker than everyone else too. Gotta love Erza for this anime quote.

Erza Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades.'

>>>>>13 Motivational Fairy Tail Erza Quotes (HQ IMAGES) |by Erza Scarlet

What a crazy moment this was. Gajeel finally opened up his heart. He finally let her know!!!! WOHOOOO!!

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-having a future with you snatches away is defeinitely the most terrifying thing

2. It’s hard to find the right balance in life. Try too hard and you’re a try-hard. Try to little and it seems like you don’t care. The only way to find the middle is to mess up several times till you get it right.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-care too little you lose them-care too much you get hurt

>>>>>11+ Powerful Gajeel Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images + Wallpaper)

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The iron dragonslayer, Gajeel Redfox, has lived his life in the shadows. Even in the motley crew of Fairy Tail, he didn%u2019t always fit in. When Gajeel gets news of an escaped prisoner he may be connected to, he must leave on a journey to confront his past. Will he stand strong with his new family in Fairy Tail, or will old forces pull him back into the darkness?

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Gildarts Clive Quotes


 (ギルダーツ ・クライヴ Girudātsu Kuraivu)

1. Fear is such a great compass. I believe it’s so important to feel fear. Fear gives me all the excitement that I feel in life.

Fairy Tail Quotes. Gildarts Quotes. Fear is not evil.

2. To have the discipline, practice and control to hold back when it’s needed, is definitely something that isn’t easily attained.

fairy tail quotes gildarts clive-i find no fault with standing against your enemy. But few have the strength to sheath their sword

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Gray Fullbuster Quotes


see more… >>> 11 Meaningful Gray Fullbuster Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. Love this one. Don’t change anything about the past, the regrets, the mistakes, everything are a part of you.

gray full buster quotes-There's no need to change the past. Because of the past we are who we are now. Every second, every action from then is linked to us here and now-fairy-tail-quotes

2. The goodbyes are always hard. But he’s right, it’s the memories in our head that we look to and reminisce about.

gray-fullbuster-quotes-its not the goodbyes that hurt-it's the flashbacks that follow-fairy-tail-quotes

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3. Such a good realization, he realized i believed that Juvia wouldn’t want Gray to turn himself into something he isn’t just to get revenge for her.

To Invel Yura, Episode 307

gray-fullbuster-quotes-no matter how much I trash you-it wont bring juvia back-fairy-tail-quotes

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Hades Quotes


 (ハデス Hadesu)

1. I like to think there are no mistakes we can’t come back from. But truthfully in life, there are some things that we cannot come back from. There are certain things we do or say can destroy things forever.

fairy tail quotes - hades quote- with a true mistake there will be no experience to be gained

Happy Quotes



COMING SOON!! (comment below if you want them Asap.)

1. This one is so beautiful. Juvia literally lives for nothing but Gray.

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-live for her .. like i live for the one i love


juvia-funny-quote-fairy-tail- Juvia: "Gray-Sama, please punish me! Hit Juvia as much as you want to!
Gray Fullbuster: "I'm not into that!"
Juvia: "Yeah, but Juvia is..."


Juvia-lockser-quotes-funny-fairy-tail-quotes-gray sama you havent been ungaithful have you

>>>>>>13+ Emotional Juvia Lockser Quotes Fairy Tail – (HQ Images)

1. It’s true everyone will die one day. Sooner or later, that motivates us to do more, to do it sooner, to do it better and faster. Because no one is here forever. And we need to remember that.

To Erza Scarlet

jellal-fernandes-quotes-Life and death are the very basis of all things. They intensify every emotion

2. Tears are just an expression, when we’re not able to use words to describe all that we’re feeling. When we’re overwhelmed with emotion. Whether they be positive or negative.

jellal-fernandes-quotes-tears are how our heart speaks


To Erza Scarlet

jellal-fernandes-quotes-this is my sin-gap between dreams and reality-fairy-tail-quotes

>>>>7+ Powerful Jellal Fernandes Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

Laxus Dreyar Quotes



1. Laxus is the coolest guy on Fairy Tail or what?

*To Team Raven Tail* 

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-masters enemies are my enemies after all

2. This is a man-to-man fight. Forget our past, forget our history. Treat me as your equal and give me all you’ve got. So I can really see what I”m made of . That’s what Laxus is saying I think.

To Jura Neekis

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-Stop right now! You're not some old guy with a fancy title, and I'm not anybody's grandson. We're just two men

3. What a beautiful moment. Things like this is what makes Laxus so amazing, even after his betrayal to the guild.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-if this is the end then take my hand ill be there till the very end

4. It’s true the world is beautiful. We just need to appreciate everything around us.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-open your eyes its easy to see that this is a beautiful world

>>>>11 Powerful Laxus Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

Lisanna Strauss Quotes



1. We all die, but our memories of them can stay with us no matter the time. And nowdays we have video, and pictures they can live on forever… online!

fairy tail quotes - lisanna strauss quote - all living things eventually die- live in your heart forever

Loke Quotes



1. No Loke was a true beat in my eyes. Just a great stand-up guy, always.

fairy tail quotes - luke quote- no matter the circumstances, hurting my owner, lucy is something I cannot forgive

Lucky Quotes



Lucky to Happy, this was such a great moment to me. I definitely cried. They finally found their long lost son. I think Happy was actually their son to be honest. He looks exactly like her.

fairy tail quotes - lucky quote - if you stay being scared you couldnt do it even if you had a chance.

Lucy Heartfilia Quotes


see more…>> 23+ Emotional Lucy Heartfilia Quotes – Fairy Tail (Wallpaper)

1. Make your choice.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-you have three choice-you can give up-give in-or give it your all-fairy-tail-quotes

2. It’s so true, who wants to be alone. I don’t remember where I heard this. But someone that that life is a long road. Don’t walk it alone.

lucy-heartfilia-quotesI don't want... to run away by myself. Because no matter what, I'd rather be together with everyone-fairy-tail-quotes

3. I agree, let’s not judge anyone just based on first impressions.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-dont judge me unless you have looked through my eyese whxperience what i went through-fairy-tail-quotes

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4. The power of human emotions, is truly unparalleled.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-feelings are connection-they surpass time and find their way back to the people you love-fairy-tail-quotes

>>>>>>23+ Emotional Lucy Heartfilia Quotes – Fairy Tail (Wallpaper)

Makarov Dreyar Quotes


see more…>> 13+ Powerful Makarov Dreyar Quotes -Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. I’m not sure I know a single person who can just be happy by themselves. I’ve tried it myself, and it just hasn’t worked. I’ve realized happiness lies with others. Isn’t that just how humans work. we’re social beings.

makarov-dreyar-quotes-there are people in this world who enjoy being alone but there isnt a single person who can bear solitude-fairy-tail-quotes

2. Makarov was a true leader. The greatest leaders are more like fathers. Treating each of their employees, and people under them like his literal children.

makarov-dreyar-quotes-role of a prent to stand in front of children and protect them-fairy-tail-quotes

3. Honestly, I wish I was party of fairy tail, at certain points. Because of the amazing together-ness that they carry.

makarov-dreyar-quotes-Even if I can't see you... no matter how far away you may be... I will always be watching you. I'll definitely watch over you forever-fairy-tail-quotes

4. To know when to fight is good and okay, and when it is bad, and not good at all.

(Season 3, episode 310)

makarov-dreyar-quotes-fairy tail - hate and spite must never be used for violence thats what a guild is all about

5. Trust in each other, and trust in the people who take care of you. There is nothing better than that.

To erza, Episode 308

makarov-dreyar-quotes-trust your freinds-trust yourse-a guild is a family-fairy-tail-quotes

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Mavis Vermillion Quotes


see more..>> 8+ Powerful Mavis Vermillion Quotes

1. I knew it! Mistakes are to be looked at as growth opportunities, and not things that are negative.

mavis-vermillion-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-Mistakes are not shackles that halt one from stepping forward. Rather, they are that which sustain and grow one's heart

2. Feelings, and human emotions, our biggest flaw and our biggest strength.

mavis-vermillion-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-There are walls that can't be broken through power alone. But if there is a power that can break through walls, it's the power of feelings

3. It’s so hard to do this, to keep your heart open, despite getting hurt. Still keeping it out, so people who are great can have a chance to connect with you.

mavis-vermillion-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-mistakes arent made by locking your feelings away-made while wearing heart on sleeve

4. Miracles. That’s true. Miracles I think happen when a group of people align on a vision, that everyone pushes towards on that team.

mavis-vermillion-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-unwavering faith and resilient bonds will bring even miracles to your side

>>>>>8+ Powerful Mavis Vermillion Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

Max Alors Quotes



1. Gotta protect what you love, no matter what, till your last dying breath.

fairy tail quotes, Max Alors, We still gotta fight. This is our home and we've gotta protect it.

Minerva Orland Quotes



1. It’s funny because when we’re younger we think this is the only thing we can do is gain strength. But then as we grow older we realize that isn’t what really matters. Strength comes in so many different shapes and forms, and that’s what I truly learned.

fairy tail quotes -minerva quote - power isn't the only connection one can have.

Mirajane Strauss Quotes


see more… >>>> 11+ Powerful Mirajane Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. I think we all have a purpose in this world. Now on the surface some passions might seem smaller than others. But I think that’s not true at all. I think everyone’s purpose has great value, and provides something for the world.

mirajane-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-everyone exists for a reason-as small as it can be-im sure you have a meaning too

2. She’s such an under-rated Savage, and love her in this form. She’s actually one of the strongest int he guild.

mirajane-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-when im along thats when i can release my full power

3. She’s so awesome. Demon-form.

Mirajane Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. Poisin that's merely a dessert for a demon like me.'

>>>>>11+ Powerful Mirajane Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

Natsu Dragneel Quotes


see more… >>> 21+ Powerful Natsu Dragneel Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. It’s the truth, gotta love Natsu’s never giving in enthusiasm.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-Even if you're right, everyone has the right to choose the future!-fairy-tail-quotes

2. Hahah this is just pure funniness.

natsu-quotes-funny-dragneel-mages of fairy tail-specialize in property damage-fairy-tail-quotes


natsu-quotes-funny-dragneel-i love adventures-fairy-tail-quotes

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4. Freindships. My girlfriend always said to me, that you gotta be a friend to keep a friends, and that’s the truth.

Natsu Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'Comrades are comrades because they help each other out.'

5. I do truly believe that. I think we become stronger, and are able to accomplish incomprehensible things that we do not realize we are capable of. When we are doing things for others versus ourselves.

natsu-quotes-dragneel-We've fought for this guild many many times. No matter how strong the enemy is, the wish to protect the ones important to us has always made us strong-fairy-tail-quotes

>>>>21+ Powerful Natsu Dragneel Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

Panther Lily Quotes



I do believe fighting is an art-form Ofcourse, and clearly Pantherlily thinks the same way.

fairy tail quotes - panther lily quote - battle is a living thing. you have to respond and cope with it

Ultear Milovich Quotes



1. We are truly a spec in the world of more than 7 billion people. So if you think you have a problem right now. Then think of other people, who are maybe not as fortunate as you, and what they might be going through.

fairy tail quotes - ultear milovich quote - when i stopped to look at the sky i realized just how small i am

Ur Quotes


(ウル Uru) 

She was one of the best teachers. On-par if not better than Marakov Dreyar I’d say.

fairy tail quotes -ur quotes- if that monster is your darkness, then i have a reason to fight it ..no

Virgo Quotes



Virgo Funny Quotes

“She’s the funniest thing ever. Honestly, she made me laugh in the show all the time. I had to make this quote.

fairy tail quotes -virgo quote - i am a loyal celestial spirit to my owner. i work in whatever appearance youd like me to

Wendy Marvell Quotes


see more.. >> 5+ EMOTIONAL Wendy Marvell Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. Have you ever had that in your life. Where you have to do things, that you’d rather not, but it’s the only option you have in order to survive.

To Chelia Blendy,

wendy marvell quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. There's nothing about combat I enjoy.

2. Wendy Marvell would be the greatest right-hand person to have on your team. She’s such a great support.

To Cosmos,

wendy-marvell-quotes-my job is to support everyone.. but when i have to fight.. i become the sky dragon-fairy-tail-quotes


To Carla, during the ‘Attack of the Edolas Forces’

wendy-marvell-quotes-It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what is right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of-fairy-tail-quotes

>>>5+ EMOTIONAL Wendy Marvell Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

1. So dark Zeref. Comon, live a little.

To Hades,

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-trash that doesnt even know its trash deserves to fall into abyss

2. “Man oh man. I’m so torn about Zeref, I just don’t know if i like him or hate. I just can’t make up my mind.

To himself

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again

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3. See Zeref seems like he has such good intentions here. I guess the hardest problem to have is what Zeref has I believe.

To Mavis Vermillion

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-I've lived for many centuries and watched the rise and fall of different ages. People hate and evil causes conflict, but I'm looking forward to a new age that will purify all of this

>>>>>7+ Powerful Zeref Dragneel Quotes – Fairy Tail (HQ Images)

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