13+ Of Your Favorite Dr. Stone Quotes (Wallpapers)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. It's a slow but steady effot. I'm going to beat fantasy with science. This is exhilarating.

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Best Dr. Stone Anime Quotes

Dr. Stone has some great life lessons, and teachings that we can learn from. They’ve got some great themes like friendship, improvisation, team-work, and persistence, perseverance, and more.

Byakuya Ishigami Quotes

1. This was such an amazing line. And it totally showed us how Senku became who he was. what an amazing father, and specially when he gave away, and sold his car, and all so he could get the money to buy science equipment for his son, Senku. What a boss, dad what do you guys think?

(Season 1, Episode 4, 16:51)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Byakuya Ishigami Quotes, If you're seriuos, you can accomplish anything through application of science

2. So is Byakuya the most badass DAD ever or what, and I had no idea they were not blood-related till this episode actually.

‘It may be a worst-case scenario but I have to do what I can.’

(Season 1, Episode 17, 5:55)

Dr. Stone Quotes. Byakuya Ishigami. 'It may be a worst-case scenario but I have to do what I can.' Quote The Anime.

3. This guy is just straight Guts. Hence, why he became one of my favorite characters hands down. Just so sad that he actually passed away earlier and never got to meet Senku.

“10 kilometers is nothing. I’ll swim the whole way, fully clothed if I have to.”

Tsukasa Shishio Quotes

1. “I’ll promise you one thing: you two will never be in danger again.” ~ Tsukasa Shioshio

(Season 1, Episode 2, 9:45)

Dr. Stone Quotes,Tsukasa Shishio Quotes. i promise you two wil never be in danger again.

Taiju Oki Quotes

1. “I’m built to last I’ve got plenty of energy left to spare. I’m not giving up.”

He said this, while standing up to Tsukasa when he wanted to hurt Yuzuriha Ogawa.
 (Season 1, Episode 3, 12:59)

Senku Ishigami Quotes

Senku Ishigami says this to Taiju, after he wakes up from being frozen as a stone for thousands of years. I love this quote. From the beginning of the show, Senku is shown to have a lot of faith in Taiju’s ability. I love that type of motivation, from someone having so much belief in another person. It’s actually the way I eventually want feel like with my team for QuoteTheAnime. And I’ve been fortunate enough to feel that way with my friends already.

  1. “I was ten Billion percent certain that you were alive.

“There is no way a guy who was intent on confessing to Yuzuriha would give in after just a few thousand years. You aren’t that weak.”
Taiju: “yeah. Of course I’m not.”

(Season 1, Episode 1, 12:35)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes, "I was ten Billion percent certain that you were alive. There is no way a guy who was intent on confessing to Yuzuriha would give in after just a few thousand years. You aren’t that weak."

2. Ofcourse, Senku’s coined catchphrase in the series.

“I am 10 billion percent sure!!!!” ~Senku

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3. He says this line, when he figures out he can make Nital Acid, as Taiju had found grapes that could make wine. So being motivated, he said this line, but funny enough, when they tried to create alcohol from distilling wine. they failed right after he said this line. Showing us that just because we’re motivated, that things will go our way in life.

(Season 1, Episode 1, 19:17)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. "There's nothing you can't do if you try."


“Let me teach you, big Oaf…. It’s not that there are things that science can’t explain. You look for the rules behind those things. Science is just a name for the steady, pain-in-the-ass effort that goes behind it.”

(Season 1, Episode 1, 21:11)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. Science is just a name for the steady pain in the ass efffort that goes behind it.

5. He says this to himself when he finally realizes and breaks through with the Nital acid, and revives the bird that was hardened with stone. This lets him believe that he’ll finally have the chance to save the world and bring Humanity back to life, and that’s when he says this anime quote.

(Season 1, Episode 1, 22:07)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. It's a slow but steady effot. I'm going to beat fantasy with science. This is exhilarating.

6. Senku says this right to Tsukasa’s face, because this is the moment, when it was confirmed for Senku that Tsukasa was not going to be a good person to deal with and have around.

(Season 1, Episode 2, 17:50)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Quotes, A man who praises a man to his face is full of ulterior motives. -Senku Ishigami to Tsukasa Shioshio

7. He says this to Shioshio because Shishio was actually destroying adult statues before this moment, and in fact murdering people, specifically adults.

(Season 1, Episode 2, 22:11)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Quotes, I'm going to use the power of science to rescue every single person. -Senku Ishigami to Tsukasa Shioshio

8. The epiphany, that let him survive alone till he could revive Taiju. This was definitely a sick quote. I look at this towards myself, and see that, you know like some days, I get more frustrated, or confused, or irritated when I’m facing a new problem or issue. But this quote, was such a perfect reminder for me, to remember, that no matter how big or small the problem. I can only do so much. And that is one step at a time.

~Senku says to himself, while the monkeys were watching him and laughing at him.
(Season 1, Episode 5, 18:15)

Dr. Stone quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. 'All I can do is improvise one step at a time.'

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“There’s nothing you can’t do if you try.”

Yuzuriha Ogawa Quotes

1. Now, this was a serious motivational moment. I love this quote. It just represents what us as humans are capable of… of how we’ve been able to take over a planet, not because of brute strength. But, because we were able to use our brains, be creative, be strategic, and be able to be where we are as a civilization now.

(Season 1, Episode 5, 7:13)


Dr.Stone Characters

Wallpaper #1: “I am 10 billion% sure!!!” ~Senku

Wallpaper #2:”There’s nothing you can’t do.”~Senku

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Dr. Stone FAQ

How old is Senku Ishigami?

Senku’s age is 18 years old before being petrified. In the mange in Chapter 99, it is said that he’s is 18 years and 251 days old. Hence, for now Senku’s age is 18, till we get more details of course.

How Does Ruri know Senku’s Last name?

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    My favourite character is for sure, and without a doubt… TajiuI. I love that guy. Never giving up attitude. A simpleton, doesn’t think too much. Just does things.

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