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Dino is a Demon Lord who occupies the sixth seat of the Octagram (Manga: Chapter 78). As one of the strongest and oldest Demon Lords, Yuuki Kagurazaka, bestowed upon him the rank of “Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders(Manga: Chapter 189).


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Character Information

Title: Wandering King


Gender: Male

Species: Fallen Angel

Age: 20,000+

Hair Color: Silver with a Purple Stripe

Eye Color: Blue

Professional Status

Occupation: Demon Lord, Researcher

Affiliations: Octagram, Eight Star-Demon Lord

Disaster Rank: Disaster

Family: Red-colored Demons

Class: Twin Swordsman

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Light Novel: Volume 6

Manga: Chapter 77, Chapter 78

Anime: Episode 45

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yuusuke Kobayashi
English: To Be Announced



Dino has shiny silver hair with one purple stripe. He has deep blue eyes that lose their beauty due to his constant sleepy gaze. Although he is very old, his body looks like a teenager’s. Overall, he is a very charming and appealing character (Manga: Chapter 78).



As you may have guessed by his title, Dino is a very lazy person. Always sleepy, he barely has the liveliness to do anything. His motto is to attain his goal by consuming as little energy as possible. He is quite intelligent but his planning skill is terrible. The only time Dino shows any emotions and loses his eternal calm is when you truly anger him.

Strengths and Skills

Dino is a swordsman although he doesn’t possess the necessary techniques to be one. Using his sheer inhumane strength to make up for his lack of knowledge, he can be compared to Master Swordsmen. His weapon of choice is called “Crumbling Fang”. He also owns two God-tier swords, Caliburn and Excalibur that he uses in the most critical moments (Manga: Chapter 231).

He was formerly a Light type spirit because of his angelic origins. Using techniques that were passed on to him by Ramiris he switched to the Dark-type making the Light type attributes his weakness.


Fallen King Lucifel

A combination between the Ultimate Skill Prideful King Lucifer and the Ultimate Skill Wrathful King Satan.


Slothful King Belphegor

This skill makes the target a subordinate of the Slothful King and blocks the use of his abilities. It also greatly increases Dino’s fighting power.



When Dino was still an Angel, he was Veldanava’s right-hand (Manga: chapter 220). Veldanava is the Star King Dragon, the oldest True Dragon, the world’s creator which makes him a God. Assisting him in all his battles, through experience and blood, Dino became the most powerful swordsman of the heavens. When the war finally came to an end and peace took over, Dino was sent to earth to witness and protect the harmony.

When Dino degraded and turned into a Fallen Angel, two of his subordinates, Pico and Garcia, followed in his footsteps. When they did, they both acquired the ability to have free will, to think and decide things on their own (Manga: Chapter 228).


After Dino left Veldanava, he was killed along with his wife. In a fit of rage, Dino went on a rampage, obliterating the entire country and even wanted to continue and get rid of the whole world at the same time.  

One small miracle manages to calm him. That miracle was Milim, she was an abandoned orphan at the time and she became Dino’s everything. He dedicated his life to ensure her safety and happiness.

Even though Veldanava was undeniably dead, Dino always believed that his master would somehow return to him.  And that day finally came when a soul similar to his masters appeared before him. 

Certain conditions had to be met in order for Veldanava to awaken. For that purpose, he ordered Dino to continue to be a Watcher and infiltrate the Demon Lord’s circle as one of them. He also told him to obey Yuuki, the Grandmaster of the Free Guild and principal of Freedom Academy who also happened to be his vessel (Manga: Chapter 248).


valdenava 2


Dino’s Master also known as the Star King Dragon.



One of Dino’s friends. When Dino didn’t have a place to stay, he invited him to stay in his home as long as he wished. Dino, who knew full well how impressive his abilities were, constantly tried to make him one of his subordinates. 

He started depriving him of that purpose. As planned, Dagruel retired and his deprivation was complete. Although it sounds cruel and selfish, Dino didn’t do all this only for himself.  He wanted to release Darguel’s attachment to Valdenava. But he ended up banished from Dagruel’s domain (Manga: Chapter 79).



Another of Dino’s close friends. He is a Demon Lord also known as the Beast Master and the King of the Beast Kingdom Eurazania.



 When they are together, they can’t stop bickering. They are very comfortable with each other and are very close. Their relationship is as it is because after Dino fell, he was taken in by Ramiris. 

For that reason only, he still talks to her with respect. Dino is still in Ramiris’s care, but they are practically on equal footing. He became her assistant in her research. Well, he put up with all of this only because he wanted to observe her more closely. 

When he finally declared her as a threat, he attempted to take her life but failed. He made everyone believe he wanted her life to keep up appearances, but Dino’s true plan was to place her under an artificial sleep. 

I mean he doesn’t look it but Dino has a kind heart and would never hurt those he is indebted to. It was finally revealed that he was in fact controlled by Yuuki’s Light Magic (Manga: Chapter 192).

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson is currently the strongest Demon Lord. After Dino was kicked out from Dagruel’s  place, he came to him but he kicked him out as well and suggested he go laze off at Rimiru’s place. This is how he became a citizen of Tempest.

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

When Dino moved to Tempest, he became one of his subordinates on behalf of Ramiris’s. Among all Demon Lords, Dino believes that Rimuru is the sneakiest one (Manga: Chapter 186).

? Question mark ? unknown


One of Dino’s former subordinates, he’s extremely attached to her and she chose to abandon Veldanava to stay with him (Manga: Chapter 228).



Her story is exactly the same as Pico’s (Manga: Chapter 228).

Voice Actors

JapaneseYuusuke Kobayashi

EnglishTo Be Announced


  • Chapter 78
  • Chapter 79
  • Chapter 186
  • Chapter 189
  • Chapter 192
  • Chapter 220
  • Chapter 228
  • Chapter 231
  • Chapter 248

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