5+ Powerful Diamond No Ace Quotes (HQ Images)

diamond no ace quotes, sawamura quotes, you can't play baseball by yourself.-Sawamura Eijun.

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Best Ace of Diamond Quotes

This is actually my personal favorite Anime, Period. At the moment, it’s such an under-rated Anime series. It really doesn’t get the attention that it should, in North America. But baseball is actually Japan’s national sport. So this show really has some great effort put into this story-line. I’ve never been this invested into a story-line like this. Unless it’s One piece.

Azuma Kiyokuni Quotes

“Who the hell is making fun of my cute belly?”

(Episode 1, 16:41)

Diamond No Ace quotes, Azuma quotes, Who the hell is making fun of my cute belly-Azuma Kiyokumi

Coach Kataoka Tesshin Quotes

1. “Empty words, prove it with action.”

(Episode 3,15:36 )

Diamond No Ace quotes, Coach Kataoka Quotes, Empy words, prove it with action.-Kataoka Tesshin

Eijun Sawamura Quotes

1. I really like this quote because you know, no matter the sport, no matter the cause, no matter the Endeavor, that we can’t really do anything great or accomplish anything great, by ourselves. We as humans are meant to do things together.

~Sawamura,  (Episode 1, 17:32)

diamond no ace quotes, sawamura quotes, you can't play baseball by yourself.-Sawamura Eijun.

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Miyuki Kazuya Quotes

1. Love this quote, because it was such a reminder from the beginning, that to win and truly be successful, we need to work with others. And not just work, but to create great chemistry between, groups, and teams.

Diamond No Ace quotes, Miyuki Kazuya Quotes, Best pitches are works of art produced by the pitcher and catcher working as one.

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Takashima Rei San Quotes

1. Such a good one, less talking more doing. If you’ve got something to say, then show it with your actions, not your words.

(Episode 1, 18:39)

Diamond No Ace quotes, Rei San Quotes, If you have something to say you're going to have to say it through baseball-Takashima Rei

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