17+ Powerful Death Note Quotes (Images + Wallpapers)

death note quotes -light yagami quote - if you're going for it, I am going for it as well.

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Some Death Note Quotes were extremely inspiring so here is a list of the best of them. From sad anime quotes from Note to Motivational Death note quotes.

By Characters (A-Z)

Best Death Note Quotes

L Lawliet Quotes

1. “This is an amazing quotes. Such massive self-awareness, it shows. Because not only does he realize what his short-comings are. But he also realizes that he doesn’t necessarily need to change them. some things just are what they are, and this is just acknowledging who you are for the good and the bad. For the light and the dark within yourself.

Death Note Quotes. L Lawliet Quotes. He hates losing to people because he's childish.

2. This is an amazing line. And I’ve come across this actually in my work many times. Where I’d think the solution to a complex problem is a huge change. When after finding the solution you realize, that sometimes, it’s a very small change that’s needed.

Death Note Quotes. L Lawliet Quotes. Sometimes, the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

2. “Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.”

death note - l lawliet - “Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.”- L quotes

3. This quote brings me back to reality really fast. It just reminds me that I’m not going to be here forever, and that I need to understand anything can happen in life, and that I really need to be grateful for all the things that I do have, because who knows what can happen tomorrow.

death note quotes lawliet quote - learn to treausre your life because it can be taken away

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4. This istrue I believe if we want to accomplish anything great in this world. There is a similar quote like this in black clover quotes by a character named Vanessa Enoteca as well. It’s just realizing that you or I, we are not meant to do things alone in this world. Specifically great things. As great things can only be done by a team of people, not alone.

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Light Yagami ‘Kira’ Quotes

1. Such a dark line, but a reminder to all us to never trust someone fully, and that we should also still trust people. But to take everything with a grain of salt.

death note quotes -light yagami quote - In this world there are very few poeple who actually trust each other.


Death Note Wallpaper

2. Even though Light was evil, his resolves and intentions sounded good to us. He had great and benevolent reasoning within him. This being one of them clearly.

download wallpaper death note quotes -wallpaper light yagami quote -i hate the most is to trample to other peoples good will.

3. “If you’re going for it, I am going for it as well.”

death note quotes -light yagami quote - if you're going for it, I am going for it as well.


Death Note Wallpaper

4. This is great. so true.. don’t you think?? how can we ever score points if we’re always on the defensive. This made so much sense to me. It makes me think that no matter what I pursue in life. I have to always to be taking action, because not taking action towards something wouldn’t allow you to succeed in that thing.

download wallpaper death note quotes -light yagami wallpaper quote - you can't ever win if you're always on the defensive, to win you have to attack.

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Mello Quotes

1. It’s funny because I can recall so many of my past successes that have come because I was motivated to get revenge and prove people certain people wrong that believe I would fail. This actually included my father, even, and sometimes my good friends. Since then, I’ve learned the best revenge is success. Instead of trying to harm the person, I’ve always tried to harness that frustration into taking action towards becoming better.

death note quotes -mello quote -In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge.

Mikami Teru Quotes


death note quotes-mikami teru quote-In this world, there is only good and evil. That was one of the first universal truths I grasped from observing the world around me when I was a child. Every human being without exception ends up falling into one category or the other

Misa Amane Quotes

1. Wow! just wow! How could we forget this one. When I was making this quote for us. I realized how I’d forgotten that simple fact. I’d gotten so focused on my goals or certain aspects of life, that sometimes I realized we forget the most simplest, and which is also the most important thing.

death note quotes -misa amane quote - you can't buy peace or love with money

2. If no one makes a move, then we’ll always be in a stalemate

death note quotes -misa amane quote - unless someone makes the first move, nothing will happen.

Near Quotes

1. This one’s quite harsh. But I think we have to dig past the the firs impression we get from this quote and think about the fact that. In this day and age in our society, we receive medals, rewards, and medals, just for participating. But that isn’t really giving kids the right positive reinforcement. Because receiving an award, or medal, winning requires effort. Real Wins take a lot of time, effort, disciplined, and persistence. By giving anybody and everybody a medal, we take away the most important lesson away from the our new and upcoming generations.

death note quotes -near quote - "if you cannot win at the game if you cannot solve the puzzle you are just a loser"

2. Alone we are only so powerful. But together we can do so much more! I love this quote.

death note quotes -near quote -true i alone am no comparison to L, but we together can be as good as L or better

3. This is so important, recently a family member of mine learned this the hard way. She would put trust into people, without thoroughly making sure and researching things. This lead my family member down a tumultuous path, and led them to some trouble, even though they didn’t do anything wrong themselves. the lesson here was if you don’t do your due diligence towards a thing, and just trust it, then it is still your fault. You are still accountable.

death note quotes -near quote -i would think it through and decide if that was right or wrong myself

Ryuk Quotes


Death Note Quotes. Ryuk Quotes. For me apples are like cigarettes and liquor for humans.

Soichiro Yagami Quotes

1. There is a difference between having power and using it for anything you’d like, and having power and only using it at the right time for the right things. Don’t you think?

death note quotes -soichiro yagami quote- anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness.

2. “Such relief to to see this quote. Because I constantly realize time and time again, how many mistakes I’m making in life. Every-time I think I’ve reached a new level, or gotten past something. I’m reminded again of another mistake I have yet to work on. But I keep learning, keep getting better and improving with each. Most importantly in the moment it hurts, but it always makes me stronger, makes me better. I’ll always be struggling, but always be happy along with the struggle. That’s what I want.

death note quotes -soichiro yagami quote- laws arent perfect. however the laws are evidence of the humans struggle to be righteous

3. This guys was such a badass father. And made the hardest decision ever, to be willing to kill his own son.

death note quotes -soichiro yagami quote- light my son from one murderer to another, I'll see you in hell.

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