10+ Powerful Danganronpa Quotes (Images)

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'I guess not knowing someone doesn't mean you don't understand them.' Quote The Anime

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Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation Quotes

Summary: For those of you have not watched Danganronpa. It is about a group of students, who sort of like the English movie end up in a evil and deadly game. Where they initially thought they were going to be studying at an elite school called Hope’s Peak Academy. Where Monokuma who’s the main villain, and the principal of the school ends up giving them a trial, where they have to find the people who commited the crime, and if they find the right people, only the
“blackened” will be punished. But if they don’t find the right people. Then everyone other than the “blackened” are punished.

Celestia Ludenberg Quotes

The fact that being born extremely smart or intellectually ahead of others, does not always give you the advantage in life. That the people who survived, persevere and can change, are flexible enough to change can do so.

Danganronpa Quotes. Celestia Ludenbberg Quotes. 'It is not the strong or smart, but the ones can bring change that survive.' Anime quotes

Junko Enoshima Quotes

Despair, is such a powerful  negative word, and can cause and spread like a disease an extremely negative ways. I believe that many times people can create despair within themselves, more than the external conditions actually portray.

Danganronpa Quotes. Junko Enoshima Quotes. 'Hope is harmony. A just heart, moving toward the light.' Quote The Anime

Wherever there is hope, I guess this would be like light and darkness. Because no matter how dark it is there is always a speck of light. And no matter how light it is there is always some sort of Darkness everyday. I think this also talks about how our world and Society functions. That in the past and in the present and in the future there will always be negative people, people who commit crimes come up with their also always be good people as well.

Danganronpa Quotes. Junko Enoshima Quotes. 'Wherever there is hope, there is most definitely despari.' Quote The Anime

Kiyotaka Ishimaru Quotes

I think there is nothing more exciting than pushing yourself past the possibilities of what you’re capable of. I think the greatest gift that we are given is the ability to have life. The ability to do things in our lives, that can impact other, the world, Earth, and maybe even the universe.

Danganronpa Quotes. Kiyotaka Ishimaru Quotes. 'There is no greater accomplishment in life thatn pushing yourself ot the limit, always. Quote The Anime

Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes

Understanding someone. and not knowing who they are  can sometimes go hand-in-hand. But they are two completely different things.

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'I guess not knowing someone doesn't mean you don't understand them.' Quote The Anime

I guess, that being born is not celebrated either, in comparison to every other person dying as well. I think I disagree with Kyoko here, in the fact that if we were to celebrate every birth, and mourn every death, that we wouldn’t be able to function, be happy, or have the emotional stability to create more in this world.

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'It's odd. People die everyday and the world goes on like nothing happened.' Quote The Anime

I really love this line because of the fact that as much negativity as there is in the world. There is also an increasing amount of positivity that is happening as well. Especially with her ability to communicate with each other on a worldly level, in comparison to before where we could only communicate to people that we knew, or were close to us.

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'You said that despair is ascontagious as any disease, but so is hope.' Quote The Anime

Mondo Owada Quotes

I think in my life oh, I have come to a place where I be come down, or depressed, all the time. This usually lasts a little while, but it is almost also necessary in order for me to bounce back to an even higher place. I think it works like a psycho of realizations, where once you realize all these things that are not lighting up in your life come on all at once, it can become overwhelming and depressing. But once you start finding and climbing your way out of there, by fixing and honing in on one thing at a time, one by one dot-dot-dot the world becomes your oyster.

Danganronpa Quotes. Mondo Owada Quotes. 'It's okay to feel depressed. It takes time to overcome things.' Quote the Anime

Monokuma Quotes

Though he was an evil character, I love this line because it really shows how important and beautiful the essence of each of our living forces, and how much value we should be giving it.

Danganronpa Quotes. Monokuma Quotes. 'A suicide means you've killed the most important existence of all... yourself.'

Naegi Makoto Quotes

This is a determined person, person cool we would like to surround herself with. Someone who brings positive, great, and inspiring energy.

Danganronpa Quotes. Naegi Makoto Quotes. 'If the world outside is void of hope , and if despair is contatgious.' Quote The Anime

I think all humans, all of us, have the capability of being able to persevere, and do unimaginable things. That we all have a genius within us.

Danganronpa Quotes. Naegi Makoto Quotes. 'I refuse to give up. I refuse to get bored. I desire to keep moving forward.' Quote The Anime

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