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Isekais are the guilty pleasure for many, and the best isekai anime of the current season is That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. This show recently introduced many new characters so you must be interested in knowing about them. Well, what’s a better place than a Wiki to learn stuff?


So today, we will be talking about the only Giant among the Octagram Demon Lords, the Earthquake Dagruel. He has just been introduced in the anime and manga, so it’s a given that you guys don’t know much about him. Fear not, for we have combed the Web Novel and Light Novel of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime to find the information to satisfy your thirst. It’s a given that some of the information might be spoilers if you haven’t read the LN or WN but come on, you are here, that means you want to get spoiled. Don’t worry, for we will spoil you to the best of our ability, so don’t waste any more time and jump in.

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Dagrue Reincarnated as a slime

The appearance that Dagruel has, is an imposing one. His build is around 2 meters tall with chiseled muscles. One look, and it is enough to make you think twice about interacting with him. This figure is paired with deep blue hair and eyes. His hairstyle is not that extraordinary as it is of the generic anime cut. But his face has a distinct feature. He has three deep blue tattoos on his face. All of the three have a tear-drop-like shape. (Manga Chapter 78: Walpurgis)

Of the three, two are right below his eyes and slightly slanted towards the sideburns, while the third is vertically set in the middle of his forehead. This appearance of his is enough to make you think that he could destroy mountains with his bare hands, but that’s not even his final form. Though much has not been revealed about his final or Asura form, it is known that he becomes much larger. According to the WN, his height in Asura form is about 16 meters. So yeah, take his already imposing stature and multiply it eight times, and that’s what Dagruel’s true form looks like. (Web Novel Chapter: 210)



Character Information

Title: Earthquake / Demon Lord


Gender: Male

Species: Titan / Giant

Age: 2,000+ Years

Hair Color:

-Bluish White (LN)

– Chestnut (WN)

– Marine Blue (Anime)

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 2m

Titles: Wrath Of The Earth

                Tue Demon Lord

                King Of The Giants (Former)

Professional Status

Occupation: Demon Lord


– S (Base Form)

– SS (Asura Form)

– Catastrophe

Residence: Barren Lands

Blessing/Divine Protection: Continent’s Wrath


-Ten Great Demon Lords (Former)

-Octagram Demon Lords

-Valdenava (Master)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA
Voice Actors

Japanese: Rikiya Koyama
English: To Be Announced


Due to the muscular appearance, one might think Dagruel has an arrogant and “come, let’s fight” type attitude. Well, they are not wrong, for he did have such a personality when he was young. In his younger years, he believed that there was no other being who was as strong as him. And for that, he went around with an arrogant atmosphere to him. But this all changed when he met Veldanava. Once he met the first of the true dragons, he submitted to him and became his minion.

His personality is entirely different from what he looks like. He is observant, calculative, and soft-hearted. Though he fought against the storm dragon Veldora from time to time, he doesn’t hold a grudge. In fact, he thinks of Veldora to be his sparring partner with whom he can go all out. He also fought with the vampire queen Luminous on various occasions over land but is friendly with her. But he did exclaim that he wouldn’t think twice about killing Luminous if she crossed him.

This shows his care for his underlings. He cares deeply for them, which is reflected in his anger about Clayman killing his own men. But he didn’t let his anger get the control of him. He also cares for his sons as he sends them to get trained in Tempest. He sent them there precisely because he knew that Rimuru would never harm his sons and take them in instead. Dagruel may be called the Wrath of the Earth, but he doesn’t prefer this alias. He is a kind-hearted and observant individual who knows how to react and why to react. (Web Novel Chapter: 205-216)

Strengths and Skills

As far as the story has progressed, it is safe to say that Dagruel is on par with Veldora in terms of strength. So if we were to rate his power, it would be SS rank or Catastrophe class. He is a Giant or Titan who has a similar power level to a True Dragon. But such a rank is valid only for his Asura form. In his base form, his rank would be about S at best. But even such a rank is enough to make him a Demon Lord of the second generation.

Now, as for his skills, none have been addressed in the Anime, Manga, or the LN. So we can only speculate about them as per the ones mentioned in WN. And they are:

Dagruel Existence Destruction

Existence Destruction

If you are caught up with the anime or have seen episode 47 in the least, then you know how OP this skill is. This is the skill that “Killed” the undead Clayman. This skill shatters the soul and makes it impossible to be revived.


Magic Immunity

This skill is similar to the one that Charybdis has but not identical. Instead of creating magic interference, his skill makes the magic against him invalid. It’s like a protective coating against all types of Magic or Magicule based attacks.


Hardened Defense

This skill helps him tank almost anything. It was enough to withstand a bare fist punch from Human form Veldora. So yeah, it’s enough to withstand a nuke.

Weapon Destruction

He used it only once in the WN, so it’s a stretch to put it here, but it is a very useful skill. It is similar to the skill Weapon Break if you guys ever played DnD.

Neutralize Attribute

Another OP defensive skill Dagruel has is the ability to neutralize elemental attribute-based attacks. This means that water, wind, fire, or earth-based attacks won’t affect him at all. Only pure physical attacks and dragon-based attacks will have a slight effect on him.

Ignore Defense

This skill is purely offensive. He can make it so that his opponent’s defense becomes useless when facing his attacks. But it is not all that OP, for it is ineffective against the magic-based defense.


Some interesting facts about this Giant Lord are as follows,

    • He fought against Veldora on many occasions but always ended up in a draw.
    • Luminous and Dagruel have regular skirmishes because of the shared territory border.
    • Dino has stayed in Dagruel’s territory for years and also free of cost.
    • He trusts Rimuru enough to let his sons train under him.
    • Dagruel is the only Giant to earn Guy Crimson’s respect.
    • He respects Luminous but will not hesitate to kill her.


Being 2000+ years old, Dagruel has quite a vivid past. In his younger years, he was arrogant and always stomped around to display his strength. But Veldanava made a pulp out of him, which changed Dagruel for the better. After that, he only had fights with Veldora whenever the storm dragon crossed into his territory. 

But these fights always ended in draws, for both of them had similar strength levels. His fights with Veldora are what earned him the title of Wrath of the Earth. His fights also earned him a spot among the Ten Great Demon Lords.



Octagram Demon Lords

Since the formation of the group of Demon Lords by Guy, Milim, and Ramiris, Dagruel is one of the second generations of Demon Lords who joined their ranks. He, along with Dino and Luminous, joined as the Second Generation of True Demon Lords.

But after the defeat of Clayman and Rimiru’s joining, the group was named Octagram Demon Lords as per the eight demon lords. So he is now affiliated with seven other demon lords.


Ten Demon Lords

Octagram Demon Lords

Due to his observant nature, Dagruel has a friendly relation with all the Demon Lords. The most noteworthy is his relationship with Dino. They are so close that Dino lived in the Barren Lands for years without any cost or labor.

He even has a friendly relation with Rimuru. But due to his submission to Veldernava, Dagruel is against the ideals of Rimuru. This develops into an interesting plot.


So far in the anime and manga, Dagruel is shown to be just sitting there. But he has a significant role to play in the upcoming arc. In fact, in the very next arc, we would be introduced to his sons Dagura, Ryura, and Debura. These three play a major role in the tournament arc and are the best Shion fans in the entire series. (Light Novel Volume 6: The Octagram Soars Brightly)

Dagruel also would oppose Rimuru in the near future. But this story is based on the WN, so it might change. Despite that, the story and plot is filled with drama and action.


According to Guy, the First Demon Lord, Dagruel is the guardian of the Gateway to the Sky. He is the only Titan who has earned the respect of Guy. This is not because of his power alone. 

Dagruel is also the only one among the Demon Lords who has a Holy element to him. He also doesn’t show any of the evil tendencies that other Lords have.

Voice Actors

Japanese Rikiya Koyama

English TBA

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Though Dagruel is a Demon Lord, his character is that of a gentle person. Such uniqueness is rare among all other characters in this series. He might seem to be a side character but believe me, he is pretty significant.


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