Code Geass Characters’ Birthdays

"If The King Doesn't Move, Then His Subjects Won't Follow"

-Lelouch Vi Britannia


Kyoshiro Tohdoh

Birthday: January 3rd

A fierce warrior who is known for his great fighting skill.

Kyoshiro only protects those who are close to him, otherwise, he doesn’t care at all. He is also known for respecting his enemies.

Cornelia Li Britannia

Birthday: January 13th

A cold-blooded princess who is really loyal towards Britannia.

Cornelia doesn’t like those who are not in favour of Britannia, and she deeply cares for her soldiers more than the citizens.

Jiang Lihua (Tianzi)

Birthday: January 28th

A shy empress who doesn’t get a chance to say her opinions.

Tianzi is a shy girl even though she is the empress she doesn’t say much and gets embarrassed easily.


Lloyd Asplund

Birthday: February 2nd

A guy who has dedicated his everything to science and it is the only thing that matters for him.

Even though Lloyd says he doesn’t care about anything else but science, that’s not really true he does care a lot about those who are close to him.

Schneizel El Britannia

Birthday: February 14th

A charismatic person who is loved by everyone. Schneizel is a strategy maker whose skills match that of Lelouch’s. Because of his good behaviour and nature, he is able to get others’ respect and loyalty.

Diethard Reid

Birthday: February 16th

A journalist who doesn’t really know what a journalist is like.

Ried likes to witness everything by himself, and he shows his loyalty only to those leaders who he thinks will create history.

He is not afraid of giving false news, and he does not believe in any objective truth.


Shinichiro Tamaki

Birthday: March 3rd

A carefree person who can cheer anyone up, he is one of the original members of Black Knights and former leader of the Second Special Squadron.

Kaname Ohgi

Birthday: March 18th

Leader of a Japanese resistance cell.

Oghi really cares for his people (Japanese people) and he also looks out for his teammates.

Kallen Kozuki

Birthday: March 29th

A revolutionary girl who uses her mother’s maiden name while in any revolutionary activity. In school, everyone knows her as KALLEN STADTFELD.


Luciano Bradley

Birthday: April 19th

A violent person who doesn’t think before attacking someone and that’s why he is hated by other knights.

Bradley is also a member of the Britannia Empire’s Elite Royal Guard.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


Kannon Maldini

Birthday: June 1st

Assistance and Subordinate to Prime minister and Second Prince of Britannia. Kannon is really loyal towards Schneizel and he is respectful too.

Viletta Nu

Birthday: June 1st

Subordinate of Jeremiah Gottwald and pilot of Knightmare Frame.

She lost her memory, became kinder, and fell in love with Ohgi because he was the one who was taking care of her.


Shirley Fenette

Birthday: July 8th

A perfect girl who is on top in every field. Shirley is such a nice girl, she cares for everyone, and tries her best to help others. Because of her nature and position in the student council she is loved by everyone, and she has really strong feelings toward Lelouch (lulu).

Suzaku Kururgi

Birthday: July 10th

Son of Japan’s last Prime minister.

Lelouch and Suzaku are best friends who have known each other since childhood. Suzaku is a loyal person who shows his loyalty towards his friends and duty. It is also shown that Suzaku is kind of a selfish person who barely puts someone else first than himself. 

Suzaku held a grudge against Zero because he killed Euphemia. But when Zero exposed himself as Lelouch, it became quite hard for him to take any action against him.

Rivalz Cardemonde

Birthday: July 20th

A nice guy who loves to spend his time with his friends, enjoys his life in every way possible and doesn’t really care about other things.

Milly Ashford

Birthday: July 24th

President of Student Council and granddaughter of Ruben K Ashford (SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT).

Milly is the kind of person who loves to tease others and always tries to know others’ secrets in order to use it against them when she teases them.


Jermiah Gottwald

Birthday: August 2nd

An elite Knightmare Frame Pilot who is also known as orange. Jermiah has kind of an impulsive personality and he never really thinks about anything in battle but destruction.

Charles Zi Britannia

Birthday: August 4th

Here comes the 98th emperor of the Britannian Empire. Charles is an intelligent person but according to him, the one who is strong and worthy will only rise in the society. 

Charles treated Lelouch harshly after his mother’s death, but he does show sympathy for his army and civilians who lose their lives in an enemy attack.


Birthday: August 4th

A 63-year-old man who looks like a 10-year-old boy because he is immortal.

V.V. is the twin brother of Charles Zi Britannia; he is cruel and ruthless, but he often acts childish even while causing destruction and even in his everyday life.

Kaguya Sumeragi

Birthday: August 10th

A childhood friend of Lelouch and Nunnally as well as a supporter of Black Knights, and Mistress of Kyoto House. Kaguya is a good person, she takes everything seriously, and she knows her responsibilities.

Kaguya wanted to marry Zero but this couldn’t come true.

Nina Einstein

Birthday: August 27th

A student at Ashford Academy and member of Student Council. Nina has a racist mindset, she works for the government, and creates weapons for them. 

She deeply hates Zero and wants revenge because Zero killed Euphemia. This is because she was the one who saved Nina, and Nina developed a huge crush on her.


Nagisa Chiba

Birthday: September 1st

Former member of Four Holy Swords, and current Captain of the fourth squad in Black Knights.

Later, she starts hating Zero because he abandoned Nagisa with the other members. Nagisa and the group got caught for being rebels.

Cecile Croomy

Birthday: September 7th

A kind person who cares for her friends, and always takes a stand for them. Cecile is a good scientist. She is also one of the few scientists who is able to operate the Knightmare Frame as a pilot.


Euphemia Li Britannia

Birthday: October 11th

Euphemia belongs to the Britannian Royal family, but she is not like the rest of the Nobel people. Euphemia cares for everyone and treats everyone equally and with respect.

She is the second person who found out that Lelouch is alive. However a sudden incident or we can even say that Lelouch made a mistake and ended up killing Euphemia as Zero.


Birthday: October 19th

A royal knight who protects the Second Princess Cornelia, even if it costs him his life. Gilbert is one of the most loyal characters in the series, and not just loyal, it appears that he is really intelligent and quick in making decisions. 

Gilbert remains calm in all the situations, and he is one of the top-rated Knightmare pilots. Even Lelouch can’t match him in one-on-one Knightmare fights.

Nunnally Vi Britannia

Birthday: October 25th

A girl who is disabled but has a heart that no one can ever have. Nunnally is the younger sister of Lelouch.

She is the kind of person who has a heart of gold. She is way too kind and cares for everyone around her.

Nunnally is not able to see or walk, but she always tries to make sure everyone around her remains happy. She is an understanding person and tries to make the world a better place in her own way.

Rolo Lamperouge

Birthday: October 25th
(Not Confirmed)

A selfish person who wants to be the only sibling and person close to Lelouch. At the beginning of the second season, he seemed nice and innocent but when Lelouch gained his memory back, he started showing his true face which is really cruel, and in reality, Rolo murdered Shirley when she told everyone to save Nunnally.

He even planned to kill Nunnally so he could become Lelouch’s only sibling.

Anya Alstreim

Birthday: October 26th

A loyal girl who never disobeyed the rules of Britannia and the emperor. For Anya, everything is boring and she doesn’t seem to take interest in many things. 

Anya becomes really cruel and ruthless when she is in battle, doesn’t show any mercy or sympathy to the enemy and destroys them completely.


Sayoko Shinozaki

Birthday: November 9th

She was a maid who worked for Lelouch, and she was really royal and respectful towards him and Nunnally.

Sayoko helped Lelouch and Nunnally in many ways; she was the one who took care of Nunnally when Lelouch was not around. Sayoko had a secret that she never told anyone that in reality, she is the ninja and 37th successor of Shinozaki School of Martial Arts.

Rakshata Chawla

Birthday: November 17th

A beautiful Indian scientist and head of Black Knights Research and Development Team. Rakshata is an intelligent person who remains calm and shows a carefree attitude in every situation. It is shown that Rakshata is a lazy person who lays on her couch most of the time, but it doesn’t change the fact that she has accomplished a lot of things.

Marianne Vi Britannia

Birthday: November 22nd

Lelouch and Nunnally’s mother, and the former member Knights of the Round, and Consort of the 98th Emperor of Britannia. It turns out that she faked a lot of things like caring for her children and having a good caring personality. 

In reality, she was cruel and heartless and she was willing to kill her children if they came in her way. She even helped in overthrowing the Previous Emperor of Britannia and made Charles the 98th Emperor.

Gino Weinberg

Birthday: November 27th

Knight of Three in the Knights of the Round Gino gained this position because of his marvellous pilot skills.

Gino is a nice person who always tries to help others and sees their good qualities. Because of his behaviour, he has a lot of friends and everyone trusts him.


Lelouch Lamperouge

Birthday: December 5th

Our Main Character Lelouch is a former prince of Britannia and he is the current holder of “Geass” which was given to him by C.C. and who was called a witch in medieval times. 

Lelouch is the villain and the hero. He wants to change the world and make it a better place for everyone but to succeed in this, he has killed over 1000+ people.

He is really intelligent, and he can overcome any obstacles. Lelouch is a nice person as well; he really cares for his sister, family and comrades.

Bismarch Waldstein

Birthday: December 23rd

Bismarck is a really tall man and he is one of the Knights of the Round. He is also the pilot of the Knightmare Frame called Galahad. Bismarck possesses Geass just like Lelouch and that’s the reason why he keeps his left eye shut. According to Bismarck, war shouldn’t be done until it’s the only choice.

Li Xingke

Birthday: December 31st

Li is the one who protects Empress Tianzi from her own people who belong to the Chinese Federation, just like her. Li works really hard and takes all the duty and fully fills it as well. Li will do everything which will benefit his country even if he has to kill someone he will do it.


This is the OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY LIST of all the character’s that appeared in the series (with birthdays atleast). Maybe you have the same birthday with your favorite character. Code Geass has a LOT of characters with different backgrounds and who knows, not only do you and a character have the same birthday, but maybe your just as crazy!

We hope you enjoyed this list! If you want more or want to share who you have a birthday with, comment down below!

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