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Upon first meeting him, no one would have really thought that Choso could be such a diverse character one day. The oldest of the Death Paintings, Choso was always calm and cold, but his fighting style was a bit different.

Choso used the most devastating and unfair option to fight, but it was all-natural for him due to his Blood Manipulation. The inherited technique of the Kamo family gave him an insane advantage every time, but he managed to master the skills way beyond the limits of the sorcerer family.

Choso Jujutsu Kaisen

Choso was an important factor during the Shibuya Incident and the following chapters, but it seems like he will be put to a little rest for a while. Let’s dive into the life and morals of Yuuji’s honorary brother – well, one of them (sorry Todo)!

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Character Information

Title: Cursed Womb: Death Painting


Gender: Male

Age: 150+

Height: 181cm

Cursed Title: Special Grade


Kenjaku’s group

Yuuji Itadori’s group

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga – Chapter 62

Anime – Episode 24

Voice Actors

Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa

English: Ray Chase


Choso Background 1

As you might know, Noritoshi Kamo is considered to be the most notorious and evil sorcerer of all time. Well, it wasn’t all of his own doing, as the mysterious spirit, Kenjaku possessed his body and used his abilities to make human experiments happen.

During one of his experiments, “Kamo” captured three of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, who were half cursed spirit and half-human entities. The woman who gave birth to them escaped to a jujutsu temple, but Kamo used the little fetuses for his own means. He injected his blood into them[1], and the Death paintings became insanely powerful Special Grade cursed objects

Choso Background 2

The Death Paintings were considered harmful by the jujutsu society and they were locked up as undead little ignition switches in Tokyo High’s secret warehouse for more than 150 years. Choso and his brothers stayed there until Kenjaku’s group busted them out during the Kyoto Goodwill Event[2].


Choso plot

Choso mostly stayed at Kenjaku’s base before the Shibuya Incident. He only received a vision about the death of his brothers after they were wiped out by Yuuji and Nobara[3]. He decided to avenge them on Yuuji, so he joined the main forces of Kenjaku during the event.

He fought Gojo, but it was pretty obvious that even the great numbers attacking the fantastic sorcerer would fail against him[4]. After he got sealed into the Prison Realm, the spirits could finally make a move. Choso started searching for Yuuji.

Choso vs Itadori

Choso found him rather quickly and their battle started. It was a one-sided fight for the most part. Of course, Choso was way stronger than Yuuji without Sukuna and he actually was on the verge of death.

Yuuji got wounded multiple times during their fight and Choso was about to murder him, but he suddenly blanked out. He had a vision[5] – probably due to seeing someone almost die – about Yuuji being his brother too. Choso didn’t know what was happening and he decided to run away and think about it. He left Yuuji there to collect himself and move on.

Choso vs Itadori

Later on, when Choso finally cleared his mind and figured that he should protect Yuuji as his brother (the “memory” was life-changing for him), he joined the fray against Kenjaku[6]. Sadly, he and the rest of the sorcerers couldn’t do anything against the monster, as they were worn down and Uraume protected Kenjaku efficiently. 

After the enemies run away, Choso stays on the spot with Yuuji. He told Choso that they can’t return anywhere as he killed too many people, including Choso’s brothers. The latter forgave Yuuji[7] and advised him to keep going.

Choso vs Naoya

They cleaned up some spirits but then Naoya Zen’in appeared[8]. He told Yuuji that now that Gojo is sealed, his death sentence is back on the to-do list. Shortly, Yuta Okkotsu showed up too, who was Yuuji’s actual executioner.

Choso tells Yuuji to run away, as Yuta is a real threat. He got interrupted by Naoya as the other two decided that Yuta will hunt down Yuuji while Naoya keeps Choso busy.

Choso realized that Naoya has some tricks to make himself so undetectable but he hasn’t yet got the grasp of his power. Choso used many different attacks to damage Naoya, but the sorcerer was a tough enemy.

Choso vs Naoya

Naoya was sure that he could defeat Choso, so he initiated a conversation. Choso didn’t reveal much but he got stabbed meanwhile. He managed to blind Naoya with a wave of blood, and as he got behind the sorcerer, Choso activated Supernova from up close to take out Naoya[9].

Naoya got poisoned and knocked unconscious but right when Choso was about to finish him off, Yuta got back bringing in Yuuji’s body. While the young man wasn’t dead, Choso got startled, and he was knocked out too.

Naoya vs Choso

Later on, when all matters were settled and it turned out that Yuta didn’t want to kill Yuuji, they all visited Tengen’s place. He told them about the current events, specifically the culling game initiated by Kenjaku. Choso volunteered to become one of Tengen’s bodyguards[10] while the rest would go on to stabilize their positions.


Choso Appearance

Choso is fairly tall with his 181 centimeters (not a Gojo though), and he is kind of average built. His strength lies within the smart usage of his technique, so keeping up a strong body wasn’t an intention of him, even though his brothers needed that in a fight.

Choso has black hair tied up in two spiky ponytails, and he has some pretty thin eyebrows. Choso has a black rectangle-shaped wound or birthmark covering his nose vertically, which also bleeds sometimes.

For his streetwear, Choso usually sports long-sleeved and light-colored baggy clothes, which makes him able to fight effectively while looking fresh. He put on some dark purple sashes that cover his body in an X shape, along with one around his neck and one around his waist, fitted a little tighter. Choso also wears some brown military boots.


Choso Personality 1

Choso is an interesting personality for sure, but getting a hang of him is quite hard. Maybe some psychologists could dig up his true philosophy, but let’s try to analyze him ourselves.

Choso carried some insane loyalty to his family. While being the descendant of Kamo, he felt dire hatred towards that guy[11]. He had no idea that Kenjaku was the one who manipulated the events that led to Choso’s miserable early life, so he continued to work for him as nothing happened.

Choso Personality 2

Choso wanted to avenge the people who ruined his family’s normal life but protecting his remaining family was way more important to him. Eso and Kechizu were his only possible family members, but Choso wasn’t there to protect them[12].

After losing his brothers, Choso decided to take part in the Shibuya Incident on Kenjaku’s side to avenge them too, despite not really caring about the outcome of the battle. His main target was Yuuji Itadori from the start, the young sorcerer who came across Choso fairly soon.

Choso Personality

They fought a bit, but Yuuji came close to meeting death. Well, he might have been using plot armor, but Choso suddenly had a vision when he was about to execute the sorcerer. In the vision, Yuuji was also one of his brothers.

The mentally unstable Choso threw away a big opportunity to achieve inner peace, but he found a way better solution. Somehow his mind became so twisted that now allying himself with Yuuji became his best bet.


Choso treated Yuuji as his legitimate brother for some reason, and he fought against Mahito and Kenjaku to make them suffer by forcing him to fight his “brother”. 

Choso was probably on the verge of collapsing due to the pressure of meeting the killer of his brothers. While he was a pretty composed guy beforehand, it was probably just an act to make Yuuji have a harder time fighting him too. Maybe he was too nice from the start, but finishing off the young man was not an option for Choso.

Choso and Itadori relation

I believe that the Death Paintings were more human than cursed spirits and their emotions were able to overcome the lust for murder in the end. Eso and Kechizu showed their human faces at the end of their lives, leaving Nobara and Yuuji in a bittersweet mood. 


Death Painting Arc

Death Paintings and Kenjaku

While the Death Paintings weren’t intended to be some nuclear weapon-type secrets for Kenjaku, he still planned to keep the three remaining brothers in his lines. Choso, Eso, and Kechizu joined him as they had nothing else to do and siding with the cursed spirits was their only option either way.

Just by injecting the blood of Noritoshi Kamo, these Death Paintings couldn’t magically become insanely powerful, but we can now safely say that Kenjaku got lucky with Choso as he is now the strongest Blood Manipulator out there[13]. The Death Paintings are only half monsters, and their human sides are easy to connect with. They are superhumans to make it simple.


Their relationship with Kenjaku, as an outstanding group of cursed spirits, is hard to define. They aren’t bound by the goals of other spirits, like finding their identity or becoming human as they are more human than any of their peers.

The Death Paintings joined Kenjaku to not be alone in the society of humans. They are basically hunted by the jujutsu sorcerers and it was a simple solution for them to take shelter in the lines of the current leader of the cursed world. Maybe if they knew about the real identity of Kenjaku, things would have turned out differently.

After losing his brothers, Choso’s motivation changed entirely. He only sought revenge against Yuuji from that point, and he more or less joined the battle in Shibuya for these selfish reasons. Logically, he was a third party involved which makes sense as he later sided with the sorcerers.

Physical Capability and Equipment

Overall Power

Choso was inexperienced, which is not a surprise as he was only a few months old (technically) when he fought his first battle in Shibuya. He was arguably the weakest member of Kenjaku’s group due to his lack of knowledge but he was quite a remarkable fighter by himself already.

Choso managed to beat up Yuuji[14] and Naoya Zen’in with ease, who were already powerful enemies. His great skills in using different techniques came in handy during these fights. This ability to create new techniques or modify existing ones comes from Noritshi Kamo’s line.

Choso Powers

Choso also has a brutal amount of cursed energy to use. As he is mostly a combat mage, Choso really needs every bit of mana to execute perfect combos. On the other hand, he has some good reflexes and durability just not that much as let’s say, Nanami had.

Choso isn’t nearly as fast, durable, or strong as Hanami is in Kenjaku’s group. He falls behind in most fields of power when compared with other Special Grade curses from the world of the shadows but Choso is still the strongest Death Painting and Blood Manipulation user.

Hand to Hand Combat Skills

Choso is an exceptional fighter when it comes to martial arts. While he is physically not so capable of beating up sorcerers, he can use his ultra-blood to boost his combat stats. With the buffs, Choso can eliminate any enemy, at least that’s what we have seen so far.

His fights usually take quite long, as his main objective is to get some of his own blood into the body of the other party. Choso’s blood is toxic and by poisoning his enemies, he would be able to corrupt their movements and ultimately make them unable to move. 

Choso Abilities

Making this all happen is quite time-consuming and Choso first needs to wear them down. His smart usage of blood-related attacks and evasive moves lets him survive a fight without losing his momentum, so Choso can keep up his pace even at the later stages of a fight.

Blood-related skills

As I have mentioned before, Choso does everything with the means of blood. He can poison others if he can get a drop of his own into their bodies, and Choso even uses blood to communicate with others to certain limits. He immediately sensed the deaths of his brothers, and he probably had the vision of Yuuji being his brother too when the latter was at the brink of death[15]

Choso Powers 2

Using blood techniques is usually a bad thing to do, as shooting out most of your blood as projectiles or creating stuff with it will drain the user rather quickly. Not in the case of Choso though! He can convert his cursed energy into blood and vice versa to keep the fight going for as long as possible! Whenever he is at the brink of going dry, he can just fall back for a moment and replenish his stockpile.

Jujutsu and Techniques

Choso vs Naoya

Cursed energy

Choso is an enemy to be feared. His cursed energy levels are beyond the average sorcerer or cursed spirit, and his techniques are greatly reinforced by his mana. Choso is shown to not be exhausted after a lengthy fight with Naoya, one where he used his Supernova technique right after filling the vision of the sorcerer with a tide of blood.

Choso vs Itadori

Choso can utilize his cursed energy to the max. He can convert his cursed energy into blood, so he will never run out of ammunition during a fight. Choso also uses precision when reinforcing his techniques with blood. His Piercing Blood can even reach the speed of sound, so it works just like a gun!

Choso Powers

Blood Manipulation

As I have said before, Choso is the most notable blood user in the series. He inherited the technique from the Kamo family, but he greatly overperformed the original users. 

He can use blood in almost every way imaginable. Well, traveling by blood is not yet discovered, so we are not sure if he can do it. On the other hand, Choso uses his different technique variants fitting for the battle and he can cleverly decide which move would bring the best outcome.

Technique Variations

Choso has used plenty of different attacks and moves so far. Well, any of these could be a great name for a power metal band, but believe me that these moves have some fun names!

  • Slicing Exorcism: a sudden wave of blood that can cut through humans.
  • Convergence: Choso compresses the blood to its limit, so he can perfect other techniques.
  • Piercing Blood: after clapping his hands, Choso shoots out an insanely powerful sharp arrow of blood. It can pierce virtually anything, and it can also inject Choso’s blood into the enemies.
  • Supernova: Choso shoots out the compressed bits of blood as buckshot.
  • Blood Edge: rotating his blood, Choso can make it way more lethal[16].
  • Flowing Red Scale + Stack: serving as a temporary buff, Choso boosts every part of his body and reflexes. He can also stack the ability’s effect multiple times, making himself even stronger. While doing so, two vertical lines appear through his eyes. His black wound/birthmark on his nose also starts to bleed.
  • Blood Meteorite: Choso hardens his blood mid-air into the shape of rocks[17].


Eso and Kechizu

Kechizu and Eso

Choso had a very simple relationship with his brothers. They were bound together by the cruel fate and he had no intention of letting them go. While we have no information about the interactions between the brothers outside of battle, we do know that the two younger boys were quite emotional about the family.

The three brothers were destined to work together, as they were the only Death Paintings alive and no one would help out these entities, except for Kenjaku of course. Choso swore to avenge them but he soon gained another younger brother.

Itadori Yuji

Yuuji Itadori

Yuuji was his enemy at first but Choso had a vision about him being his younger brother during their fight. Before Yuuji could have been executed, Choso ran away.

He later came back to save Yuuji, as his mind cleared up from the revelation. From then on, he acted as a responsible older brother for the vessel of Sukuna. He accompanied Yuuji everywhere and protected him from everyone. 


Kenjaku - Noritoshi Kamo

Their relationship is as plain as it can be. While Kenjaku was the legitimate boss of Choso for the time being, they haven’t interacted much and Choso didn’t feel like Kenjaku could order him around. He only helped out in Shibuya to find Yuuji.

Even though they were indifferent, Choso would surely flip out if he got to know about Kenjaku’s past. Considering that they got so deformed due to Kenjaku’s actions, Choso wouldn’t let the man walk away without serving justice. He did start fighting Kenjaku like a madman when he realized it during the Shibuya Incident[18]. Family is above everything for him! H-hey, Dom Toretto?!

Fights / Participation

Shibuya Incident Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc

  • Choso vs. Yuuji Itadori
  • Choso and the sorcerers vs. Uraume and Kenjaku
Itadori Extermination Arc

Itadori’s Extermination Arc

  • Choso vs. Naoya Zen’in

Fun Facts

  • Choso’s design is intentionally similar to Noritoshi Kamo’s (the student), due to their matching techniques and ancestors.
  • Choso absolutely hated the elder Noritoshi Kamo for his actions against Choso’s mother, but he had no idea that the man he served, Pseudo-Geto or Kenjaku, was the very man that possessed Kamo’s body while he committed those heinous actions.
  • He had something of a mental connection with his brothers while they were still alive, as he could immediately sense their loss.

Voice Actors

  • Daisuke Namikawa – Japanese
  • Ray Chase – English
Siding with Mahito's group, Choso, and his other two brothers are the antagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. The weird thing about Choso is that he thinks that Itadori is his brother. That's where he gets angry. Whenever someone orders him to attack Itadori, Choso flips out as if we are talking about his real brother.

This was the summary of the real prince of blood, Choso! Anime onlies can’t really have an opinion about him yet, but I can assure you guys that Choso is a real one! He was loyal to his family but upon realizing that Yuuji is a worthy human too, he fought for the best purpose out there.

How do you feel about him? Make sure to tell us your ideas down in the comments! While you’re at it, I can recommend reading some of our other articles about Jujutsu Kaisen, especially our Wiki-type pages, or the theory blogs!


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