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Makima is one of the main characters of the franchise, and as the last arc came around she was revealed to be the Control Devil, and thus the main antagonist of the first part of the manga. She was the leader of the Special Division 4 in her lifetime. She was killed by Denji, but the spirit of the Control Devil reincarnated as Nayuta.

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Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima as a young woman is especially desirable for males, capturing the attention of Denji as well. She is certainly beautiful but doesn’t care much about dating. Her adult form has the age of around 23, but such a thing wasn’t confirmed. 

She has light red hair with bangs, and two longer bangs ranging to her upper chest on the side of her face. She keeps the rest of her hair in a braided ponytail on the back. She has yellow eyes, but they contain multiple red circles. Her eyes probably aren’t the source of her power, but they stand out for sure.

She usually wears her professional uniform that consists of a white dress shirt tucked into her suit pants, and a black necktie.


Makima Chainsaw Man

Character Info


Species: Devil

Alias: Control Devil

More Information

Gender: Female

Occupation: Devil Hunter

Affiliation: Public Safety Bureau, Devil Hunters

Relations: Nayuta (Reincarnation)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 1


Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima isn’t a pleasant person to be around, no matter if you are a human, a devil, or a colleague. At the start of the story, she seemed like the savior to Denji, but it quickly changed as the term she used for him, “pet” meant literally a pet. She wouldn’t let him make his decisions, controlled his life to the fullest, and used him to get her ways.

She seemed suspicious from the first encounter, but she was only an unpleasant obstacle for the most part. As it turned out in the last arc, she wasn’t even this remotely kind with Denji because of basic kindness, but because she wanted to take everything away from him, break his contract with the Chainsaw Devil and claim the spirit as her own. Of course, it was also her duty as a Public Safety Devil Hunter to keep Denji in tight chains due to his powers.

She would make a great dominatrix, but this comes obviously as she is the Control Devil herself. She finds pleasure in making things miserable for others, not caring about any kind of feelings. She rarely forgot about her goals and kept out feelings for good. Any time she collaborated with or helped others was all part of her grand schemes. She also proved to be a great drinker, defeating her comrades in both short- and long-term alcoholism. She never passed out from alcohol, and even barely got tipsy[8].

Most of her machinations affected the life of Denji. She set up his life right from the point they met. She knew right away that she could control his life without an issue, as Denji had a harsh childhood already. All she needs to do is to feed him once, and remind him time after time that he is just a pet, and his life can be taken away anytime. 

She exploited the feelings of many people, as she knew that her charms won’t be ignored by any men. Even Aki Hayakawa fell as her victim. He had a crush on Makima, and she was well aware of the fact. Aki didn’t get any positive feedback in this department, but he was killed after turning into the Gun Fiend.

Makima once promised Denji that if he succeeds in the extermination of the Gun Devil, she would do anything he wants. She also bit his finger and told him that even if he goes blind, he would recognize her from the feeling of her bite. Makima grabbed Denji’s hand and put it on her chest, and it was clearly enough for the young man to make it happen no matter what.

She wasn’t just interested in Denji’s abilities as the Chainsaw Man, she was straight up a fan of him. She wanted to see everything, to push him into despair, and thus obtain the contract with the Chainsaw Devil herself. She pushed away everyone else and wanted to keep the dynamic chainsaw duo for herself at all costs.

Despite all the masks and acts Makima put on during her interactions with others, her true motivations were revealed by Pochita at the end of the first part of the manga. She, both as the Control Devil and as an individual, only wanted to form relationships with others as equals. That was impossible for the most part, as she thought of everyone else as low-levels not worthy of attention.

Strengths and Skills


Devil Powers

Makima would be an insane opponent even without her devil powers. She was fearless and tough in a fight and proved to be useful with only using her fists. She obviously had no reason to fear death due to her contract with the PM and her devil nature, but she also had to be careful not to reveal her identity and intentions too early. 

She also possesses an inhuman ability that doesn’t find its root in her devil power: her sense of smell. Makima can not only navigate with just smelling things, but she can also distinguish two different vibes of smell coming from the same person. She was able to find Pochita inside Denji immediately, as she told him that he doesn’t smell fully human nor devil[9].

Makima formed a contract with the Prime Minister of Japan – mostly due to her pressuring ability – to preserve her health. If in any case, she were to be hurt fatally, meaning that she gets damaged or even killed, then the same effect will be transferred to a random citizen of the nation. While that particular person would suffer, Makima can continue moving forward as nothing happened.

Makima Chainsaw Man

Other than the normal devil powers, Makima also has an immense strength revolving around her being the Control Devil. She can control the will of any being that she believes to be inferior to her. This isn’t necessarily bound by actual power levels, but just her ego.

She can delete the memories of the beings, and make them do anything, but this ability also adds an extra layer to her charms. She can control humans, devils, and fiends, but she can also extend her power to the dead. When she uses the control of someone, chains appear between her and the target. 

Makima has two insanely strong ranged attacks as well. She can either crush her opponent with pure force of an unknown nature when forming a certain symbol with her hands. To use this, she needs to know the name of her target, to stand on higher ground, and to sacrifice a human in the process. 

The other ability is the seemingly playful act when she forms a gun with her fingers, points it at someone, and says “bang” [10]. Then the target collapses with half of their body blown up. She used it on the Chainsaw Devil as well but only managed to kick him far away with this skill.

She has some other cool abilities as well, like teleporting by ordering rats to form a shape of a human[11] or the fact that she can hear everything using the means of low-life beings, like nearby rats or birds, which effectively makes her the best spy out there[12]. She can also transfer her voice into a person by just putting her hand on their head[13].


  • Makima came out to be the second most popular character after Denji in the community polls.
  • She was the first character the mangaka, Tatsuki Fujimoto thought of. Her earliest designs date back to Fujimuto’s Junior High years.
  • Fujimoto gained inspiration for Makima from many other pieces of media. She has elements from FLCL, Kizumonogatari III, and The Eccentric Family.
  • If you remove the middle syllable from her name, you get Mama, which is a reference to how she formed a motherly relationship with Denji.


makima chainsaw man

Makima’s past fades into the shadows, as she decided to keep every non-human secret to herself, and didn’t go on lengthy monologues like other villains. She was a devil who only got stronger and stronger as time passed. She is someone the humans have feared for a long time. The devils gather power by being feared by others, and thus she turned out to be one of the strongest devils.

Makima was raised by the government in her child form, as it’s indicated by Kishibe that the reincarnated Control Devil should be kept away from the eyes of the authorities[1]. She was likely fueled with ideals and power in her past, but it also appears that Makima lived somewhere in the countryside, as she mentioned having a friend there.

She managed her life as a fake human with ease. She has a clean apartment, filled with material possessions that normally appeal to humans. She had multiple dogs, paintings and ate normal food regularly. She hasn’t been spotted drinking blood during her presence at all. On the other hand, she made a contract with the Prime Minister of Japan, that every fatal damage Makima suffers will be transferred to the body of a random citizen.

Makima had a connection to the Chainsaw Devil like every other devil – she wanted to kill him in hell. She feared losing her existence due to the Chainsaw Devil’s unique ability to erase every trace of a being who gets consumed by him. She fought alongside the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and it is a mystery whether or not she was one of them.

After a fierce battle, the Chainsaw Devil took the form of Pochita and escaped. Makima chased after him, but only managed to find him inside of Denji after her search. Makima always believed in an Orwellian peace, and she wanted to force the Chainsaw Devil into a pact, where she would have the chance to remove every bad thing from the world with his unique ability.


Devil hunters chainsaw man

Public Safety Bureau

Makima was a prominent member of the Public Safety Devil Hunter branch. She was an effective fighter even with just physical damage, and she also proved to be a good leader. Well, this leadership skill probably only covered her ability to manipulate others, throw their lives on the line and thus win fights.

She led the 4th Special Division, which was the department of the special kids as indicated by its name. Only the real deal hunters were taken in, handpicked by Makima. It consisted of humans, devils, and fiends as well. The squad was led by both Makima and Captain Kishibe.

The most important members were Makima, Denji, Power and Aki Hayakawa. Makima obviously wanted to create a squad with outstanding members, stray powerhouses she found on the battlefield. The higher-ups weren’t quite fond of the team she crafted, and they took every opportunity to dismantle it. The squad needed to produce results, and they were always on the verge of existence.


Makima was respected in the organization, by almost everyone. She was calm and collected when doing her job, which made her colleagues take her seriously and accept her authority. She organized missions with caution, but always prioritized getting their jobs done, and not the lives of her underlings.

The most important members were Makima, Denji, Power and Aki Hayakawa. Makima obviously wanted to create a squad with outstanding members, stray powerhouses she found on the battlefield. The higher-ups weren’t quite fond of the team she crafted, and they took every opportunity to dismantle it. The squad needed to produce results, and they were always on the verge of existence.

Makima was respected in the organization, by almost everyone. She was calm and collected when doing her job, which made her colleagues take her seriously and accept her authority. She organized missions with caution, but always prioritized getting their jobs done, and not the lives of her underlings.




Makima met Denji right after he defeated the Zombie Devil, and took him in as a pet rather than killing him for being a hybrid. Although she seemed nice initially, she turned out to be pretty controlling for Denji, but he still sought her presence because he was in dire need of a human relationship. That sadly couldn’t happen.

Makima wasn’t particularly interested in Denji, but the Chainsaw Devil that resides in him. She could detect the devil inside Denji and worked her way through to break their contract. She wanted to achieve world peace using the unique power of Pochita, but she kept her presence low until she could guarantee success.

Denji looked at her with a mix of fear, respect, love, and despair. He needed someone to love and trust, as his upbringing was quite miserable. Denji didn’t get to experience a loving family environment, and later on, he became an orphan. Not even being able to eat properly, he easily took the chance to be close to someone. Especially a hot girl like Makima.

makima denji chainsaw man

They developed a relationship, where Denji got positive feedback from time to time, sometimes reassuring that he is an important part of the duo, but Makima obviously viewed him as the inferior member. They couldn’t build on the already weak foundation of their relationship, but Denji got easily motivated by the simple gestures Makima showed him, like letting him touch her chest.

They eventually became enemies when Makima murdered Power and begin to extract the Chainsaw Devil. Denji beforehand volunteered to be one of her dogs and to not have his thoughts anymore. This was not only due to his grief for losing Aki but also because Makima started controlling his decisions.

Denji tricked her at their last battle with a decoy Chainsaw Man. She wouldn’t expect Denji to show up after she defeated the Chainsaw Man, but it is also true that she didn’t care about her surroundings as she only paid attention to the Chainsaw Devil all along. When finally holding the little devil in her hands, Makima was slain by Denji with a chainsaw. To prevent her healing, Denji consumed all her body. After her reincarnation Denji paid attention to Pochita’s advice and worked on forming an equal relationship with the devil.

Public Safety Division

Special Division Four

The Fourth Special Division was founded on Makima’s request to forge a powerhouse squad that can excel in exterminating devils. She of course didn’t just bring big boys together. She also wanted soldiers she could dispose of any time they became unnecessary. 

She started building the team from people who made contracts with devils for fighting potential and also took in stray hybrids. The most known members of the division were Aki Hayakawa, Power, Denji, and Makima herself.

She kept an unbalanced relationship with her subordinates, just like with everyone else. She helped set up the living standards of her underlings, and sometimes started conversations or meetups with them.

makima aki chainsaw man

Aki Hayakawa was pulled in by Makima as a payback. Aki stated that he owes his life to Makima as she once saved him. He was manipulated without the abilities of the Control Devil, as he also had a crush on Makima. This relationship couldn’t be embraced, as Aki was killed after merging with the Gun Devil. Makima set a contract with the now Gun Fiend and used him against the Chainsaw Man, but he was eventually killed off as well.

Power was sort of an unneeded link after utilizing her Blood Devil powers. Power looked up to Denji and wanted to stay close to him, but this idea obviously didn’t fit into Makima’s plans. To drive Denji into further despair, she blew up Power with her finger technique right after she presented the birthday cake to Denji. Makima didn’t care much about her in her lifetime either and just used her to get missions done.


Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima showed up at the Yakuza scene when Denji already took care of the Zombie Devil[2]. She offered the man two options: being killed on spot for being a devil, or living the rest of his life as a pet. He went along with the latter option after hearing that Makima eats for breakfast, and also for the chance of a normal life.

Makima showed Denji their workplace, the Public Safety Bureau, and the Devil Hunter branch specifically. She gave a suit to him, introduced him to his new co-workers, and sent him on his first mission. 

Makima monitored the journey of Denji for specific reasons. She told the first one to Aki, although not in its full glory: she was interested in the Chainsaw Devil, but also wanted to extract it from Denji’s body and form a contract with him herself. The other one was to be part of a relationship where the two parties could be equal, but she never told anyone about this except the Chainsaw Devil himself.

Makima chainsaw man

Makima introduced Power to Denji and sent them on a mission together[3]. She also made a promise to Denji, that if he succeeds in killing the Gun Devil she would do anything he wants. 

They became the targets of assassins who claimed to be the followers of the Gun Devil, but Makima survived the incident without actually dying, despite being shot in the head. She later tracked down the Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, the ones responsible for the attacks, and discovers that the latter also wanted Denji’s heart, which is none other than the little Pochita.

Makima became quite suspicious after her weird revival, but she continued to use inhuman abilities in the upcoming arcs as well. She used her rat teleporting skill to intercept Reze at the café where she would meet Denji. She annihilates Reze in minutes.

Makima also takes part in the fight against Santa Claus, but her organizing skills were put to a test as another battle broke out between her squad members and the Darkness Devil at the same time in hell. She managed to defeat her enemies in order and got almost everyone out of trouble on the way.

Makima fought the Gun Devil and forced it to possess Aki’s body. She later turned the fiend into her pawn, just like she did with the Angel Devil. Denji was put into a situation where he had to choose to kill Aki[4], and that devastated him.

Makima turned Denji into her pet upon his request, although that probably happened due to Makima’s controlling abilities[5]. She also killed Power[6] and started a wide-scale conflict between her brainless army and the remnants of the Devil Hunters. She sent the Chainsaw Devil to hell, but when he came back, the world already celebrated his victories, thus weakening him.

Makima Chainsaw Man

In a world where devils gain power from being feared, the Chainsaw Devil was the strongest being for a long time. Every devil feared him, as he could erase the existence of anything if he consumed its body. He brought an end to the Nazis, nuclear bombs, and AIDs as well. Makima wanted to make the world a better place with this power.

Makima planned to use this ability to erase every bad thing from the world, but she couldn’t entirely defeat the Chainsaw Man. Denji came up with a decoy plan to take out Makima, and it turned out to be successful as Makima only focused on Pochita taken out from the body of the fake Chainsaw Man, and didn’t notice Denji coming up from behind. Denji ate her body so she won’t regenerate.

Makima, due to her devil powers, managed to reincarnate as the Chinese kid Nayuta[7], but she lacked every bad intention and memory of her predecessor. Of course, she was still the Control Devil, but Kishibe and Pochita advised Denji to keep her from harm and don’t let her become a corrupt beast like Makima was. After all, everything she ever wanted was an equal relationship, and it looks like she finally reached it.

Voice Actor


As Chainsaw Man hasn’t yet been adapted into an anime, we don’t know who will be playing the part of the Makima. We will be sure to update this section as soon as we find out.

Final Verdict

Makima is a wonderful character who managed to steal the hearts of the audience. She worked hard for her goals, but we can say that she rather made others work hard for her goals. She became the favorite character and the dominating waifu of many If you liked this article, go check out our other summaries about Chainsaw Man and other anime!


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