15+ POWERFUL Chainsaw Man Quotes! (HQ Images)

Chainsaw man quotes

POWERFUL Chainsaw Man Quotes

We all are waiting for Chainsaw Man Anime to release impatiently, right? Chainsaw Man is expected to be one of the HOTTEST Anime of all Time! I bet you all are looking forward to it with huge expectations. 

The story of Chainsaw Man revolves around a boy named, Denji whose father died and left him in a huge debt. He has to pay for it, no matter what. He does different odd jobs for Yakuzas and saves money. One day, Denji saved a devil dog, named Pochita! In fact, Pochita becomes a part of his body! And thanks to this dog, he was able to survive and make a living through odd jobs involving terror against Devils! And that’s where his journey begins! 
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Table of Contents

Denji Quotes

Denji grew up in an indecent environment, that’s why he hasn’t experienced “normal joyful things” as others do. His favorite food to munch on is bread and jam. But the sad thing is that he cannot afford to buy it since he has to pay a huge debt left by his father.

His life is very exhausting which makes him think about death very often. He doesn’t want to die like losers, all he wants is just a woman by her side, loving her truly.

 So at the beginning of the Chainsaw Man, he expressed his wish in words, described below.

Denji Chainsaw Man Quote

And by this, he meant, that he’s got no options. He can’t fly from the situation nor fight it. Who knows, it might be Pochita’s voice who has taken Denji’s form and is living inside of him, like a parasite.

Denji Chainsaw Man Quote

Our MC is clearly obsessed with Bread and Jam. It might be a regular and plain snack for all of us. But for Tenji it’s a wholesome meal! He simply can’t afford to buy jam. We’ve seen him munching on plain bread. Poor guy… 

Denji quote

Before confronting a devil, he expresses his wish of being with a girl before dying. And before sleeping, he wished to dream about making out with a girl, eating bread and jam, being rich. These all are his wishes. Then suddenly, he wakes up then he quotes “At least let me dream a little”

Denji Quote

Before knowing true Makima, he fell head over heels for her. He didn’t know that she’s going to send him and Aki Hayakawa on a crazy mission that involved killing a devil. So, he thinks that she’s a real-time PSYCHO.  

Always pissed off and rarely smiling, Denji got triggered when he wasn’t being treated like a human. Except for the fact, that he’s been living like this from the start, people don’t really treat him like a true human. That’s why he warned people to not treat him like a dog. The ironic thing about this all is that he has turned into his dog form. When Pochita was killed, it became Denji’s heart. 

Makima Quotes

Makima has ulterior motives, that’s why she’s probably using Denji for his Demonic skills. In fact, Denji can turn into a chainsaw man which is definitely one of the craziest concepts we have ever seen in an anime. Makima wants to use a devil against devils.

Makima Quote

Now that is a wise thing to say, Makima on her way with Aki Hayakawa says that all devils have their specific names. And when people fear devils, it makes them very powerful. So, fear is the trigger of power here in devils. 

Makima quote

On the same day and same time, Makima exposes Denji and tells Aki that he has the ability to change into a Chainsaw Man. It can be really useful for them to use the chainsaw attack against the devils. Therefore, they make Denji an essential part of their team. 

Makima quote

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Power Quotes

When Makima introduced all might Power to the team. She asked Denji to grovel before him. She tends to look down on everyone and it’s normal for her to be like that, all cranky and selfish. Power isn’t a very considerate fellow after all. Her first impression is quite bad.  

Power Quote

Power’s quotes may be short but they do have a meaning behind them. It’s true that she lost her Meowy or Nyako which left a very painful impact on her. Despite wanting to drink her pet’s blood, she refrained herself. Power just loves drinking blood more than anything, Overall, she gives cursed vibes. 

Power quote

The absolute human hater, Power thinks that they make haste which makes her want to drink their blood. 

Power Quote

Nyako was the first pet of Power, she always adored her despite drinking up all of her blood. We have seen her running, again and again, to save Nyako from the Bat Devil. She was even ready to sacrifice Denji. 

Power quote

The blood lover, Power gets power from drinking blood! That’s why she recently realizes that she’s obsessed with it. 

Power quote

Aki Hayakawa Quotes

Completely doubting Denji, Aki thought that he was going to betray the team and is joining for his own benefit. It’s true that he didn’t get to eat bread and jam back at his place, but now it’s possible for him. Denji starts to love living at Aki Hayakawa’s Place.

Aki Hayakawa quote

Aki was making sure that Denji knows about Aki’s authority in the team. Aki let him know that he’s a devil hunter and how he still didn’t kill a devil-like him. 

Aki Hayakawa quote

Fighting with Denji for Makima, Aki remembers his deep past and memories with Makima. 

Aki Hayakawa Quote
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