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Solo Leveling is one of the most rapidly growing manhwa with its great set of characters and storyline. Adapted from a light novel, it has a great art style and fight scenes are mesmerizing. Fans are really looking forward to its anime adaptation.

Chae Hae In is one of the supporting characters. She is an S-Rank hunter from South Korea. Furthermore, she is the Vice-commander of one of the major guilds, The Hunters Guild.

Cha Hae In Solo Leveling

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Appearance Cha Hae In

Being one of the love interests for our MC, Sung Jin-Woo, Cha Hae In has a beautiful design that really suits her character.

Cha Hae In has beautiful gray-colored eyes with blonde hair. She keeps a lob cut. On raids, she puts on a typical reddish armor. She also has a dark sword with a silver-colored handgrip.

As a hunter, she has a great set of abilities, and her eyes glimmer when she uses her abilities.

She has normal yet beautiful stature and is quite young and attractive.

Cha Hae In

Cha Hae In



Positions in Anime:

S-Rank Fighter

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Sung Jin Woo (Husband)

Ah-Jin Guild (Vice Master)

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Cha Hae In Personality

Despite being an S-Rank hunter, Cha Hae In is not arrogant at all. Some hunters become really arrogant when they become S-Rank as they think people around them are indebted to them.

However, Hunter Cha is not like that. She really cares about her surroundings and is aware of people’s feelings and emotions. She cares about other people, as we can see during her raids. She can be seen patrolling the dungeon even after the raid is over as she wants to check on the miners and manhandling teams.

She is pretty hard working and always tries to improve her fighting skills. Even though she is an S-Rank hunter, she still tries to improve her sword techniques and trains hard. Most hunters don’t train and are left behind. However, Cha wants to keep up with the world.

She is quite perceptive as well. She was able to deduce that something was wrong with Jin Woo when she first saw him.

Besides her job, she doesn’t do much and is socially inactive. She has no friends and usually spends her time alone. She also seems to be easily flustered, as can be seen when Jin Woo teased her about the pickaxe. She is in love with Jin Woo, which can be seen on multiple occasions. She blushes a lot around Jin Woo. She is not crazy about him or anything, she just wants him to be prudent and do whatever he likes.

Cha Hae In awakened as an S-Rank Hunter two years prior to the main plot. She was appointed as the Vice Commander of the Hunters Guild. She also has a disease that causes other hunters and monsters to become fetid.

Strengths and Skills

Cha Hae In Sense of Smell

Sense of Smell

Cha has a great sense of smell. She is delicate to the scent of mana, so the other hunters stink at her. Jin Woo is the only one who doesn’t stench.

Sword Dance

Sword dance

Sha Hae In is one of Korea’s S-Rank hunters. Even among S-Rank Hunters, she is considered strong. She was able to beat Japanese Hunter Kanae in a training match. She was also able to beat Igris with relative ease.

This skill enhances her speed significantly as if she’s dancing.

Sword of Light

Sword of Light

This skill turns the sword into light that greatly enhances her piercing power.


Quake of Provocation

This is also a great skill as she smashes her sword into the earth that creates a tiny earthquake.


  • In the light novel, Cha He In is married to Sung Jin Woo and she has a son called Sun Su Ho
  • Despite looking like she’s a boring person, Cha Hae In loves to have crazy fun once in a while.
  • She can smell Hunters’ and Monsters’ scents, and she finds most of them annoying at times. T


Hunters Guild

Hunters Guild

| Vice-Guild Master

Song Chi-Yul's Dojo

| Student


Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jin Woo

Like we all know, Sung-Jin Woo is Cha Hae In’s love interest. In the light novel, Cha Hae In is married to Sung-Jin Woo and they started a family with each other. In other words, they make a perfect couple.


Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jin Woo

| Husband
? Question mark ? unknown

Sung Su-Ho

| Son


Hunter Guild Arc

Hunters Guild Arc

Cha Hae In became relevant to the main plot during the Hunter Guild Arc. Jin Woo disguised himself as a miner and went on a raid with the Hunters Guild. Hunter Cha was also in that raid. After the raid, Cha sensed a presence but mistook it for Go Gun Hee’s. After some time, the presence vanished as Jin Woo suppressed his mana. Cha did not think too much about it and went outside.

As Cha had a habit of patrolling the Boss’s lair after the raid, she was doing the same that day. During her patrol, she met Jin Woo and asked him to go back as it was unsafe inside. She demanded his Hunter card to check if he was really a hunter. When Jin Woo crossed her, she sniffed him and was surprised to notice that his odor was not foul like other hunters. Jin Woo was the first hunter whose odor was not foul to Cha. Following that, she asked him to go back and continued her patrol. Manhwa Chapter 67

Still, she kept thinking about him and finally deduced that Jin Woo was lying and decided to gather information regarding him. She called one of the guild staff and asked him to gather intel about him from the Hunter’s Association. However, she was quite surprised to know that her Commander Choi Jong-In had made a similar demand and that his information was quite classified. She then decided to meet him personally. Manhwa Chapter 68

The following day, Cha progressed to the gate and discovered that Jin Woo had disguised himself as a porter and went with the main force. She went after him and discovered some dead High Orcs. She immediately realized that something was wrong, and the hunting team was in danger. Consequently, she ran to the boss’s lair to assist them. She was, however, surprised to see that Jin Woo had already done her job and killed the dungeon boss, Kargalgan. Jin Woo then revived the boss as his shadow soldier. Erstwhile, Woo Jinchul also entered the dungeon and escorted out Jin Woo. Cha did not get a chance to talk to him. Manhwa Chapter 72

When Cha was training with Song Chi Yul, Jin Woo was officially declared Korea’s 10th S-Rank Hunter.

Jeju Island Arc

Jeju Island Arc

The Jeju Island raid was very important as both Korea and Japan had to join forces to clear the gate. The Korean and Japanese hunters met four days before the raid and had a joint training session. Hunter Cha faced off against Japanese Hunter Kanae Tawata and easily beat her. Following that, she went on to help Beak but was attacked from behind by another Hunter Atsushi Kamamoto that forced her to act instinctively and attack his face. However, Atsushi did not take this lightly and ambushed her with his full power. Jin Woo realized this and stopped him by grabbing his leg from behind. Manhwa Chapter 92

During this joint training, Jin-Woo had a match with Japanese hunter Goto Ryuji. Cha was quite apprehensive as Jin-Woo dodged all of Ryuji’s attacks with ease. However, they had to stop them as things were getting too heated. Manhwa Chapter 93

Four days later, the raid began. The Korean hunters were tasked to kill the Ant Queen. The Japanese hunters were used as bait to lure out the ants so that the Korean hunters could easily reach the Queen. Due to the efforts of the Japanese hunters, the Koreans were out of harm’s way. Cha easily killed the Queen’s royal guards as the others gradually approached the Queen. The rest of the hunters were able to weaken the Queen as Hunter Cha decapitated the Queen.

However, the killing of the Queen made the Ant King cautious and he returned to the nest before the hunters could leave. The scent of the Kings’ mana was too much for Cha to handle and she was gagging. The Ant King was the strongest ant as he was able to kill the strongest Japanese hunter Goto. The King got quite angry seeing her mother’s corpse and attacked the hunters. He started off with Hunter Cha and punched her into the wall of the cave rendering her incapable of fighting. Manhwa Chapter 100

The Ant King also killed one of the Korean Hunters Min Byung-Gyu. Jin Woo was in Korea at that time, he realized his mistake of not going to the raid and went off to help the rest of the hunters. As he reached there, he saw Cha Hae In lying there, gravely injured. He tried to heal her, but it was not enough as her wounds were too deep. Before he could completely heal her, the King returned to the nest. Manhwa Chapter 102

Jin Woo was able to beat the Ant King quite easily. He then made the Ant King a part of his shadow army. Seeing the condition of hunters, he had to revive Hunter Min Byung-Gyu to heal Cha and other hunters. Cha woke up when the helicopter landed. Go Gun Hee notified her that they were saved by Jin Woo.

Ah Jin guild

Ah-Jin Guild Arc

Jin Woo decided to start his own guild so he can go on raids alone. Hunter Cha wanted to join him. Jin Woo was unaware of her feelings towards him. He was quite surprised and wanted to know why she wanted to join him. He told her that they could not afford her expenditures. In reply, Cha said that she just wants to live peacefully and has no interest in money.

As Jin Woo wanted a member who would not go on raids, he wanted to refuse her but could not do so without any real reason. He then proposed to conduct a test to reassure her abilities. Cha agreed and said that she would drive them to the Korean Hunters Gym. Jin Woo replied that there is a better way and got close to her. He then used his shadow exchange skill to teleport to the Gym. Cha was really flustered. Manhwa Chapter 113

Reaching there, Cha remembered that she forgot her sword back in the car. Jin Woo tried to mess with her and mentioned the pickaxe that made Cha lose her composure. After that, Cha decided to pick something from the gym. The test was ready to begin.

Jin Woo summoned Igris to fight with her. Igris, at that moment, had Demon lord’s Longsword that really boosts his stats. Despite the increase in Igris’s stats, Cha was able to beat him quite easily. She smacked him into the gym wall with a single blow.

Cha felt that this fight was not good enough, so she demanded Jin Woo to summon the Ant King (His Strongest Shadow). Jin Woo asked Beru to make her withdraw without any injury.

The fight began. Beru tried his best to not injure her and dodged all her skills with relative ease, in hopes that she would submit. Hunter Cha was quite persistent as she kept on trying. Beru was able to throw her off with a single screech. All this dodging made Beru irritated. Cha then used her Sword Dancing skill.

Beru was already quite irritated and broke her sword into pieces. He was sure that she would submit this time, but Cha used her Sword of Light skill and successfully stabbed himManhwa Chapter 114

Cha was successful however, this activated Beru’s internal program that recognized Cha as a danger to his master. Fortunately, Jin Woo was there to save the day as he grabbed Beru before he could attack her.

Jin-woo then asks Cha why she is trying so hard to join his guild. Cha replies by an indirect confession as she says that she is interested in him.

As for Cha’s matter of joining the guild, Jin-Woo refused. Cha then went home and was quite angry with herself for that cumbersome confession. Following that, she had a dream featuring Min Byung-Gyu who tells her to warn Jin Woo. A few days later, model Yoo Sohyun officially became Ah-Jin guild’s third member and posted a picture on Instagram that made Cha jealous.

The following day, Cha went to meet Jin Woo and informed him about her dream regarding Min Byung-Gyu

Double Dungeon Arc

Double Dungeon Arc

Jin Woo went into the Cartenon temple Dungeon alone as he wanted to get answers. At that time, Cha was nearby and alongside Woo Jinchul and other hunters went into the dungeon. As soon as they entered the dungeon, they were attacked by the System Architect. Cha quickly realized the severity of the situation and that Jin Woo was their only hope. She tried to wake Jin Woo up. In doing so, she was attacked by the Architect and her shoulder was stabbed. Jin Woo woke up after some time and saved all of the hunters. Manhwa Chapter 130

Following the Architect’s demise, the hunters returned to the real world. Cha approached Jin Woo, asking if he was alright. Jin Woo replied by saying that he was ok. Saying this he collapsed with exhaustion.


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