10+ Bleach Quotes that HYPE you up! (Images)

Bleach Quotes. Byakuya Kuchiki Quotes. 'Be proud that after receiving my blade y ou still retain the shape of a human.' Quote the Anime.

Of course this is one of the best series ever made call my truly said it was discontinued. So here are some of the best quotes from it that you might like. That are deep, dark, sad from one of your favourite anime.

Abarai Renji Quotes

What a manly sentence. Got to admit I did really like when he said this. It just shows how much value should be given towards women in general.  and I completely agree with it, so chivalrous.

Bleach Quotes. Abarai Renji Quote. 'A man who raises his hand on a woman is trash. If I have to become trash.' Quote The Anime.

Aizen Sosuke Quotes

I didn’t quite understand this one, so if you want to write in the comments what you think this one means that would be awesome.

Bleach Quotes. Aizen Sosuke Quote. 'no one has ever stood in the heavens.' Quote The Anime.

Wow. I completely agree because it’s not the people that you know are your enemy that will hurt you in life. It’s the people that are close to you and you don’t believe are your enemies. There’s another philosophy why having enemies is not bad it’s having friendships that are harmful that actually  even worse.

Bleach Quotes. Aizen Quot'Any betrayal you can see is trivial, what is truly frightening, is the betrayal you cannot see.' Quote The Anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki Quotes

This one is quite the line from Ichigo. he kills it here and so hilarious but it’s true the hurt we feel with our emotions is something we can’t really see so we don’t know if it’s healing or if it’s better, if there is progress. But with physical wounds we can always tell.

Now this is just a straight badass line that you can’t compete with. I believe it’s true that we as humans are able to make Miracles not just once but several times in our lives and maybe even everyday, we just don’t give ourselves enough credit, we just don’t try call Nore sometimes you try too hard. But I think we all have this capability that Ichigo is talking about here.

Bleach Quotes. Ichigo Quote. 'If miralces only happen once, whatre they called the second time. Quote The Anime.

Byakuya Kuchiki Quotes

Another bad ass line from bleach. So crazy that someone could I have that much skill in an are where they could slice up somebody so badly. I would love to see him and Zoro fight.

Bleach Quotes. Byakuya Kuchiki Quotes. 'Be proud that after receiving my blade y ou still retain the shape of a human.' Quote the Anime.

Genryusai Yamamoto Quotes

This one is a sick quote. And dying with so much courage and Power, where you’re still standing even at the moment of death remind me of that time where Whitebeard from One Piece actually did that, in the fight where they went to war with the Marines in order to save Ace.

Bleach Quotes. Genryusai Yamamoto Quotes. Do not live bowing down. You must die standing up.

Kenpachi Zaraki Quotes

It’s true the lesson here I think is that we have to do things that we really want to in the world, and then death and pain becomes so small. Because when we truly doing what we’re meant to do, what we want to do, what we are born to do, you aren’t as scared anymore from death.

Bleach Quotes. Kenpachi Zaraki Quotes. Death and pain are jsut a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle.

Kisuke Urahara Quotes

Expecting the game, I do believe that once it’s come to the point where you’re unable, you might might get in the way but it also feels like this quote makes it seem like you’re useless, which I don’t think should be the message we take from it.

Bleach Quotes. Kisuke Urahara Quotes. A warrior who has lost his ability to fight is only going to be in the way.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri Quotes

What a beautiful line. I do believe that there’s no such thing as perfect but I also believe there is perfection in moments in life. So we try to work really hard sometimes, for days sometimes for months, sometimes for years just to achieve that one moment of perfection.

Bleach Quotes. Kurotsuchi Mayuri quote. 'There is no such thing as perfect in this world.' Quote The Anime.

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    Bishesh says:

    That Aizen quote relates to his other quote about how one always seeks a higher power being to rely on.
    Aizen doesn’t rely on anyone. Only he can sit on the throne to become the one true God.

    • Ernie says:

      You like Aizen? What’s the other quote exaclty?? We could make a quote pic out of it.

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