17+ Powerful Black Clover Quotes (HQ Images)

Powerful, inspiring, motivational anime quotes from the best characters from Black Clover like Fuegoleon Vermillion, Yami Sukehiro, Luck, Vannessa and even more. Tell us which ones we’ve missed in the comments..

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Asta Quotes

アスタ Asuta」

1. I love anime quotes that remind of this. The quote that I remember is that, in life, I don’t think we get to choose who we’re born to, or who are parents are. But we do get to choose our friends, and we get to choose who we want to associate with. And that becomes our real family. So I absolutely love this quote, because it reminds me of what I want my family to be like, every time I forget. Because I do choose my family.

Black Clover Quotes. Asta Quotes. We might not be a family by blood

2. I would take this trade-off any day. Even though I believe it’s harder to face in the moment, the fact that you might not be blessed with any talent. It’s so much better to be blessed with people around you that are supportive, challenged, real, authentic, honest, and truly care about each other’s well begin and growth rather than me being extremely talented and alone.

Black Clover Quotes. Asta Quotes. I always hated the fact taht i was never blessed with any magic.

3. “Love this. It’s funny because, and tell me if you agree with this. But I’ve caught myself judging people, or making assumptions about people and what they’re capable a few times. And more than once, I’ve been proved wrong to myself. Because as humans we are capable of actually turning our circumstances around drastically in a matter of a few years. A person who could’ve been really at their worst in life, could turn it around and be at a whole another potential in a matter of 1-2, and that’s my favorite thing about us.. Humans, and that includes you my friend, yes you the one reading this.

black-clover-quotes-Don't judge a book by it's cover!! You don't know her circumstances, do you-asta-quotes

4. This one is probably my favorite quotes from Black Clover, and by far one of my favourite qualities about Asta. I believe the author Yūki Tabata really understood the importance of this character trait in the main character, because it naturally raises our inclination to like a person who doesn’t give up. It’s one of my favorite characteristics about a person, and why we probably love Asta so much.

black-clover-quotes-If you don't give up, you'll get through-asta-quotes

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5. Again same as the quote above, but the never giving up attitude, and determination and resolve are by far the most exciting quotes for me.

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'Never giving up, is my magic.' Quote The Anime

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Acier Silva Quotes

“You’re the only one who inherited my steel attribute. Make sure you protect your siblings with that magic, okay?”

(Episode 108, 19:25)

Fuegoleon Vermillion Quotes:

1. So Fuegoleon actually said this to Noelle. It was such a beautiful moment. I say this quote to myself many times. At times, when I realize in life how little I know.

black-clover-quotes-Being dissatisfied with your current level doesn't make you a liability, doing nothing about it does-fuegoleon-Vermillion-quotes

2. This is the same qouote as above just worded differently in the Manga.

black-clover-quotes-There isn't any shame in being weak, the shame is in staying weak-fuegoleon-Vermillion-quotes

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Luck Voltia Quotes

1. “I am going to .. beat him on my own.”


Marie Adlai Quotes:

1. “People live through their interactions with one another! It’s because of all the people that I am what I am today.”

~Marie Adlai

black-clover-quotes-People live through their interactions with one another! It's because of all the people that I am what I am today-marie-quotes-adlai-quote

Nozel Silva Quotes

HOLY SHITTTT!?!? Did Nozel actually say that to Noelle, no way!!!!!! What a great moment. I was so surprised. Does he actually start believing in her here?

“Come Noelle. Let’s show her the true power of the royal House of Silva.”

(Episode 107, 21:05)

Nozel Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'Come noelle. Let's show her the true power of the royal House of Silva.' Quote The Anime

Noelle Silva Quotes

1. Noelle said this to her brother (Solid), who she defeats in the tournament of crystal destruction, “I’m not weak anymore!” I think this is a great line, because we’re all actually born weak in some way. But we don’t have to stay that way. So this quote represents acknowledging our weakness, and then also take forward action to moving beyond our shortcomings.

Episode 77

balck clover quotes - noelle silva quote - im not weak anymore

2. This was a great moment, Noel finally got a boost up, which she defeintely needed as Asta had his demon form, and Yuno has his half elf form.

“I’m desperately struggling and fighting, forcing my way forward!”

(Episode 108, 15:58)

Black Clover Quotes. Noel Quotes. 'Sorry but i'm not dancing, I'm despereately struggling and fighting, forcing my way forward.' Quote The Anime.

Vanessa Enoteca Quotes:

1. This is such a great line, because I don’t think there is anything great that can truly be accomplished in the world by someone alone. Like Steve Jobs said, “Great Business are built by a team of people.” Not by a single person. Hence, why humans are always better ans stronger together.

black-clover-quotes-When you can't beat fate on your own, that's when you rely on your friends and team-vanessa-enoteca-quotes

Yami Sukehiro Quotes:

1. Yami is probably my favourite character in the series. this line changed my life. I love this quote to the extent that I say it even to myself at times. I realize that there will be a obstacles, and plateaus that I’ll keep hitting in life, and everytime I come to a stand-still. I think of Yami and this line…

yami quotes-black clover- surpass your limit. right here, right now.

2. It’s really rare that we get to see Yami’s soft side but the moments we do get to see it. I enjoy them to the fullest. This would be one of them, and reminds me of everything I love in my life. Like my parents’ health, my siters, and my loved one’s safety and health.

black-clover-quotes-Protect whatever is precious to you. One Day it'll lead you to protect something else-yami-quotes-qukehiro-quote

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Yuno Quotes

Asta: “Yuno…. I’m going to catch up to you. I’m the one who’s going to be wizard king.”
Yuno: “Like I’d let you catch up to me.”

(Season 2, Episode 84, 21:10)

black clover quotes- yuno quote- like id let you catch upto me

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“I don’t know any other people’s dreams, the only dreams I know are my own.”

Episode 77

“Asta I’m about to pull ahead of you with this one move.”

(Season 2, Episode 84, 12:39)

black clover quotes- yuno quote- asta i'm about to pull aged of you with this one move

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“Asta, even though you lost, you’re getting right back up, aren’t you? I know how fast you’ve been growing. The more frustrated you become the more you grow.”

(Episode 83, 19:45)

“Once you elites trip up, you’re so weak.”

(Episode 78, 3:45)

black clover quotes- yuno quote- once you elites trip up you're so weak


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Zora Quotes

“You trust people way too easily. Not everyone is nice or amazing. You’re gonna regret it someday!”

(Episode 83, 13:15)

Black Clover Quotes. Zora Quotes. You trust people way too easily.

Zora’s Dad Quotes

“Zora, The magic knights are amazing. But no matter how amazing they are, even a Magic Knight can’t fight alone. They trust their companions and overcome deadly situations together.”

Episode 78 (14:45)

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