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Naruto was a long-running anime, so it’s natural for the show to have a wide variety of characters. And a lot of them were actually side characters. However, just because these characters don’t play a central role in progressing the plot doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting. Keeping this fact in light, today we’ll be looking into a character known as Azami!

Haven’t really heard of her before? That’s just all the more reason to be excited for the blog ahead!

Azami Naruto

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Who is azami?

It’s a valid question to ask since Azami isn’t really a popular character. She made her debut in episode 312 of Naruto Shippuden. Even though she doesn’t really play a very important role in the series, her grandfather did. I think the best way to introduce Azami is by introducing her grandfather.

Azami’s grandfather is actually the legendary grandmaster, Chen. You may have never heard of him before but in the Hidden Leaf Village, he was actually a very popular character. His skill in taijutsu was unrivaled, and much like Rock Lee, he couldn’t do ninjutsu at all.

Since Azami’s grandfather was gifted in taijutsu, the same was true for Azami herself.


Azami naruto

Character Info

Status: Unknown

Gender: Female

Birth: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown


Family: Chen (Grandfather)

Affiliated with: Konohagakure

Appearances in ANIME

Anime: Episode 312 (Naruto)

Voice Actors

Japanese: Mariko Mizuno

English: Cristina Valenzuela


For a side character, Azami actually has one of the cutest looks in the show. She has brown hair pulled into a high ponytail along with shoulder-length side bangs. She also has the perfect pair of eyes as they are also brown and match perfectly with her hair.

As she was featured in only one episode of Naruto Shippuden, we only get to see her wearing a yellow jacket. The yellow color gives her a wholesome look.


azami naruto

Azami is a girl featured in her childhood. And as it is with all children, she’s actually very naïve and lets her emotions get the better of her. Although just like any other child, she’s also pretty optimistic and believes the best is always yet to come. Overall, she’s actually a pretty wholesome character.

In fact, she’s so gullible that she believed that her grandfather had survived the third great ninja war and reasoning. When Naruto and Lee went to visit the grave, they found the legendary taijutsu Master Chen. This just goes to show how being an optimistic person doesn’t always mean you’re wrong.

Strengths and Skills

Azami was featured in only one episode and she was just a little girl. It’s no surprise that she didn’t have any special skills for her self-defense.

Voice Actor

Japanese – Mariko Mizuno

English – Cristina Valenzuela

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