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Compiling a story and converting it into art is not easy.  Dialogues and scenery matter a lot. It requires extraordinary effort and talent. People who are able to do it, I call them geniuses. Besides being a genius, you need to be a hard worker so you can convert your talent into something great.

Ken Wakui is one of the modern-day geniuses. He is the author of the famous ongoing anime and manga series, Tokyo Revengers.  He has compiled some other great mangas too, which have great premise and plot. Still, Tokyo Revengers is his most well-known and impressive work so far. His other works include Shinjuku Swan, Dessert Eagle, Sekisei Inko, and Abaddon.

We will use Tokyo Revengers as a reference to analyze his work.

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Character Designs

Character designs play a great role in a manga or anime’s success. People these days are very choosy. If they don’t like the character designs, they won’t watch the anime or read the manga even if the story is good. So, it is very important to have good character designs. Anime like Clannad and Code Geass have great stories and are enjoyed by fans. But, some people don’t watch them because of the unusual character designs.

Ken Wakui has a knack for designing some cool and good-looking characters. His characters have a unique personality and their designs are unique as well.

As we can see in Tokyo Revengers, all of the characters, whether they are main characters or supporting, have unique and amazing designs. Hanagaki Takemicchi, Sano Manjiro, Ryuguji Ken, and other characters too have amazing and mesmerizing designs. His characters are mostly based on delinquent and Yakuza, so their character designs have some similarities.

His characters have a charm to them, which attracts the viewers and keeps them hooked to the story.

Ken Wakui

Ken wakui

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Ken Wakui doesn’t like to work with an editor.

The manga won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for the Shonen category in 2020.

Other Manga From Ken Wakui

shinjiku swan

Shinjuku Swan

Published from 2005-2013

Shinjuku Swan was Wakui’s first manga.

Ø  Character Designs and Background

The character designs and the backgrounds are really mesmerizing. It can be seen that Wakui has put a lot of time and effort into it. The expressions of character are realistic and make you feel the emotion with them.

Ø  Plot

Shiratori Tatsuhiko is the main character. He is a failure and wanders around the streets looking for a way to earn some money and survive. One day, he meets Mako who offers him a job to work as a scout and try to recruit ladies for adult entertainment in Tokyo.

He is quite mesmerized by the amount of money he can make with this work and quickly learns the tricks and skills he needs for it. For this purpose, he has to lie and deceive others. He even has to deal with the Yakuza. Despite his work, he has some morals and wants to keep them. But, as time passes it becomes really difficult.

This manga has a Television series adaptation and two live-action movies.

Sekisei Inko

Ø Sekisei Inko

 Published from 2013-2015.

Sekisei Inko is another great manga by Ken Wakui. This manga is about depression, losing yourself, and finding yourself.

Ø  Character Designs and Art Style

The character designs are great and have great detail to them. Some people might get annoyed by the big lips. But, you will get used to it.

Some people might not like the art style but it is quite realistic and enjoyable. The details and emotions expressed are great.

Ø  Plot

The protagonist Kaneda is a young man who is traumatized after he discovers his classmate and friend Hiwako Shima’s body. He is wrecked with trauma-induced amnesia after this. He is later picked up by a mysterious patron who helps him get back his memories as he tries to discover the mystery behind Hiwako’s death.

 To make things more interesting, his memories are in the form of a weird being whose head is shaped like a moon.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is another one of Wakui’s works published from 2015 – 2016.

Abaddon Manga


Another manga by Ken Wakui is Abaddon published from 2009 – 2012.

Character Personas

Character designs are important but what matters the most is character persona. Characters that are loved by the audience are most important. Composing such characters and their progression is really difficult and most authors fail to do so.

Ken Wakui has been doing a great job writing characters that are loved and respected by the audience. Characters like Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken have great progression and development.

Character development has great importance.  For instance, Takemichi and Mikey have great progression throughout the story and their weaknesses and strengths are greatly expressed.

Wakui has quite efficiently expressed character emotions. From Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is one of the best written and explained characters In recent times. His progression and development throughout the manga are exponentially mesmerizing. At first, he is shown to be a strong character, but as the story progresses his mental weakness and inner problems are greatly expressed by Ken Wakui.

Ken wakui

Side characters too have a great persona and character development. Some authors introduce side characters and forget about them, they have no progression at all and are left irrelevant to the story. Wakui, in this matter, has done a great job, as the side characters too have great development and are made relevant to the story through excellent writing skills.

Character relations have been expressed greatly In his works. Character interactions and their feelings for each other greatly represent an author’s abilities. Romantic feelings, anger, revenge, and sympathy, all these emotions greatly influence a story and its progression. Takemichi’s feelings of love for Hinata, friendship with Mikey and Draken influence his actions and his desire to save them. Mikey’s feelings of respect towards Draken have been greatly expressed.

Expressions depicted in the manga are really strong and make you feel the moment. They make you laugh, cry, and get angry with the characters. These emotions are really difficult to express and require a lot of experience and time.


Tokyo Revengers

Though backgrounds and sceneries don’t matter much. Still, fans do love to read mangas with detailed and amazing sceneries. Realistic backgrounds make a manga much more enjoyable as compared to a manga with simple and bland backgrounds.

His first work Shinjuku Swan had quite amazing sceneries as he put a lot of work into them. But, as time progressed, his sceneries became a bit simplistic, and not much detail is put into them now.


Mikey Quotes, Tokyo Revengers Quotes

 It is really important to compose dialogues that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Dialogues express the situation and emotions. They are the fundamentals of a good manga.

Ken Wakui has written some great dialogues in his works that hype up the situation.

Some of his amazing dialogues include:
“Toman belongs to me. As long as I’m standing in the background, no one can lose.” Sano Manjiro
“You don’t have to bow your head. Just have a heart that cares for others.” Draken

Izana can control those under him with fear and absolute certainty. With his reputation, he can get strong fighters to fight for him and respect him. This is shown in their fight against Toman where all of Tenjiku stood by his side.

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