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Koro Sensei had the best lessons, that I personally took away from the Anime. I still to this day apply Koro Sensei (also known as The Reaper) Quotes to my life like, “A true teacher never misses an opportunity to learn.
Koro Sensei Personally had some of the best anime quotes in all of anime Quotes.
Japanese: 暗殺教室 : Ansatsu Kyōshitsu Quotes


Koro Sensei Quotes:

(殺せんせー) Koro-sensē

(koro Sensei while fighting his younger brother Etona. Etona, thought he’d be able to assassinate his brother now, but Koro Sensei, tells him, that the same tricks wouldn’t work this time, because he actually studied them, and that growth is everything, and that he’s been learning and growing himself. In fact, how would he be able to teach students if we wasn’t learning himself.)

Itona says, “I’ve won big brother. I will prove my strength.”
Koro Sensei says,“If this were before the first term, you may very well have killed me. One criticism though, your attack pattern is rather transparent. However fast you are, no matter how strong, no matter how many schemes your guardian thinks up, however prone I am to panic, by our third bout, I can adapt to the idiosyncrasies of your fighting style with ease”
Itona says, “No way it’s not possible.”
Then Koro sensei says

Itona, I study, too you know. How could I teach anyone if I didn’t grow and learn day by day-koro-sensei-quote

2 .This quote is such a great representation of how important practice, and training are.

assassination classroom Quotes. Koro Sensei. 'An assassin who neglects to sharpen his blade is not assassin at all.'

(Koro Sensei says this about yūma isogai. Because he says to his class that he’ll take the blame for getting caught by Asano for doing a part-time job during school, even though he was not allowed to. He didn’t want his classmates to be in trouble for something they didn’t do. But they screamingly and voluntarily disagreed with Isogai, and convinced him to face Asano in a pole topping match, that Asano wanted, as a condition, that if Class 3-E beat Class A in they, that he would not tell the Principal about his part-time job.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Always putting the needs of his classmates ahead of his own-koro-sensei-quote

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4. It’s so true, Masters have been through the same failures, and same hurdles, and that’s what it takes to get mastery. I love this quote, it makes me remember how much work I haven’t even done yet. Everytime I fail, i can think of this quote.

assassination-classroom-quotes-The master has failed more than the novice has tried-koro-sensei-quote

5. “However talented someone is, however gifted or well trained, the world is a mighty big place, there’s always someone better.”
“Talent or not, one person alone can only accomplish so much.”

~Koro Sensei

(Koro Sensei says that to Prince Charming (Yūma Isogai) when he’s scared that he’s not good enough to beat Asano from Class A in their competition for pole toppling.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Talent or not, one person alone can only accomplish so much-koro-sensei-quote-to-yuma-isogai

6. This quote made me realize, that I’m truly not even using all the resources I’ve had in my hands the whole time. The fact that I’ve been given certain advantages in life, but out of spite, and ego I might not have been even using them, and that’s so sad.

assassination-classroom-quotes-Take advantage of what you have, while you have it-koro-sensei-quote

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7. “Failure and Frustration can be wellsprings for growth. Surely this will make them all stronger.”

~Koro Sensei

(Koro Sensei says this at the end of the episode, when he’s sitting on a hill about to eat a delicious snack in silence. He realized this because earlier on his class was reckless and had hurt an old man, while jumping from roof to roof on the way to school. He then actually slapped all his students on the cheek even, because he was so angry with this behavior of theirs. He,  then decided they would not be allowed to study for their midterms for the rest of the 2 weeks, and that they’d have to volunteer, and help the old man’s Nursery home, which lead them to not do so well on their midterms, and ended up looking really bad to Class A.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Failure and Frustration can be wellsprings for growth. Surely this will make them all stronger-koro-sensei-quote

8. “True feelings tend to bubble when under pressure from a big decision, often as not there’s a conflict, but look in the end harmony reigns, because these boys and girls have fought in earnest, they’ve come to see and appreciate one’s true feelings. Sometimes conflict can be the best opportunity to strengthen a friendship.”

(This was during the fight between Nagisa vs. Karma. When they were going to head to head in terms of making a decision on saving Koro sensei, or trying to assassinate him.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-conflict can be the best opportunity to strengthen a friendship-koro-sensei-quote

9. “There is very little significance to the names our parents give us. We don’t choose what we’re called, but we can choose what people come to associate with it.
Names don’t make us who we are. They’re merely a part of what we leave behind as we walk through life– footprints in the sand, That said cherish them, if nothing else, for their potential.”

(Koro sensei is talking to Justice about his name, because he didn’t like that his parents named him that. “Masayoshi Kimura” Being constantly made fun of because of his first name being “Justice,”
Although it is spelled with the general spelling for “Masayoshi”, it actually reads as “Seigi” (which means Justice). So he hated his own name because people would pick on him because of it. But after this quote, Masayoshi is convinced to keep the name just a little longer. ;))

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The Reapers Quotes:

1. “Of Course everyone wants attention, approval. The legendary assassin who’d never shown himself to anyone, At last understood the joy of being seen.”

~The Reaper (Real Koro Sensei)

(This was when Reaper Koro Sensei realized he actually really liked Aguri Yukimara.)

Love Quotes. Assassination Classroom Quotes from  The Reaper Koro Sensei

The tentacles asked what i wanted to be:

2. “To be weak i said… flawed.. vulnerable. To perceive weakness in other, not to exploit, but protect. To be a guide, to be a teacher. Sometimes I’ll be wrong, sometimes my old self will bubble up to the surface, But I’ll give it my all.”

assassination-classroom-quotes-To be weak i said... flawed.. vulnerable-koro-sensei-quote

3. “Then he really understood, her many faults had been part of her charm.”

~Reaper Koro Sensei

(Koro, or when he was the reaper, he realized this, while she was breathing her last few breaths, and dying. While she lay in his arms, he saw all the flaws in her, and exactly why he’d fallen for her. The flaws themselves were the charm. What a realization.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Then he really understood, her many faults had been part of her charm-koro-sensei-quote-the-reaper-quote

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assassination-classroom-quotes-Talent is usually an invisible trait-more often than not

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