35+ AMUSING Zombieland Saga Memes That Will Crack You Up!


Do you also want to get isekai’d and see an apocalypse in the afterlife? We’ve got you covered! Zombieland Saga is about a high school girl, Sakura Minamoto who’s killed instantly in a traffic accident. When she opens her eyes, she’s brought into a whole new world, but as a ZOMBIE! 

However, that’s not the only thing to be surprised about. A producer named, Kotarou Tatsumi forms an idol group called Franchouchou. Sakura and some other girls are members of this girl group. That’s how their adventure begins hilariously! In this blog, you’ll be able to know how comedic Zombieland Saga actually is! So, let’s dig in! 
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Table of Contents

36. When zombies play drums better than humans

Meme 36

That sad moment when zombies play drums better than humans! That’s right our zombie girl group, Franchouchou is better than any other band in the world! 

I can hear that awesome tempo! Seriously guys if you’re into hardcore music and instruments specifically you really need to watch Zombieland Saga! 

35. Real rap X Anime

Anime has everything in it, literally! Whether it’s music, sports, or action! It’s so freaking wholesome that we don’t even need to observe the real world and we find the anime world more interesting!
And as for rapping in the Zombieland saga, it’s dope! You all will go like, EMINEM WHO? We have our best girl who raps the best, Sakura Minamoto! 

34. Different forms of eggs X Sakura Minamoto

Meme 34

We all know how Sakura makes her face when she’s served some real hard-boiled eggs! What type of eggs do you guys like?
Just take a look at that cute pout of Sakura though! She looks so kawaii! right?

33. Just Isekai the Isekai truck-kun

Meme 33

When you’re in danger of getting isekai’d, take this pill and isekai the truck-kun! Anime characters surely need these pills because we can’t just see them suffer like this, especially when your favorite character is on the verge of getting hurt! Or when they’re trying to change their present lives!
So whenever they’re in danger, they should take this pill and isekai the truck-kun into a different world! This meme is one of the most amusing Zombieland Saga Memes!

32. No one: Kotaro: Join my emo band!

Meme 32

Kotaro’s basically their producer who forms the Franchouchou band. The band really seems emo and gives dark vibes! But, the music is nice so, it’s fine! 

Kotaro did his best to form this band so that the girls get distracted in an apocalyptic world and entertain other people as well! The fun fact about the Zombieland saga is that these girls put on certain magical sprays to look more like humans and less like zombies! And that is what makes the show much hilarious. 

31. No one:

Meme 31

30. Haters will say that these two are different pictures

Only haters will say that these two pictures are different! I can’t tell any difference between them since they’re almost of the same context! Just some girls admiring some other girls. *whispers* there’s a little bit of Yuri in Zombieland Saga! If you’re into Yuri, you could give this a go.

29. Perverted producer!

Meme 29

This meme is also one of the most amusing Zombieland Saga memes! The producer Kotaro Tatsumi always gets misunderstood for being a pervert, poor guy! Though by smash it, he means to just rock the floor! This meme just cracks me up very bad!

28. But Zombieland is DOPE!

Meme 28

I’m sure all of the Zombieland Saga fans out there think the same! It’s one of the most interesting anime followed by a unique storyline. So, it’s always making its viewers curious about the backstories of the characters as well. And honestly, It’s one of the best Idol anime as well! Therefore, you guys should really give this anime a chance.

27. Our energetic Proudcer be like:

Meme 27

I can literally hear this image! what about you guys? We might make fun of the producer but he’s a good man with good intentions, his energy is endless! Imagine how patient he would be for being able to handle the zombie girls?

26. Halloween Party be like:

Meme 26

Imagine having an apocalypse on Halloween! You won’t be able to differ normal people from zombies. Damn, that sounds catastrophic! It will be a huge disaster since people will be killing other people instead of actual zombies! We all know how fastly is the world progressing especially in creating unrealistic effects through special makeup techniques and etc!

25. Just Kotaro Tatsumi things

Meme 25

I mean, everyone’s too lazy to move an inch since they’ve become zombies but then there’s the producer Kotaro Tatsumi with endless energy! He’d do all of the above things to get the bag out of the stupid vending machine!

24. The bad scent hits different

Meme 24

Is there any scent that makes your facial expressions similar to Sakura’s? For me, it’s the scent that has a very strong taste or aroma! It just hits your nose differently!

23. Zombieland Saga ft. best facial expressions

Meme 23

We see some good facial expressions very rarely in a serious anime, and Zombieland saga is one of them. YES! It is serious at times but their facial expressions surely crack you up!

22. Bad CGI animations are such a turn-off

Meme 22

You know when you’re liking an anime but then you see the poor animation. it’s such a heart-rending moment, right? I mean, why does the world have to be so unfair?!

21. Me X Zombieland Saga

Meme 21

I totally get why some people are so obsessed with idols! I understand all of the Zombieland Saga fans out there! Like, such a great band with a good skill-set must be appreciated!

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20. Sakura Minamoto is the best spooky girl!

Meme 20

Get yourself a girl who can be a part-time idol and a zombie! Sounds wholesome, right? And without a freaking doubt, Sakura Minamoto has everything it takes to be the best Spooky girl! 

19. How to increase your social status at school

meme 19

By making a T-pose you can assert your dominance and increase your social status at school, if you’re a total loner, give it a try!

18. Beware of Lilly!

Meme 18

That panic moment when you find out that there’s a zombie apocalypse outside! That calm moment when it’s just the Zombieland girls with cute make-up on, almost like humans! That major panic moment when Lilly is going to eat your brain no matter what! 

17. Me studying the night before exams

Meme 17

That’s going to be me when my exams will draw near and near! Do you guys relate to this meme?

16. You don't tell me what to do!

Meme 16

And at this point, the driver knew that he messed up!

15. If you know what I mean

Meme 15

I told you guys the producer isn’t like that at all! HAHA! By the way, this meme is also one of the most amusing Zombieland Saga Memes!

14. Zombieland Saga HITS different

Meme 14

If you know, then you know!

13. Me when the waiter asks how's my food?

Meme 13

It’s like you don’t want to offend the other person but you also don’t want to stay as the nice guy as well! So, it’s a bittersweet relation.

12. Hello Eren from Zombieland Saga and hello Kotaro from AOT

Meme 12

I don’t see any difference between the two of them. They both are super hot, especially with their long hair!

11. That sad moment when:

Meme 11

That sad moment when you’re trying to start a new life and some disaster happen!

10. Zombieland Saga has the perfect rap battle in it!

Meme 10

Can you guys imagine two Lollis having a rap battle? That’d be so cute! I mean, just look at them. They’re so wholesome. 

9. Eminem X Sakura Minamoto

Meme 9

Haters are going to hate! But look at that tasty Netflix Adaptation of Sakura Minamoto! 

8. Moments before disaster

Meme 8

Who knew that Sakura was going to get isekai’d? Not me! Here I thought that she was going to start a new life and live happily. 

7. Sakura's eggscellent!

Meme 7

You all should know about the egg reference in Zombieland Saga! 

6. What would stupid people do?

Meme 6

The stupid people will starve rather than making any food since they’re super lazy! 

5. Profile pictures are always wonderful as compared to the tagged ones

Meme 5

Isn’t that absolutely right? I don’t know why people are so inconsiderate when they upload t your ugly pictures and then have the audacity to tag you! 

4. When the girls turned back into zombies

Meme 4

That’s how the makeup of the zombie girls came off when they jumped into the pool! 

3. When my friends ask me for anime recommendations

meme 3

We all are experts at this! Just shove your current favorite anime in your friends’ faces! 

2. Just girlfriend things

meme 2

*sad noises* for those who are single as hell! 

1. Tae Yamada = Perfection

meme 1

Who else loves Tae Yamada? The legendary Tae Yamada is absolute perfection! 


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