7+ Powerful Zeref Dragneel Quotes (HQ Images)

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Zeref Loneliness Quotes

  1. Zeref had a such a sad circumstance. I can’t imagine living life the way he did. Anything he loved basically would crumble and die, so he had to actually stay away from everything and anything that he loved.

To Mavis Vermillion

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-the world rejects me

2. Zeref literally can’t be allowed to love his own brother, Natsu. Because if he gets too close to him, then I believe Natsu might die.

To Nature,

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-its not as though i want to steal anyones life. i want to see you soon natsu

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3. This is where he decides, that maybe he’ll go the other way. Instead of liking, and loving, he’ll go towards hate, because love wasn’t working out for him.

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-if the world continues to reject me-then i shall reject the world

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Zeref Evil Quotes

  1. This is when Zeref was first introduced.

To Ultear Milkovich,

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-I see... so you people are the Apple of discord here. It's sad, how you've managed to anger me

2. He basically says, that humanity was the reason him and Acnologia were summoned. That the only ones to blame are humans themselves.

To Hades, Rustyrose, and Kain Hikaru

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotesIt is people like you who carved me into existence. It is wicked thoughts like yours that summoned Acnologia, heralding the end of this age. No one can stop it now. The world will be finished here

3. This is quite a savage quote. You can truly the hate Zeref carries within himself here.

To Hades,

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-trash that doesnt even know its trash deserves to fall into abyss

4. I wonder what Zeref had been doing this whole time when he was away from his kingdom and away from fighting with Fairy tail. How would you pass time if you were him?

To himself

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again

5. Zeref is such a torn soul. Poor guy doesn’t know what to do.. I can’t imagine being him to be honest

To Mavis Vermillion

zeref-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-I've lived for many centuries and watched the rise and fall of different ages. People hate and evil causes conflict, but I'm looking forward to a new age that will purify all of this

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