ALL Your Lie in April Characters' Zodiac Signs! (Find Yours!)

"The piano is meant to be played like you're embracing it, right?" ~ Kousei Arima

Your lie in april zodiac signs


(March 21- April 19)
Birth Dates
Ryouko Miyazono

Ryouko Miyazono

Birthday: March 22nd (Fictional)

Ryouko is Kaori’s mother. She is a very kind person who loves her daughter more than anything. 

Like most of the Aries, she is optimistic, finds ways to smile, and have fun in the most desperate situations.

Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima

Birthday: March 28th

Kousei is the protagonist of this anime. He is one of the most talented pianists in all of Japan. He hit a slump after he lost his mother and didn’t touch a piano for almost two years. The one who saved him and brought him back into the world of music is Kaori.

Kousei is kind of a loner. Not very sociable, naïve and sometimes oblivious, he has a hard time understanding the feelings of others.

Ryota Watari

Ryouta Watari

Birthday: April 14th

Ryouta is one of the MCs of this movie. Captain of the football team, he is a charismatic and cheerful person.

He is very popular and kind of a playboy. His type of girls are the kawaii ones and he even had a thing for Kaori.

Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza

Birthday: April 20th

Nagi is a pianist as well. She wanted to develop her skills under Hiroko Seto but changed her mind after meeting Kousei and she became his first apprentice.

Under her mature appearance, she hides a childish personality that very much describes Aries and she is a very persistent individual. Her role model is her brother, you can say that she developed a strong brother complex over time.


(April 20 - May 21)
Nao Kashiwagi

Nao Kashiwagi

Birthday: April 25th (Fictional)

Nao is Tsubaki’s friend. Her extreme honesty makes her a person without any filter that will throw the truth on you regardless of the place or people around you. She also has a thing for BL novels.

Her bluntness makes her a Taurus for sure.

Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza

Birthday: : May 13th (Fictional)

Takeshi is a very straightforward person. He doesn’t bother to hide or sugarcoat his feelings. If he dislikes or hates you, he will say it to your face as he did with Kousei. As a fellow pianist, he holds mixed feelings towards him, one is admiration and the other is jealousy.

Like we said before, honesty is a strong characteristic of Taurus making him one as well.

Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe

Birthday: May 19th

Tsubaki is a bit of a feminist. She is also a very defensive person who is always there to rescue her friends when they are in need. She is a very caring individual that will put the benefits of others before her own.

Her strong personality is one of the main qualities of people under the Taurus sign.


(May 21 - June 21)
Hiriko Seto

Hiroko Seto

Birthday: June 3rd (Fictional)

Hiroko was a close friend of Kousei’s mother and stayed by her side during her sickness. She is also a respected and renowned pianist with overwhelming talent.

She is an enthusiastic person who stands out a lot. She is also very sensitive and her sensitivity comes out in her exquisite plays.


(June 22- July 21)
Birth Dates
Kaori Miyazano

Kaori Miyazono

Birthday: July 4th

Kaori is the second protagonist. She is a violinist of the highest caliber. She was Kousei’s savior and the one who brought back colors into his life.

She is a remarkable woman. Strong, independent, aggressive when needed and on top of it all, she is beautiful. A free spirit bound by nothing, not even techniques. She plays her violin as her heart desires.


(July 23 - August 22)
Birth Dates
Yoshiyuki miyazono

Yoshiyuki Miyazono

Birthday: July 24th (Fictional)

Yoshiyuki is Kaori’s father. Kind-hearted and very protective toward his daughter, his ultimate act of bravery was accepting his daughter’s wish to go through a life-threatening surgery.


(July 23 - August 22)
Birth Dates
emi igawa

Emi Igawa

Birthday: August 31th (Fictional)

Emi is one of Kousei’s rivals. Always putting on a poker face at all times, her emotions only come out when she is behind a piano.

Her cold personality is what determines her as a Virgo


Akira Takayanagi

Birthday: September 14th (Fictional)

Like a lot of Virgo’s, Akita can be described as a shallow person. He is Takeshi Aiza’s Sensei and the only person that bests him in terms of skills and talent is Kousei.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


(January 20 - February 18 )
Birth Dates
Saki Arima

Saki Arima

Birthday: February 9th (Fictional

Saki Arima was a famous pianist. She is also Kousei’s mother. Before her death, she was the one who pushed her son to follow in her footsteps and imposed her style onto him.

She was a very strict person who only tolerates perfection, a trait very distinctive for people under the Aquarius sign. She was mentally abusing her son and pressuring him when he started his career. Although this sounds horrible to her, all her actions came from a place of love.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays
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Your Lie In April

These were some zodiacs of Your Lie in April, I hope you guys enjoyed and got your favourite chaarcter as your zodiac twin. Do let us know in the comment which character did you get! 

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Your Lie in April is the number one slice of life movie of all time. It made us cry, it broke our hearts but we still love it.

Each one of us could relate to a least one of the characters’ struggles and as they overcame it gave us a sense of relief.

This is a list of our favorite characters’ zodiac signs, enjoy!

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