Is Tenten Metal Lee’s Mother? (Surprising 3rd Theory) Naruto Theory


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We’ve gathered all the Theories in 2019 on Who Metal Lee’s mother could be.. #1 Is Tenten Metal Lee’s mother? #2 Someone else married to Rock Lee #3.. no mom?

Theory #1 Tenten is married to Rock Lee

Point #1 Now Tenten did care for Rock Lee, and it is shown in the anime where Tenten would give Rock Lee a lot of care and attention. For example when Neji died, and how Tenten paid a lot of attention to Rock Lee. These two as a couple do make a lot of sense, more than some of the other couples that came to be like Choji and his wife for one.


Point #2 Another situation was when Tenten fought Temari, and ended up losing. But as she was blown away from the midst of battle. Rock lee came and ended up catching her in his arms.


Point #3 Also, another suggestive piece of evidence is the END CREDITS. Where you see a lot of couples all together:  Rock Lee and Tenten are actually seen to be together, and if you look beside them you see Sai and Ino together.


If you let the credits roll, then you also end up seeing Sasuke and Sakura together. Being suggestive that Rock Lee and Tenten just be might be husband and wife.


Point #4 The people that Rock Lee is seen to be most hanging out with is Guy Sensei or Tenten. Also if you recall in the series Tenten was also always supportive to Rock Lee, when he would be down, being negative & doubting his own abilities.

Point #5 Also the time Metal Lee vs. Shikadai Naru. When these two were having a fight, and Shikadai would pull his shuriken and weapons out there would be a dragon that would appear behind Metal Lee This is indicative of The rising twin dragons that happen to appear when tenten uses her attack.


These are Tenten’s Rising Twin Dragons attack:


Hence, whey Metal Lee is probably good at using kunai knives and Shuriken.

Point #6 Metal Lee’s eyes are completely in line with a combination of Rock Lee and Tenten. Here’s what I mean. Rock Lee’s eyes are completely circular, but not Metal Lee’s. His eyes have more of a shape, kind of like Tenten’s.


Theory #2 Not Tenten, but someone else is married to Rock Lee

Point #1 In an interview with Kishimoto, he said, “I have a few characters in mind. So there’s a huge possibility that Tenten is not Metal’s mother.”
Now this is a straight declination of Tenten being Metal Lee’s mother and Rock Lee’s wife. It seems Kishimoto doesn’t plan to make the obvious happen.
When Naruto became Hokage, Tenten and Metal Lee were not even standing close to each other.


Why does Kishimoto want to hide Metal Lee’s mother so badly?
Will his mother play a key role at a turning point in the series?

This is a script form Chapter to IN Konoha Hiden, Tenten Declaring that “she’s never cared for Romance or Femininity.”

Script from In Konoha Hiden, chapter two

What was bothering her? The truth was, she already knew the answer.
“Marriage, huh…well it’s a nice thing…”
Tenten exhaled, leaning against one of the stakes. Her hands silently played with one of the kunai she’d collected.

This was what had been bothering her. Naruto and Hinata were getting married. It was a happy occasion.
Tenten herself had always been getting caught up in thinking about shuriken or kunai or flying guillotines, so she’d never had a boyfriend. 
She lived her life without any thoughts for romance or femininity. Hearing about someone close to her getting married suddenly made one 
disturbing thought fly into Tenten’s mind and refuse to leave from morning until night, it was always Ninja Weaponry, Ninja Weaponry, 
Ninja Weaponry… Was it really okay for a young woman to be like that?
On that note, the most recent feeling of ‘love at first sight’ for Tenten had been for the flying guillotine. She only had to hear the 
weapon’s name before deciding she liked it, and then gone and bought it. But well, how could she not?

Point #2 If Tenten doesn’t marry Rock Lee, then who else is actually close-enough to Rock Lee.
Kiba and Choji ended up lovers of side characters, which leaves us to interpret that Rock Lee can also be married to a side character. Choji ended up marrying Karui, who’s actually from Team Samui, the 4th Raikage’s personal squad, from the Hidden Cloud village (Kumogakure).


Point #3 “Comes in Azami!”
The girl who is closest to Rock Lee other than Tenten is Azami. She was the granddaughter of Chen, the legendary taijutsu master, and a jōnin of Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha).


If you remember watching this episode Chen was a lot like Rock Lee in many ways, he initially couldn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu either. Hence, he concentrated and focused on becoming a master of Taijutsu. But unfortunately, he was said, to have died in the 3rd Shinobi War, but actually had not.


This once, when Rock Lee, along with Tenten and Naruto came to Chen’s grave to pay respects to him. But they ended up finding out he was alive from his granddaughter Azami! She told them that he was still alive.

Lee took Chen on as his master after seeing his Taijutsu prowess for himself, specifically the secret technique called, “Leaf Dragon God” (episode 312).

He was so powerful that later on Kabuto stole his DNA, and resurrected him. Hence, why he was said to be on par with Guy sensei in terms of skills.

Once resurrected, Rock Lee and Chen had a battle. Where Rock Lee manages to defeat him.

Due to this common love for Taijutsu, and respect for another teacher of Rock Lee, Chen. It is assumed that rock Lee and Azami (Chen’s granddaughter) would bump into each other, as they’d both be going to pay respects to Chen.

The only other person then being close to Rock Lee, and stands to be a side character. …. Azami!

Therefore, Azami’s most likely to be Rock Lee’s wife, if not Tenten.

Theory #3 Metal Lee doesn’t have a mom

What if Kishimoto has been so hidden about Metal Lee’s mom because it could be, that it is to be revealed that Metal Lee doesn’t have a mom?

But then some would say that Metal Lee and Rock Lee look like each other a lot. So how’s that possible?

It’s possible because they could be potentially from the same clan! What?

But the only two remaining members of this clan are now Rock Lee and Metal Lee.

Point #1 Yes, there is a clan called “Lee Clan” in the Hidden Leaf village (Konohagakure). It is a clan that was referenced by Narutopedia as well. In fact, in the 4th shinobi World War, there was seen to be another member named “Pac Lee” that was spotted on the battlefield. This can be seen in Ep. 20 of Naruto Shippuden: Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles.


Point #2 At Metal Lee’s parent-teacher meeting, and also when Metal Lee was injured, his mother was not to be seen anywhere. How can a mother, unless away on missions not be there for a son.

This leads us to believe, that he must not have a mother, otherwise, we would’ve heard something about her involvement with his calamities, and circumstances at some level by this point.

Which Side are you on?? Make your Choice:

Who do you think is Metal Lee's Mother?

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7 thoughts on “Is Tenten Metal Lee’s Mother? (Surprising 3rd Theory) Naruto Theory

  1. Y
    Yeetodorito says:

    I personally think that Azami could be married to Rock Lee, but it was TenTen who had Metal Lee, but felt too focused on ninja training and missions to care for him, so therefore, TenTen is sad she isn’t married, but gets to watch Metal Lee grow up when she gave him to Azami and Rock Lee.

  2. D
    David says:

    Don’t forget that that not everyone in the village is a ninja, and not all ninjas make it back. There’s a chance the metal’s mother was actually just a typical villager who just never was important, or she died on a mission.

  3. Frank says:

    Kishimoto DID WRITE Azami she was filler for the anime only there for she can’t be with Rock Lee as she non-canon. And yes it is Tenten that is the mother.

  4. J
    Jen says:

    If Tenten is Metal Lee’s mother, I’m literally gonna stop watching everything Kishimoto made. I hated the fact that Neji died, and I’ve always been a NejiTen shipper, so that’s just plain upsetting. It she ends up being Metal’s mother, that’s basically Kishimoto killing off Neji for a very bad reason (and his death could have easily been avoided), then shipping Rock Lee with Tenten. He mentioned in an interview if Neji had lived, he and Tenten would be together. Sadly, he had to die.

    • Ernie says:

      I know Neji was GOAT for sure. Everybody def not happy about his death. Who else could be his wife though Jen, you know?

    • Frank says:

      Tenten never love Neji that way most of this “ship” moments where filler for the anime ONLY Kishimoto did not write the filler for the anime there for it not canon. Most of the Rock Lee moments where in the manga. Tenten was for Rock Lee.

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