19+ ANIME Where MC Is OP (Overpowered) and Surprises Everyone

Top 20 Anime Where MC Is Strong From The Start And Surprises Everyone

We all love anime in which the main character is a powerhouse. The main character would keep the full powers a secret! This holding back causes a lot of curiosity too. We have also seen instances where the main character is transported into another world and turns into a total badass.

So, we are going to focus on  Top 20 Anime Where MC Is Strong From The Start And Surprises Everyone When He Shows His Powers. Let’s get it, my ninjas!

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20. Kogarashi from Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

At the number 20th spot, we have Kogarashi from Yuragi-Sou No Yuuna-San. From the looks, he looks like a super tough teenager with rough hair and appearance. Despite looking all rowdy, he has a rather kind personality. Kogarashi only loses his coolness when someone he cares about is getting hurt. Well, that’s the story with all of the MCs, right? Ain’t nothing new!

So, that’s where he usually reveals his spiritual powers. Kogarashi has the most exciting spirit abilities when it comes to actual combat. We have seen him surprising us a bunch of times. Mainly when he gets possessed by ‘Yuuna’ who is a ghost in the series, his power, strength, speed, and mental ability far exceeds most of the characters in that series. Kogarashi is a total BADASS!

19. Yuliy from Sirius the Jaegar

Yuliy is tall, slim, blue-eyed, and blue hair with a white extension upfront. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background, Yuliy is a half-human and half Jaeger, In other words, a beast. So what makes Yuliy a candidate for our competitive list? And I’m going to warn you, Yuliy isn’t our usual cookie-cutter MC, he’s a OG one.

So, right from the start, Yuliy is an overpowered character, and the moment he revealed his Jaeger blood, things for INTERESTING! Being a werewolf, Yuliy has some superhuman strengths and senses. Once he goes berserk, you can’t make him calm down, and that’s seen throughout in the anime itself on multiple instances.

Having a blood lusty and powerful character on our list was a must that makes Yuliy one of the best-overpowered characters who can surprise anyone at any time.

18. Seiya from The Hero is Overpowered but Cautious

If you’ve watched the hero is cautious, you know from the start what sort of a character Seiya has. A cocky guy who knows what he’s capable of. Throughout the anime, Seiya has been dominating each and every opponent that comes to him. Yeah, whether its in bed or in combat, this guy is a straight gangsta!

The main reason for that is the fact that Seiya is always self-reflecting on his powers and strengths. Even if he’s overpowered, he’s training every time to make sure that he has a 100% probability of winning the battles. By evolving more and more, he gets stronger, which makes him a totally overpowered character right from the start. 

Another aspect of Seiya that we’d like to mention is that he never loses. Part of the reason is his overwhelming strength, but there’s a catch. Seiya is also the strongest when it comes to his mentality. He will train more and more to become crazy powerful that results in his benefit.


17. Ren Homura from Monster Strike

The anime adaption of an RPG game ‘Monster Strike.” is jam-packed with action and a series of badass MC moments. Ren Homura has just moved back to his hometown – doesn’t remember much about it anyways. He has some flashbacks from time to time. After shifting to the hometown, Ren finds a mysterious game with the name ‘Monster Strike’, and he decides to play the game. YES! the fantasy we all had as a kid just came true in this one.

After getting transported into the game, he is totally stuck with the RPG. DAMN, surely sounds like a dream. In theory, the game works by summoning monsters, and each play has a unique monster. Unlike others, Ren has the Dragon Oregon who is literally one of the most overpowered monster in the series. So, in other words, everyone is ready to get their ass kicked.

In anime, Ren is shown to be quite overpowered by the fact that he has constantly surprised us with his overpowered dragon and expert tactics in battles. I repeat, it’s all about the strategy!

16. Kufa from Assassins Pride

Kufa is a half-human and half-vampire belonging to the most elite class of monsters. One of the main characters from the series, this guy SLAYS!

Appearance wise, Kufa’s is a tall guy with dark purple hair. But when he turns into the vampire form, he’s the ladies’ dream. The hair changes to white and his eyes contain a blue glow. That’s when you know it’s LET LOOSE time!

Being half-human and half-vampire, his strength is often misjudged. Even though he’s been mostly holding back, once his vampire form takes place, no one gets out alive. On the other hand, Kufa has also shown a soft side as well. As Melida’s tutor, he went through extensive training to make sure that his pupils don’t get into any sort of trouble.

But oh boy, all in all, Kufa has surprised us a lot of time which makes him a pretty badass MC from time to time.

15. Kanata Age from Sky Wizard Academy

Kanata Age is on our list. Also known as “Black Master Swordsman”, we can just guess how powerful of a character he might be. 


Personality-wise, Kanata cares for his friends and would give them jobs they won’t do to make them surpass their limits in a challenging way. Yeah, talk about “CARING,” this is absurd.


As an instructor of a team that lost 100 matches consecutively, he had a lot of work to do throughout the series. We get to see Kanata’s most badass moves that left everyone in shock. But the most exciting power we are going to talk about is “Black Aura


Black Aura is a power that he has used a couple of times in the anime but it is super strong. This power gives him a boost in every single way it can. He was able to beat chimera ant and beetles with a single strike. These enemies were causing troubles and our protagonist, Kanata came in and portrayed this power that gave people jaw drop.


14. Hayato Kisaragi from Hundred

At number 14, we have Hayato Kisaragi from Hundred. A guy who would give his all to solve other problems. He is a kind-hearted warm person but at the same time well trained and a strong one, as seen in the Anime. Damn, that’s one in a hundred. Get it? 
The whole point of him fighting in the Anime and becoming a slayer was getting her sister’s treatment for free. Hayato’s reason for kindness is his dark past that was shown throughout the anime. But as we are going to talk about his badass powers where he left everyone in shock, we are going to do that. I mean, I just can’t ignore the fact that Hayato Kisaragi is a wholesome one, but a BADASS on top of it.
Being an overpowered badass, he has a lot of techniques in his arsenal. But the one that we think is the most impact worthy in the whole series is called “Zaneizan”. This technique was taught to Hayato by his childhood master ‘Ryusei’.
The power allows him to cut any material that comes in the way. His sword would cause vibration and then amplifying it up to three times by the second strike, making it an overpowered move.

13. Amagiri Ayato from The Asterisk War

At number 13, we have Amagiri Ayato. A character who is trying to find the purpose of his life. He has a respectful and polite personality that everyone seems to love. Yo, that’s me!

Ayato’s family has a dojo in which they teach some ancient techniques to fight when the time of disasters would come. Ayato also respected his older sister very much and swore to protect her by any means. But one day she disappeared all of a sudden.

Before disappearing, she put a seal on Ayato that would prevent him from using all of his powers unless he trained himself and unlocked those powers all by himself. Well, that’s hard work for ya!

Ayato managed to break the seals and throughout the story, we get to see a handful of techniques used by him.

As a sword fighter, he knows a lot of techniques in battle. From one sword style to double sword extreme, his powers have no limits. But we are going to talk about a particular one that left everyone in shock. That power is called “Shiki”

What’s crazy is that he can even detect invisible things and actually fight with them. 

12. Teito Klien from 07 Ghost

At number 12, we have Teito Klien from 07 Ghost. Teito’s childhood was rather happy and pure-hearted until the war broke out. His memories were erased and he was made a slave who will fight till the end.

A 15-year-old boy who had to see so much in life, that’s sad. Even though he had a sad past, he still wouldn’t budge and decided not to show his emotions to anyone as crying is of no use. During the exam, he showed extraordinary skills that are worth mentioning in this video.

Teito’s ability is called “Zaiphon” and he can manipulate this ability to surpass his limits. We have seen variations of his powers throughout the season. But his abilities made everyone vary from him.

At the academy, he became the top graduate of his class as his powers were unrivaled by any other student. Using his Zaiphon, he can legit destroy his enemies, or even make a shield that is strong enough to save a big number of people at the same time.

Moreover, we’ve also seen him flying by using his zaiphon powers. In addition to this power, his hand to hand combat is strong enough to make everyone jaw drop or dislocate it at least. He has killed many monsters using none but his own combat powers that left everyone in shock.

Considering all these plus points, Teito is one of the coolest characters on our list today.

11. Ando Jurai from When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Moving on to the number 11, we have Andou July, Ando Jurai, or July Andou. Whatever you want to call him. He is a high school student, considered to be very flashy and sometimes stupid. Unlike most other main characters, Jurai is energetic and edgy most of the time.
Talking about his powers, it is called “Dark and Dark”. The power to manipulate flames from his right hand. Now, at first, the power was considered to be completely useless most of the time but at some point in the plot, he blew everyone’s mind (We will get to that in a moment).
The evolved power of Dark and Dark is called “Dark and Dark of the End”. Unlike the previous, non-ignitable, and bland powers, this literally put anything on fire. The enemies, objects, anything is engulfed by the dark flames. Damn, a lot of Darks are involved in the series though.

10. High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World

Choyoyu or High School Prodigies Have it Easy even in another world is an Isekai Anime where an airplane accident happens to have 7 high school students in it. When they wake up, they find themselves in the middle of a magical world. Beautiful, isn’t it? On the first look, we thought that these high school kids won’t survive an era with no modern tech – just a kingdom run by guilds and magic.

But, to our surprise, these kids are the high school prodigies and they don’t even break a sweat. Well, with the story aside, let’s talk about our Main Character which is “Tsukasa Mikogami”. Tsukasa is the reason Choyoyu is on our list today. 

Due to his genius intellect, Tsukasa is the prime minister of Japan at a relatively young age. Like, C’mon, do you think a high school student will be able to run a whole of Japan? Aside from that, he is also running the high school club called Seven Prodigies.  

So what makes Tsukasa an overpowered Isekai main character? Tsukasa has the best deduction and planning skills out of all the seven prodigies. The power to be always correct is something only an overpowered Isekai character would possess. So in short, Tsukasa’s intelligence is what made him worthy of being on our list today. 

9. Yuto Suoh from The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

Yuto Suoh is another overpowered Isekai Anime character. The Anime has a twisted story where Yuto takes a picture of him in front of a mirror and he is suddenly transported to another world. And that world – far different from modern technology. 
The world is full of war and there’s no peace. Yuto is invited to the Wolf clan who deeply cared for him. In return for the generosity, Yuto gives his help in modernizing the clan with his high school knowledge to become more advanced. 
Even if Yuto is an ordinary high school, he proves himself to be quite useful by copying the knowledge of various historical commanders he was taught in high school. As genius as he is, Yuto does make a great commander. But what actually surprised us was the fact that Yuto can be quite dangerous sometimes. 
After winning the war against Horn Clan, he decided to BURN the captain of that clan. Isn’t that pretty crazy? Due to the overpowered character and ruthless attitude, Yuto makes a great addition to our list.

8. Taichi Nishimura from Isekai Cheat Magician

Not your fantasy Isekai Anime, Cheat Magician has a great story and awesome characters. Taichi Nishimura is the MC of this anime who gets transported into another world suddenly. Upon the transfer, he is given an overwhelming power, making Taichi the most overpowered character of that series. 
The huge magical abilities turn him into an overpowered beast and enemies? He just obliterates them throughout the series. Cassim and Remia find out that he has magical potential and he ends up getting into a team with them.
Talking about Taichi’s powers, he is equipped with some of the most dangerous moves in that fantasy world. Having expertise in all 4 magic properties, he can summon spirits and control them to his liking. 
Isekai Cheat Magician is a prime example of how overpowered anime characters can dominate most of the Isekai world. 

7. Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

I remember waiting for a whole week for this Anime to surface up. Satoru Mikami or Rimuru Tempest, is the protagonist of this anime. Satoru dies and gets turned into a slime. To his surprise, he forms a pact? Or maybe he’s the friend with Veldora Tempest who one of the strongest beings in that Isekai world. 
Having all the properties of Veldora, Rimuru becomes the most powerful entity when it comes to the plot. His ability to absorb the enemies and then use their powers for his own benefits is probably one of the best skills he’s got there.
The transition from Rimuru thinking that he’s the weakest to the world’s strongest is the best feeling you’ll ever get, won’t it? Well, Rimuru is quite happy with his powers too.
Rimuru builds his own guild to remove all the evil from that fantasy world and the rest is history. All in all, Rimuru makes one of the best overpowered Isekai Anime characters out there.

6. Shizuma Toyohisa from Drifters

One of my personal favorite Isekai anime has been Drifters. Too bad it won’t be returning but by the makers of Hellsing, this Anime has the potential to easily be one of the best Isekai series out there. The series revolves around Shizuma Toyohisa who died in the year 1600. When he is transported to the new world, he is badly injured and is invited to Nobunaga and Nasa’s hideout where his wounds get treated.
Nasa and Nobunaga are elves struggling to help other elves. As Shizuma is an overpowered character with a man of limitless abilities, he easily makes up his mind to help the elves. What makes this anime interesting from the bunch is the fact that Shizauma had the same power in real life and in the isekai world.
The whole series revolves around having a war with humans to protect elves and the creators have done a great job in doing so. Shimazu Toyohisa makes a totally badass overpowered Isekai Anime character.

5. Diablo from How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

Have you ever dreamt of being the main character of your most favorite game? Well, Diablo in this case had, and he actually got transported into his favorite MMORPG game. Becoming the demon lord in his most playable game, Diablo has an interesting story.
For a bit of a background, our main character’s name is Takuma and not diablo. He is summoned into the game by two girls to make him a servant of them. However, the spell is “MISSPELLED”? And the results – the exact opposite. Rem and Shera are the two girls who were summoned. The spell turns upside down and now those two are Takuma’s servants.
Takuma is known as the demon lord “Diablo” in the game and using his overwhelming powers he always beats all of the enemies that come in his way. On the other hand, he is always holding back his destructive powers as there’s no need to get worked up to kill a bunch of weaklings.
Talking about Diablo’s strengths he has a ton of working skills such as “The Ebony Abyss”, “Distorted Crown”, “Call of Darkness”, and the list goes on. What we can guarantee is the fact that Diablo is the most overpowered character in this series. 

4. Harutora Tokyo Ravens

Harutora from the Tokyo Ravens is on number 4. He has a kind personality that everyone seems to love. However, he can sometimes be clueless as he fails to get the feelings of many girls that would fall for him, occasionally. 

In the Anime, to make sure that Harutora lives a stable life, his father sealed away his powers at a very early stage. But this really made him suffer as he couldn’t use his powers initially. Even at the most stressful times when his friends were being defeated inside the academy, he would lose to the opponents.

But at some point in anime, he awakened his powers and really made everyone so surprised. After awakening his powers, he dealt with the Seishuku temple single-handedly which his friends were having problems with.

As the story progressed, his knowledge about Imperial Magic Style increased, making him the most powerful character of the series.

3. Yuma from World Trigger

Probably the most exciting MC on the list is Yuma Kuga. He’s a neighbor which means he’s half-human and half humanoid. Yuma is totally overpowered throughout the series. Everyone would think of him as a pushover and a rather weak character. At the same time, he would do something exciting enough to have everyone’s attention and he’d constantly gain recognition and popularity.

As a neighbor, he doesn’t know much about Japanese culture as he is from another world. His personality is logical and would work with logic, though calm at the same time.

Talking about his powers and oh boy, they never end. From combat to the most powerful technique, he had surprised and intrigued everyone in the border staff and even some of the strongest villains.

His most prominent and strongest power is his Black Trigger. The primary power of his black trigger is to create seals that would help him in combat, boosting his physical and mental strength to the level that even A-Rank agents wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

Both defensive and aggressive, his black trigger can also aid him in taking some attacks with no damage. The side effect of his black trigger gave him the power to detect lies. That’s why he can be rather dangerous even for his own allies.

Yuma Kuga has excellent battle strength and is a beast in terms of combat. Totally worth putting him on our list.


2. Nagisa Kiryu Classroom Crisis

Nagisa Kiryu is our protagonist for this Anime. Unlike other Animes where the character surprises others with his battle strength or physical power, Nagisa is rather mentally strong. His mental strength is known to be rather dangerous in the plot.
In the plot, he joins Kirishina Corps, a company who he would take to sky-high success. By the orders of Kiryu Yuuji, who is the current vice president of Kirishina Corps, Nagisa is trying to disband A-Tec. But he backfires Kiryu by his super-strong brains and by playing mind games that no one was expecting.
Throughout the Anime, Nagisa is very professional and strategic. However, at some point, he is captured by Yuji and is thrown into a rocket to die. 
At the end of the anime, he still didn’t lose hope but he just resigned from Kirishina and went back to Japan to start his new company.
A perfect display of professionalism and how you should never give up. Nagisa has the ultimate power of a strong mindset.

1. Satou Pendragon from Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Boy oh boy, this one is going to be rather interesting. A 29-year-old game programmer finds himself in the middle of an RPG game that was going to be released just the next day. In-game, he becomes a 15-year-old boy named Satou Pendragon.
At first, he thinks that he’s dreaming. However, when he feels that he is sane, things get exciting. A 15-year-old in an RPG game. What do you expect? He wipes out a whole lizard army with the powerful attacks he possesses and Satou becomes a high-level adventurer. The whole anime is filled with action-packed adventure where Satou literally obliterates the enemy by making them think that he’s an ordinary person. 
Satou hides his level so that he can live peacefully. But like any other Isekai anime, there’s a demon king as well. Satou gears himself to fight the demon king and the results are rather interesting.
Death March is another anime where the main character is pretty powerful – even though he tries to hide it all the time. 

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