5+ EMOTIONAL Wendy Marvell Quotes

Here are some emotional Wendy Marvell anime Quotes you’ll all love. This list is short because Wendy has less quotes than the other characters. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy the quotes here, and we’ve attached some good pictures for you… Some quotes talk about pain, others about inspiration.. If there are some we missed feel free to comment and let us know which ones, and we’ll make them for you… and without further ado..

  1. It’s so true because without fear we would never have the chance to to know our strength. Our bravery can only really be truly shown when we are confronted with real fear.
wendy-marvell-quotes-bravery that awakens when youre being consumed by fear-fairy-tail-quotes

2. True loyalty is represented by Wendy here in this quote.

To Bickslow,

wendy-quotes-marvell-quotes-Abandoning... abandoning a friend is unthinkable-fairy-tail-quotes

3. Again, I think bravery is not, not being scared. I think bravery is being scared, and still doing the right thing, even though it’s scary. In this sentence Wendy represents the true meaning of bravery yet again.

To Chelia Blendy,

wendy-marvell-quotes-im prepared to fight on behalf of my guild-come at me with all your strength-fairy-tail-quotes

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4. Sometimes, we’ve got to do things we don’t like, in order to draw boundaries for people that they shouldn’t cross.

To Chelia Blendy,

wendy marvell quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. There's nothing about combat I enjoy.


To Cosmos,

wendy-marvell-quotes-my job is to support everyone.. but when i have to fight.. i become the sky dragon-fairy-tail-quotes

6. You know that is so true, when we’re being honest, and real, and have good intentions and doing the right things. Me personally, my heart feels so much lighter and better. I do agree that if we’re doing the right thing there’s nothing to be afraid of.

To Carla, during the ‘Attack of the Edolas Forces’

wendy-marvell-quotes-It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what is right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of-fairy-tail-quotes

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