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Carrion is a supporting character in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime where he rules over the Beast Kingdom named Eurazania as its King. He is a lion-type Beastman who also has pride like a lion.

Moreover, he used to be a Demon Lord but left his post after judging that his abilities were no more up to the mark. Now he just acts as an aide to Milim Nava along with Frey. He is an interesting character who underwent some serious character development in the story. Let us look into more details about Carrion in this series.


Members (Current Demon Lords)

1. Demon Race: Guy Crimson (Lord of Darkness)
2. Giant Race: Darguel (Earthquake)
3. Dragonoid Race: Milim Nava (Destroyer)
4. Fairy Race: Ramiris (Labyrinth Master)
5. Deathman Race: Leon Cromwell (Platinum Saber)
6. Harpy Race: Frey (Sky Queen)
7. Fallen Angel Race: Dino (Sleeping Ruler)
8. Beastman Race: Carrion (Lion King)
9. Vampire Race: Luminous Valentine (Queen of Nightmares)

Members (New Individuals)

1. Slime Race: Rimuru Tempest (King of Tempest)

2. True Dragon Veldora Tempest (Storm Dragon) (Manga Chapter 83)

Table of Content

Description of Participants



Dagruel is also known as the Earthquake. As he is from the Giant Race, he is tall and muscular. Dagruel is the kind of person who is always ready to fight, and he is not afraid of anyone. He might look rough and tough, but he is soft and kind-hearted.

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson is one of the Ten Demon Lords, also known as Lord of Darkness and the Primordial, Rouge. Guy Crimson is one of a kind, you might not believe me, but he can change his gender according to his own will. With all these features and parts, he can change into full male or female as well. Guy Crimson has a lot of pride, and he doesn’t really care about other people.

milim nova

Milim Nava

Milim is one of the Ten Demon Lords. She is not a child, keep this in mind, but she acts like one. Milim can be dangerous when she gets angry or when her emotions get the best of her.



Fairy Queen Ramiris might not look like a demon lord because of her tiny size, but she is a demon lord. Ramiris is like a child and behaves like a child all the time even though her age is 20,000+ years. She might not look robust, but she is mighty.

Clayman Thumbnail


He might be the weakest demon lord, but he is the smartest among them. Clayman is one of the demon lords, and his strategies are just unbeatable. Clayman can manipulate anyone; just not Rimuru. 

Leon Cromwell Reincarnated As a Slime Wiki

Leon Cromwell

Founder and Ruler of El Dorado, Demon Lord Leon. Leon used to be a soft boy, but some incidents made him cruel and cold-hearted. He maintains his distance from other people. He has only one motive: he wants to reunite with his childhood friend Chloe Aubert.

Frey Reincarnated As A slime wiki


Queen of Sky, Demon Lord Frey. Frey is the queen of the sky, and that’s why she is a responsible individual and does her work correctly. Frey is a chill person; she doesn’t really get angry quickly and speaks to the point. One thing that makes Frey dangerous is that she’ll do everything it takes to achieve her goals. We’ve seen how Frey helped Clayman in controlling Milim’s mind. (MANGA CHAPTER 84)



As his name says, Demon Lord Dino (Sleeping Ruler) is lazy and spends most of his time sleeping. There is not much information about him, but it seems that even though he is lazy, he doesn’t want to be the one everyone looks down on. He cares about his image.


Rimuru Tempest

Here he is, our MC, Rimuru Tempest (King of Tempest). We know who Rimuru is but still, let us tell you something about him. Rimuru is a kind individual, and he cares about everyone. Because of his kind nature, he is loved by everyone. Everything aside, never judge him by his looks. He might look like a girl, but he is overpowered.



A perfect king who knows how to rule and takes care of his people. Carrion has every feature that a king needs. He’ll fight for his country till the end and never put his back on his kingdom and people.

Veldora Tempest

Veldora Tempest

The fourth true dragon is Storm Dragon Veldora (MANGA CHAPTER 1). Veldora has vast amounts of magical power. Everyone feared him until he was sealed by a summoned hero and later spent a long time in complete boredom.

luminous valentine

Luminous Valentine

Queen of Nightmares and lord of all vampires, Luminous Valentine. Luminous doesn’t really talk or interact with others; she remains quiet most of the time. Luminous is not like other demon lords; she cares for her subordinates and trusts them as well. Besides everything, she is an intelligent individual.

Plot of Walpurgis Banquet


Walpurgis Banquet was organized by Clayman. His reason for organizing it was because Rimuru claimed himself as a demon lord, and Rimuru also killed Clayman’s subordinates (as he accused him). (MANGA CHAPTER 81)

Frey and Milim were two prominent “supporters” of Clayman, and they were the other two demon lords who agreed for Walpurgis Banquet.

Another reason for organizing Walpurgis Banquet was that Clayman claimed Carrion had betrayed the Demon Lords with self-proclaimed demon lord Rimuru Tempest and planned to kill Clayman. (MANGA CHAPTER 81)

Outcome of Walpurgis Banquet

Milim and Clayman

First of all, Milim attacked Carrion’s territory, and she revealed that she was not controlled by Clayman and did everything on her own. (MANGA CHAPTER 84) Clayman was the one who organized the Banquet for his benefit, but everything backfired. Rimuru, Frey, and Milim exposed Clayman and told everyone how he plotted an attack on Carrion’s territory with former demon lord, Kagali. 

It was also revealed that Clayman and Kagali manipulated other demon lords into thinking they were right. However, Clayman was killed by Rimuru in the Walpurgis Banquet. (MANGA CHAPTER 85) After Rimuru killed Clayman, other demon lords recognized him as a True Demon Lord, and thus from self-claimed Rimuru, he became a Real Demon Lord. (MANGA CHAPTER 85)

Walpurgis Banquet

Many things happened in the Walpurgis Banquet and two demon lords Frey and Carrion stepped back from being a demon lord. They decided to be the aides and subordinates of Milim. (MANGA CHAPTER 86)

Rimuru also helped in giving the idea not to call the Demon Lords, the Ten Great Demon Lords; instead, they’ll be known as the Octagram (MANGA CHAPTER 86). Everyone agreed to Rimuru.

At the end of Walpurgis Banquet, the New 8 Octagram are:-

  • DINO


  • . (MANGA CHAPTER 84)


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