TOP 10 2020 Waifus That Will Steal Your Heart!

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The end of 2020 is just around the corner. It only means one thing. WAIFU APPRECIATION TIME! From the start of 2020 to the end, we are going to cover some of the most beloved Waifus yet. The 2020 Waifu will make sure to steal your heart. Better brace it!

Grab some soda, sit back and relax, cause this is going to be one hell of a spicy ride. Therefore, let’s jump straight into Best Anime Waifu 2020.

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Table of Contents

10. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Waifu 2020

Erza is one of the most popular Anime Waifus on the planet. She is one tough lady, and if don’t simp around her, you’re not going to have a good time. Need a waifu who will fight for you? Well, Erza is the best fit. She’s always getting into battles with sheer will and unparalleled love for her friends. Hence, for the 2020 Waifus, Erza is one hell of a candidate.

By hell, I mean whenever someone is fighting her, this hot mess will make sure to give them quite a pain. Therefore, Erza is an ideal waifu for a lot of folks out there.

9. Maki Oze (Fire Force)

Maki Oze 2020 Waifu

Another tough contestant on our list of Waifus 2020 is Maki Oze. Maki Oze is the hotshot of the “Fire Force” series. Moreover, even since she was introduced, everyone started loving her! She trained from the military and, Maki is tough as heck. On the flip side, she’s cute as hell!

While “cute” is something she’s affiliated with. However, when it comes to disrespecting her, you better duck as she’s going to hunt you. Maki is HOT! She has a curvy body with feminine looks that will make your girlfriend jealous. Hence, Maki Oze is one of the best 2020 Waifus that are on our list.

8. Raphtalia (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Raphtalia Waifu 2020

When it comes to Raphtalia, she’s the kindest 2020 waifu. Right from the beginning, Raphtalia saw nothing but pain. She was in the wrong hands all along, and being tortured plus getting abused was a normal thing. But that’s not what she truly was. After getting rescued by Naofumi (the protagonist,) Raphtalia was seeing the world from a different perspective.

Raphtalia became kind, warm, beautiful, and hopeful? For me, she’s hands down, one of the best waifu 2020. As she’s loyal, she would make the best waifu for a lot of other folks as well. Moreover, this cutie got the skills!

7. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Asuna 2020 Waifu

The one gamer waifu that you can’t beat is Asuna from “Sword Art Online.” No matter how much time passes by, she is only becoming more and more popular. If you’re a gamer, well, we’ve got a 2020 Waifu that’s gamer. However, Asuna is beautiful beyond words. Her beauty isn’t something I can even explain!

Having a curvy body with beautiful hair and eyes is something, not every waifu possesses. Well, Asuna on the other hand has everything it takes to replace your current waifu. Along with being a gamer, she won’t play with your heart. Asuna will play with you!

6. Noel Niihashi

Noel waifu 2020

A beautiful girl who’s got some magical powers that will make you fall in love with her. Noel is that one 2020 waifu who will steal your heart. This Anime was also made by Tite Kubo, and it is awesome. Well, Noel has everything it needs to become the ideal Waifu of 2020. With such a huge heart (you’re a legend if you get it,) most people watch it for the plot.

Well, yes! I’m talking about that HUGE plot that everyone loves. Noel leaves nothing behind. She’s got the body of a goddess. When it comes to her powers, she’s no slouch either! IDEAL WAIFU MATERIAL.

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5. Miyuki shiba (Mahouka Koukou no Rettouse)

Shiba 2020 Waifu

The beautiful waifu that makes everything think twice is Shiba Miyuki. She’s the biological sister of the MC. Moreover, when it comes to her personality, she’s as lovely as it gets. Miyuki is the type of girl that everyone won’t be able to gaze away. Her looks, personality, and attitude is something all men die for.

In the Anime, it can be seen that the strangers would instantly get captivated by her exquisite beauty. Her appearance speaks for the outside beauty. However, her insides are something more important. Due to Miyuki’s beautiful personality, she’s the best 2020 waifu that everyone loves.

4. Sayaka Kirasaka (Strike the Blood)

Sayaka Kirasaka

One of the main protagonists of the “Strike the Blood” series, Sayaka Kirasaka is one of the best Waifu 2020! Moreover, she’s the hottest waifus from the series too! Being assigned to so many missions, Sayaka Kirasaka doesn’t flinch. She is one hell of a beauty, and the ideal 2020 Waifu everyone wants!

A lot of men do be simping on her but what makes her so attractive? Well, right from the beginning of the series, she had a difficult time getting along with men. It was one of the main fears of her too. But on the inside, she’s the kindest! No one would be saying no to Sayaka!

3. Venessa Anoteca (Black Clover)

Venessa is one easy-going waifu who will never take care of you unless you go for a couple of shots. Yes! I’m talking about some fine wine. Moreover, her beauty is unmatched, and as a witch, Venessa is the hot one! While she’s 24, she can easily make anyone fall in love with her.

The best part about this 2020 Waifu is that she is usually covered with good clothes when she’s in public. However, when you’re alone, she gets FREAKY.

2. Mizuhara Chizuru (Rent A Girlfriend)

Chizuru Mizuhara is the perfect waifu material for 2020. She has the looks, the personality, and the brains that blow everyone’s minds. Such a kind girl who’d only show her true self to those she despises. But in reality, Chizuru has a soft side to her as well. Hence, all these unique aspects make her the ideal waifu for all those otakus out there. A 2020 Waifu that won’t let you feel lonely!

1. Elaina (Majo No Tabitabi)

Elaina Waifu 2020

The main protagonist of the series, “Elaina” is one of the most popular and cutest waifu material of all time. If there was an award for being wholesome, Elaina would be the prime candidate for it. She’s way beyond cute, and when it comes to wholesomeness, she’s amongst the best 2020 waifus.

Elaina’s innocence is something that everyone loves. The most surprising part was the character development that happened throughout the series.

Who's your favorite Waifu?

These were the TOP 10 Best Waifus of 2020. I hope you liked the list. These waifus are someone who might keep you awake in the middle of the night only to think about them. But that’s now where the craziness stops!

Comment down your most favorite 2020 Waifus. 


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