8+ Beautiful Violet Evergarden Quotes (Images)

Violet Evergarden Quotes. 'I want to know waht I love you means..' Quote The Anime

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Charlotte Abelfrey Ja Drossel Quotes

When you really like someone, and you don’t know what to do, I think every one of us has been through that at some level.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Charlotte Abelfrey Quotes. 'I want to know how he reall feels.' Anime quotes

Claudia Hodgins Quotes

I think you know I can relate to this myself. Because I’ve definitely made some mistakes in my past, that I feel extremely bad about. I think it’s so true, that I myself have so many burns from my past mistakes as well.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Cladia Hodgins Quotes. 'You don't realize your body is on fire.' Anime Quotes.

Oh man, I think sometimes people come into our lives, that just change who we are for the better. And we can never forget them for the rest of our lives.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Claudia Hodgins Quotes. 'Thank you for making my dream come true.' Quote The Anime

Gilbert Bougainvillea Quotes

I think it takes quite a bit of courage to actually live freely. It’s just as easy as wanting to do it. It takes effort and courage to take the risks that others will laugh at you, or put you down for taking action on the things you want.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Gilbert Bougainvillea Quotes. 'live and be free. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.'

Oscar Webster Quotes

Ah man, this just reminds of how precious life is. That you know there are people who don’t have certain advantages, and that certain people don’t know how valuable their own lives are.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Oscar Webster Quotes. 'I really really wanted you to not have died.' Quote The Anime

Violet Evergarden Quotes

I think If it wasn’t for meeting two girls and the second one being my current girlfriend, I had really lost hope in finding a good enough person at some level. lol. But all things aside, I think we all have someone or some people here for us in the world. No body comes to this world to live alone.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. 'I want to know waht I love you means..' Quote The Anime

You know, there was a time, I was in sales for a while. I was literally like her myself. Because the customer becomes so important in those moments, when you’re fulfilling your duties.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. 'I will run as fast as I can to wherever my customer desires.'

This is just straight passion towards your work. I think we all need to have a similar level of dedication towards our work, and that will truly make us feel better about ourselves as well.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. 'No better that could be sent deserves to go underlivered.' Quote The Anime

It’s quite hard, I think. this reminds me of how War veterans suffer with PTSD. I personally haven’t been through something like that myself. But I do empathize with people who’ve been through this.

Violet Evergarden Quotes.'do i have any right after I killed so many people..' Quote The Anime

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