Top 10 Strongest Stands In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Top 10 Strongest Jojo Stands

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Ever since stands were introduced into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in part 3, they have become the predominant way that fights in the show happen.(sorry hamon)

Stands were created because the creator of the series, Hirohiko Araki, didn’t want to just have muscular men fighting each other with physical power. This is why we see that with each new season of the show the protagonists get less and less huge.

Either way, this is why stands were introduced and why they can have such a wide range of abilities. Stands can be the straight up powerhouse punchers that we would expect from a shounen type anime, but there are stands with such unique abilities that can give seemingly more overpowered stands runs for their money.

That’s what makes stands so interesting, as there is pretty much always going to be a counter to another stand, no matter how powerful it is.

That being said there are some stands that are generally more powerful than others. So we’ve decided to put together a list of the 10 ten strongest stands in Jojo’s Bizarre adventure, to see which stand we’d want to get from the Stand arrow.

A few rules for this list, first we are only talking about the stands and their powers, not the abilities of their user. It doesn’t matter how the stand user uses the stand, just how much potential the stand itself has. Second, we are only going to be using stands that have been shown in the anime on this list, so stands that haven’t appeared yet won’t appear here either. The third note is that we won’t be including any powered up stands, including the requiem stands and sub stands, because that’s just not fair.

With that out of the way lets get to the list!

10. Red Hot Chili Pepper

Red Hot Chili Pepper, Strongest Stands

Starting off with this list of strongest stands in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure with a surprise entry for many people, but we can explain. Red Hot Chili Pepper is the first enemy stand that we encounter in Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable and its main ability is what makes it so powerful. Having a long-range stand that can travel through electrical wires is a lot more useful than even the show makes it out to be. Sure it may be because Morioh is a smaller town in the late 90s, so maybe that’s why but can you imagine how useful this would be today.

If you live in a big city in 2020, there’s basically no limit to what you can do with Red Hot Chili Pepper. You could do insane amounts of damage real fast and get away and be anywhere in the span of a minute. Not to mention that at full power this stand can take on Crazy Diamond in terms of raw power.

9. Echoes

Echos Act 3, Strongest Jojo Stand

Next on our list of the strongest Jojo Stands is everyone’s favorite potty mouth stand, Echoes. Echoes is a weird stand, to say the least, one it has had 4 stages, three of which it can change between to give itself different abilities, called acts. Each act has its own ability relating to sound. For example, the second act is able to give an item properties of that word, such as making anything bouncy by placing boing on it.

Act 3 is able to basically increase the effect of gravity on a target, but only at a short range. The only weakness that this stand has is that it is not very strong in a head to head confrontation.

8. Sticky Fingers

Strongest Jojo Stands

Next we move to part 5 with the stand of the gang’s mother, Bucciarati’s Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers probably has one of the most interesting abilities on this list, being able to produce zippers on peoples bodies and objects.

This definitely sounds weird but its actually super useful. For one, in a fight Sticky fingers can literally pull people apart with zippers. Sticky Fingers is also able to launch its limbs at targets for long ranged attacks. You can also put zippers on on walls and use them as storage, which can help you either store weapons or goods.

7. Killer Queen

Kiler Queen, Strongest Jojo Stands

The ability to blow up eveeything that you touch is somehow a fairly underrated one in the Jojo fandom, but it’s exactly what makes Killer Queen one of the strongest stands in the series.

Killer Queen is fairly straight forward, it is a humanoid stand with decent combat capabilities but where it shines is its ability to basically making anything, living or dead, into a bomb. This can be done in the obvious way of just placing a bomb on somebody and blowing them up or in the more creative way of creating traps out of everyday items to catch people unknowningly.

That plus the ability to manually control how things can explode, like with Kira destroying everything but the hands of his victims could also come in handy. The weakness in overall combat power does knock this stand down a few rungs though.

6. The Hand

The Hand Stand, Strong Stand

The next Strongest stand in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is The Hand. The only thing that could seemingly be considered a weakness by The Hand is it’s user Okuyasu who seemingly doesn’t realize this stands power. This stand doesn’t just delete what’s in front of it, it erases the space from existence.

This means that anything in front of this stand is either completely erased,m including the literal space, meaning anything outside it’s range is brought closer to it. Seriously in the hands of a more intelligent user this stand is a monster.

5. Cream

Cream stand, Powerful Jojo Stands

Next on our list is the stand that seemingly came out of nowhere to just take out two members of the Stardust Crusaders. Cream is a stand that is completely able to consume anything, taking into a dimension of darkness, which its mouth acts as a portal to.

Basically, if it eats you, your dead and there’s no chance of you coming back, there’s not even a body, you are basically deleted from the world. That’s already pretty bad, especially considering how somehow the stand user can sit inside the mouth and not die, but it gets worse when Cream consumes itself. This makes it basically a black hole to anything that it touches, instantly absorbing them into its darkness. The only drawback to this is that the stand becomes blind and can’t see where it is going. which might actually be a plus if you just have it go wherever casually.

4. Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond

To counter two different stands that are able to erase everything, we have probably the strongest stand when it comes to healing. Crazy diamond’s main thing is not healing exactly, but it is able to restore anything, either inanimate objects of living tissue, to a previous state. This means that it is able to heal wounds, repair damages and even bring something back to its original form, like with Tonio’s food, almost in an instant.

On top of it’s insane support abilities, Crazy Diamond is able to match Star Platinum in terms of power, speed and precision. So not only can it heal damage (by punching) it can also cause damage (also by punching)

3. King Crimson

Strongest STand, King Crimson

The annoying thing about this entry is that while King Crimson is for sure one of the strongest stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s also extremely hard to explain. Seriously it’s to the point where trying to explain how King Crimson works is a meme and people say “it just works”.

This is because it is a very hard to define what King Crimson does, it basically skips past time, for up to ten seconds of it to be exact. This means that any movement that you were going to make in that ten seconds happens but it doesn’t affect anything. It’s really hard to explain and there are better ones out there if you’re interested.

Nevertheless, King Crimson is a super powerful stand and can basically make the user untouchable when used correctly.

2. Gold Experience

Gold Experience, Golden Wind

Taking the silver medal in our list of the strongest stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the stand belonging to the fifth Jojo, Giorno Giovanna, Gold Experience.

First off, Gold Experience has the power to create life from inanimate objects, this ranges from wildlife like butterflies and frogs, to flora like trees and plants. Even if this isn’t the most useful in combat, the ability to make inanimate objects into things that you can control is really useful for everyday life when you think about it. That couch you need to move, just have it move and then change it back. You can also make trees that can help in a quick escape, like how Giorno used it to escape Koichi

Aside form that this stand is also able to heal people, but overall less effectively than Crazy Diamond, but still having that ability is a plus.

Other abilities aside this is another quick and powerful, maybe even on par with our next entry.

1. Star Platinum: The World

Star Platinum The World Strongest Stand

Yeah, you probably saw this coming but come on, what other stand could be the strongest stand in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. For the sake of this list, you can basically include Dio’s The World here because they are basically the exact same stand with different skins.

Either way, Star Platinum is arguably the most straight forward stand on this list. It hits are, it hits fast and it hits the right spot every time. On top of that, it can stop time, making it literally impossible to block any of its attacks. The only weakness that Star Platinum has is its range, which can be dealt with by either stopping time or by using Star Finger. Could you imagine what Star Platinum requiem would be like, let us know what you think!

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