Top 10 Strongest Baki Characters

Top 10 Strongest Baki Characters

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With the return of Baki on Netflix we’ve been treated to a great new season. Titled the Great Raitai Tournament Saga we’ve been blessed with some truly amazing fights from the very start and we’ve gotten to see what characters like Muhammad Ali Jr. and Yujrio Hanma do, especially in this art style that was updated from the previous 2001 anime.

With so many great fights and amazing fighters we’ve gotten to see from this season and the last, we thought that it might be time to cover the 10 ten strongest characters in Baki, and see who is the strongest of all.

For this list, we are only going to be covering the Anime and not the Manga (I mean this website isn’t called Quotethemanga). This means that any characters that have only been in the Manga but have not yet appeared in the anime will be featured and any characters that get stronger in the Manga will not have those boosts taken into account. Also, any fighter mentioned in this will be listed at their strongest point in the anime.

Like in other of our top ten strongest lists, one character defeating another doesn’t necessarily mean that it is stronger overall, as their skill set might just counter another. Also remember that this list is fairly subjective so your opinion might differ from someone else’s, so be nice. That being said let’s go over the top 10 strongest characters in Baki!

Honurable Mention: Ryuukou Yanagi

The guy that we have to start off our list of the strongest Baki Characters is the man who debuted the poison hand, Ryuukou Yanagi. This guy is dangerous for anyone in a hand to hand situation not only because of the poison hand but also because of his ability to control oxygen.

Seriously the guy is able to control the flow of oxygen, turn his palms into vacuums and blowout your brains through your ears. This without mentioning how deadly the poison hand technique is, inflicting someone with an insanely deadly poison after just one touch. All this combined with his fighting style that emphasizes slapping your opponents quickly, so that he can poison you as fast as possible.

All this makes him a very dangerous opponent for anyone, even if that opponent is physically stronger than him.

10. Dorian

Dorian is another member of the 5 death row inmates who wanted to learn what is was like to taste defeat. Aside from that Dorian is also one of the few people in the world to achieve the rank of Kaioh in Chinese Kempo, being the first westerner to ever achieve that title.

Dorian is willing to fight dirty, using tools like a razor-thin wire that is also razor-sharp. He also has insanely tough skin making him hard to damage. This without mentioning his ability to attack a fighter’s most important weapon, their mind. His hypnosis techniques that make his opponents think that they are winning. This basically makes any opponent he faces completely open to his attacks unless they have the mental fortitude to see through it. It’s basically his version of Tsukiyomi

All this plus his impressive stature and his willingness to get killed earns him his spot on our top 10 strongest Baki Characters.

9. Muhammad Ali Jr

Muhammad Ali Jr. is, as the name implies, the son of Muhammad Ali, the man that people consider to be the greatest boxer to ever live in the history of the sport. Muhammad Ali Jr. is said to have inherited all of his legendary father’s abilities and have improved upon them.

He’s faster, stronger and more well rounded than his father when he is in his peak condition and he has also improved upon his fathers fighting style, Muhammad Ali Kempo, making it the well rounded and perfect style that his father dreamed of but could not accomplish.

Ali Jr. was able to effortlessly defeat a Kaioh, one of the top martial artists in the world, during the Great Raitai Tournament, basically, one shooting his opponent who was fast enough to kick an apple in half in mid-air.

Ali Jr. is also said to have knocked down his father in sparring, the first person to do so when he was only a teenager. Still, despite all these abilities he comes up short against other people that you are going to see on this list, so we have to only give him 7 on this list of Strongest Baki Characters.

8. Hanayama

If this guy was playing League of Legends, he would only ever play tanks. Seriously this guy can take some damage, he literally went into a rival gangs base just so that they could put scars on his new tattoo and then he proceeed to wreck them all.

We have only seen Hanayama fight once in the 2018 anime, against Spec, one of the 5 death row inmates and probably the most crazy one. Hanayama literally just stood there and took Spec’s barrage of attacks for 5 straight minutes, all while maintaining his stance. Once the fight minutes of free shots was over Hanayama proceeded to wreck Spec’s entire existence.

Hanayama beat Spec so bad that he was able to bring Spec to the police station only o have spec shoot him, force ammunition explode in his mouth and take a flash bang explosion. This ends with Spec applying a Rear Naked Choke perfectly, and Hanayama using his crushing grip strength to break out of the hold, which is usually impossible at that point.

Basically fighting Hanayama means you have to deal with someone who basically doesn’t feel pain, is huge, a Yakuza boss and has a powerful enough grip to tear out a section from a deck of cards. Yeah, have fun with that.

7. Biscuit Oliva

A personal favorite character in the series, Oliva is literally so powerful that even though he is technically imprisoned by the United States government, they cater to his every desire. His prison is basically just his own private mansion with 24/7 security and he gets gourmet food whenever he wants.

This is because the US government uses him as a bounty hunter of sorts, going around arresting criminals that normal law enforcement can’t handle. We see how strong he is when he gets shot point blank, while completely naked, just to laugh it off and say that wont work.

Oliva’s muscles are so strong and dense that they can take most impact. The only time we have ever really seen Oliva pushed in any way was during the Great Raitai Tournament, when during his match it took him some time to figure out the Hand Pocket style of his opponent.

Despite all of his opponent’s martial arts training, he was able to overcome it with his sheer power, even attempting to copy the hand pocket style. Oliver is strong enough to crush a martial artist who is able to withstand being run over by a card with one hand, so he has to be one of the strongest Baki characters.

6. Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma is an interesting case, as he is not only the brother to the series protagonist Baki but also the son of the ogre, Yujiro Hanma. To start off, Jack is the largest character in the series, when see him in the 2018 series after his bone lengthening surgery, he stands at 8 feet tall and weighs almost 450 pounds. This already makes him dangerous, especially considering how he’s basically all muscle, using steroids to add insane amounts of muscle to his originally lean and frail frame.

Jack isn’t just a juice monkey, he has actual technique, having experience in underground fighting pits. His fighting style is officially listed as Pit Fighting, but he clearly has some experince with martial arts.

Jack is able to go toe to toe with Baki and might have won their match in the finals of the Maximum tournament if his steroids didn’t give out and now he’s even more powerful than he was before

5. Kaioh Retsu

Retsu is an interesting character as he kind of acts like the Piccolo to Baki’s Goku in many ways. He plays a largely supportive role in the story and being in that kind of role can make it easy to forget just how powerful he is.

Achieving the rank of Kaioh is no small feet, being one of a few peopel to hold the title. Retsu is the only member of the Chinese team to win his match in the Great Raitai tournament, allowing himself to fall into all of the traps his opponent set for him and overcoming erach one, even while having a dislocated elbow.

Retsu also doesn’t mind fighting dirty, as shown during his face-off against Doyle in the bar and alley way. He use knives, fire and a sword to treat Doyle, like how the death row inmate treated many people before. Restu absolutely humiliated Doyle and was then fast enough to run with Doyle on his back all the way to Shinshinkai Karate headwaters to save his life.

4. Doppo Orochi

Top 10 Strongest Baki Characters

Doppo Orochi is the creator of his own Karate style, ShinShinKai Karate, as well as a style of Karate that is unique to him, Orochi-ryu Karate, so you know the guy is serious.

Orochi is one of the few people alive who is able to go toe to toe in a fight with the legendary Yujiro Hanma, facing off against him and never backing down. Despite losing that Fight Orochi proved how strong he was. Orochi also is widely considered to have tyhe strongest straight punch out of anyone in the world, constantly working on it.

This guy’s training methods are seriously insane, breaking his fingers training his spear finger strikes and having the willpower to continue past that point. On the topic of his willpower, he was willing to continue fighting, even after his hand was cut off, he will still hit you with his forearm stub. He was so mentally strong that he was still able to fight against Dorian, while still under Dorian’s hyponsis ability, not breaking it, but fighting under it.

We also have to mention how Orochi used to be a tournament champion before Baki won the title.

3. Kaioh Kaku

Despite somehow being 146, Kaioh Kaku somehow manages to be in the top 3 strongest characters in the entire Baki series. Kaioh Kaku used to be a hulking muscle monster, like other characters on this list, but soon realized the way to true power was through achieving what he calls martial arts logic, finally achieving it in his 90s.

Despite his advanced age he is one of the few people to actually strike visible fear in the eyes of Yujiro Hanma. Kaioh Kaku’s use of Saori makes him basically rubber to when hit and also allows him to produce enough force in his punch to produce a massive crack in a concrete wall.

This is enough force to send Yujiro flying backwards. This is crazy, not even accounting for his age.

2. Baki

The guy that the series is named ever has to be on its list of strongest characters right? Throughout the series, we’ve seen Baki go from an arrogant young boy who thought he was better than everyone, to a young man who just wants to be a little stronger than his dad, not the strongest in the world.

Baki has grown a lot, from being the tournament champion, to being able to take on two of the escaped death row inmates at the same time, one of the being Kusanagi with his poison hand. Baki was even able to resist the Poison’s effect and reverse them by fighting. Baki, like other people in the Japan/America team easily handled his opponent during the Great Raitai Tournament and Defeated and nearly killed Muhammad Ali Jr in under two minutes.

All this to become stronger than one person

Baki Hanma Wallpaper

1. Yujiro Hanma

You knew that Yujiro Hanma had to top the list of Strongest Baki Characters. There really isn’t too much to say that you probably don’t already know. Yujiro Hanma is The Orge, the strongest man on the planet, entire armies aren’t enough to fight this man. His back makes the face of a demon and he’s powerful enough to make 4,000 years worth of Martial Arts tradition nothing.

There are no words that one can put down to describe how strong Yujiro Hanma, just watch the series, if you haven’t already.

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