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Top 19 Fights My Hero Academia, MHA Best Fights

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series airing right now,. With season four finishing airing not too long ago and the current world situation making it seem like season five won’t be coming out for a while, we thought it would be a good time to go ever the best fights we’ve seen in the series!

For this list, anything that has been released in the series is fair game, this includes seasons one through four. We won’t be including either of the films that have been released however, as the money and time put into them makes it too unfair, but they are great and you should watch them!

That being said if you don’t want anything spoiled for anything My Hero Academia related be warned because spoilers are coming!

10. Bakugo vs Todoroki

Bakugo vs Todoroki, UA Sports Festival, MHA Fights

Starting off this list with a fight that is somewhat underrated by the community, but with how great the fights we are going to get to, it’s not hard too see why. This fight was the end to the great UA Sports Festival arc that had tons of twists and turns.

Aside from the action that we see in this fight, which is amazing as it really shows off the capabilities of both Todoroki and Bakugo, but its ending is also amazing.

Todoroki standing down as he has not fully embraced his fire quirk yet is a great way not only to show that Todoroki has a lot of development still to come, but also a great way to have Bakugo win without making Todoroki look weak.

9. Eraser head vs League of Villains

Eraser head fight scene

Another fight that is super underrated by the fandom. This is the first real fight that we get in the show and it comes as a bit of a surprise. We become aware of Eraser Head’s quirk pretty early on in the series, as well as his fairly lazy personality.

That is what makes this fight such a surprise as we get to see the lazy professor with a non-combat quirk show why he is a hero. The stuff that Eraser Head can do with his scarf is amazing and the way that he is quickly able to switch his quirk’s target allows him to take down over a dozen League of Villains goons without even trying.

8. Deku Vs Todoroki

Deku Vs Todoroki, MHA Fights

Another fight from the UA Festival arc. This fight, at one point, was considered the best fight in My Hero Academia by a lot of fans, which just goes to show how many amazing fights that the show has had since then.

Once again this fight isn’t just great because of the action in it, but also the story that it is able to get across. Both Deku and Todoroki are trying to embrace their quirks, as Deku struggles to use his quirk physically and Todoroki struggles to use his emotionally. Throughout the course of this fight, we also see them master their quirks, at least slightly, with Deku figuring out new ways to use One For All and Todoroki embracing his fire.

Also lets be fair, the animation at the end of the fight, just amazing.

7. Deku vs Bakugo II

Deku vs Bakugo Best Fights In My Hero Academia

Next on our list of the top 10 fights in My Hero Academia is the long awaited rematch between childhood rivals. This fight had been boiling over for a while. Every time these two met before, Bakugo won, even after Deku had gained All For One. this time it was different, Deku was miles stronger than he ever had been at this point and had so many abilities in his arsenal.

The animation and choreography in this fight is absolutely amazing and it remains tense throughout. You aren’t sure who is going to win the first time you watch this fight and the way that Bakugo ends it is amazing. That final enormous blast to finsih off the fight was amazing.

Even though Deku lost, it still was a very close fight, leaving all of the fans wanting a trilogy match.

5. Kirishima & Fatgum Vs. Rappa & Tengai

Kirishima and Fatgum

It’s time for a tag team throw down on our top 10 fights in My Hero Academia list! This fight shows us the culmination of all the development that Kirishima had been going through throughout this arc and even the entire series.

Kirishima had also been playing second fiddle to someone else, but in this fight, he takes center stage. We see Kirishima go beyond and really push past his limits, becoming the ultimate tank to protect Fat Gum and it pays off perfectly with us see Fat Gums “skinny” form where he is able to completely destroy the villains, even with their shield.

4. Gang Orca Vs Hero Students

Gang Orca, License Exam

This fight just has so much going on, but for the sake of this list we are going to be focusing on the part of the fight hat directly involves Gang Orca himself.

This is the first time that we ever get to see Gang Orca in action and he does not disappoint. First off, he’s way more powerful than most people would have thought, being able to stun people is an insane ability to have. Second he is a beast, taking on multiple top prospect students at once and only ever looking to be in trouble at the very end.

We also get to see a bunch of different hero’s all with different powers working to together and off off each other which is always great to see.

3.Deku Vs Gentle

Deku vs Gentle

The most recent fight of the show is going to take the bronze medal in the top 10 fights in My Hero Academia for a few reasons. Something that works both for and against this fight is that it comes very fast and kind of out of the left field.

Gentle is introduced very quickly and a few episodes later he seems hellbent on infiltrating a festival as a flex and won’t let anything stop him, not even a Deku who is insanely motivated to give Eri her best day ever.

Despite how fast this fight comes, it is still amazing, with Gentle’s quirk making for an interesting challenge. We also get to see Deku use a few new tricks that he has picked up, mainly the long range use of One For All.

Include some well done voice acting and great animation and you have a great fight worthy of being in the top 10 at least!

2. All Might VS All For One

Top 10 fights in My Hero Academia, All-Might vs All For One

You might be surprised that this is only number two, as a lot of people think this is the best fight in My Hero Academia. This fight had been set up from the very first episode when All Might first showed us his scar for their first fight.

This fight was all about the emotion, as the fans watching were unsure if All-Might was going to come out on top, even after Bakugo had escaped. We knew that it was going to take all that All-Might had left to win, but it wasn’t a guarantee, which made this fight all the more intense.

This fight was tense throughout, with all the tension finally being cut when All-Might uses some tricks he learned from Deku, to land that final perfect punch, to save Japan and defeat All For One.

1. Deku vs Overhaul

Deku vs Overhaul, Top 10 Fights in My Hero Academia

Yes, the number one fight in our list for the top 10 fights in My Hero Academia is the showdown between Deku and Overhaul. There’s a few reasons that this fight takes the top spot on the list. First is that Deku is literally fighting against destiny itself, as Sir Nighteye foresaw Deku losing.

This fight is all the first real-time that Deku is fighting like a hero, fighting against a big name villain, while still protecting Eri. We also get to see Deku soar to new heights, being able to use One For All at 100% thanks to Eri.

On top of the Overhaul himself goes through an insane transformation that makes him the monster on the outside, just like he is on the inside. The animation is perfect, the acting is perfect, the story is perfect, it’s just the best fight the series has had.

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