Takeomi Akashi

Takeomi Akashi was the first gen Vice President of the Black Dragon Gang.  But now, he’s the Vice President of Brahman.

Tokyo Revengers is a well-known manga that stands out for having interesting and unique characters. Today we are going to be talking about Takeomi Akashi, one of the characters introduced towards the end of the series.

 We are going to be looking into his appearance and personality as well as diving deep into his affiliations and skills.

Takeomi Akashi Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers is a series somewhat known for having many similar-looking characters. The characters that really stand out tend to either be the leaders or high-ranking members. Takeomi Akashi is definitely one of these. His character design shows that.

 Takeomi is taller than most of the other characters we see in the show. He has seen his fair share of scrapes and battles, as indicated by the large vertical scar running down one side of his face (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 196). We have seen him on a few different occasions and whenever we do, Takeomi is always in the middle of smoking a cigarette.

 So far, we’ve only seen Takeomi wear a few different outfits over the course of the series. Typically, he is seen wearing a normal Brahman Gang outfit. As he is a very high ranking member, his outfit is more ornate than many of his peers (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 208). The only other outfit we see him in is a plain and normal looking business suit.

Takeomi Akashi


Character Info



1- Bonten’s Advisor,

2- Brahman’s Vice-President, 

3- Black Dragon’s Former Vice-President 

Hair color: Black & Blonde from edges

Eye color: Purple


Manga: Chapter 196



Takeomi is certainly one of the calmer and more serious characters in the entirety of Tokyo Revengers. He takes in the gravity of every situation and does not use any of his words carelessly. Being a high-ranking member, he understands the importance of communication better than most. As such, one of the few times he reacts violently is when someone talks down about his gang and in particular, Shinichiro.


Black Dragons Gang Tokyo Revengers.

Black Dragons

Black Dragon Gang: The Black Dragon gang was the strongest gang in the entirety of Tokyo during its prime (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 63). The first generation of the gang brought about this golden age and was known for being particularly strong and fierce. Takeomi was the Vice President of the gang during this time.

Bonten Logo


Takeomi Akashi was the advisor of Bonten.

Brahman Gang

Brahman Gang

Akashi is the current Vice President of Brahman Gang.


Shinchiro Sanoo

Shinchiro Sano

From what we know, Takeomi is a calm and rational individual who does not like getting into many of the petty squabbles other people get into. It is hard to make him lose his temper and take you seriously.

 One of the few times we ever saw this happening is when someone tried to slander Shinichiro, the President of the Black Dragons. This indicates he has not only a high level of loyalty towards his clan but especially so towards his superior.

Strengths and Skills

Akashi Takeomi

Formidable Fighting Prowess

The Black Dragon gang is one of the strongest gangs we see in the entire show. Leading figures in every gang are known to be particularly strong and Takeomi was the number 2 of the entire gang. This simply would not be possible if Takeomi was not a very strong and formidable fighter.

Final Verdict

 In conclusion, Takeomi is a great addition to an already well-rounded and developed cast of characters. Many fans will doubtless be curious to see where his character arc takes him.


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