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Shion Madarame was a minor antagonist during the Tenjiku Arc. He was one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the gang, under the leadership of Izana Kurokawa. Shion was the ninth leader of the Black Dragons, right after Izana retired from that gang. He first appeared in Chapter 128.

This summary contains spoilers of the manga, chapters that won’t get animated in the Spring 2021 season. In fact, Shion won’t even appear in the first season of the anime, so stop right here if you don’t want to be spoiled. s being involved in the plot, one of the most memorable characters albeit one of the few characters that had an exceptional fight against Mikey is, Izana. As one of the strongest characters in the series, take a look at the head of the gang that rules Yokohama, Izana Kurokawa.

Shion Madarame

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Not much is known about Shion. Before the main story started he was in a juvenile institution along with the other big delinquents of the Showa 62, the legendary „brutal generation”. Back then, they planned the formation of a new type of gang. After the crumbling rule of Izana in the Black Dragons, Shion assumed power there, but his reign ended shortly thereafter.

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame

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Black Dragons 9th Gen. Leader (Former)
Tenjiku’s Heavenly King


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Black Dragons (former)
Tenjiku (former
Tokuhara tanda

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Chapter 128


Shion Madarame

He has long blond hair that is shaved on the left side of his head. This shaved part reveals a large lion tattoo that has a connection with his name, as shi means lion. The tattoo extends down to the bottom of his neck. He has stitches below the left side of his lips, and he also has many piercings. Being part of Tenjiku, he acquired a red, long-sleeved coat that shows his rank, as lower-ranked members only have jackets.


Shion Madarame personality

Shion was described as a crazy individual, someone who can’t think rationally even in need, as his bloodthirst overwhelms his body. He loves fighting, thus he got the nickname Mad Dog among the Tenjiku members. He feels nothing but excitement when beating up others, and he truly is just cruel. He is arrogant and proud of his strength, although other delinquents would argue with the extent of his abilities.

Strengths and Skills

Shion Madarame


Although the major defeat he suffered against Pe-yan, Shion still was a remarkable fighter. He managed to gain a reputation as a feared brawler, and he was feared by many. We didn’t really see him fight once, but he didn’t give up his hobby of beating up people just because he got knocked out once.

Shion Madarame


As a Heavenly King, he was the leader of a whole division. Unlike in the case of Toman, we do not know how many soldiers the squad contained, and whether or not they had other subordinates. The only unit that had two commanders was the one led by the Haitani brothers. judging by their numbers at the fight against Toman, one division in Tenjiku probably had around 80-100 members, meaning that Shion was the commander of one-fourth of their combined strength.



  • The first part of his first name, shi (獅) means lion, and the latter, on (音) means sound.
  • The first part of his surname, madara (斑) means irregularity and thus shares his name with one of the characters from Naruto.


Black Dragons Gang Logo Tokyo Revengers

The Black Dragons

He was the ninth president of the Black Dragons after Izana left the group. The gang already went down the path of falling apart, but Shion made the situation even worse. He was hot-headed and picked fights with other gangs. His squad lacked cooperative strength and the tiny amount of organization they had made it possible for other groups to stand up against Shion and the Black Dragons.

Upon the conflict with a few middle school kids, his gang faced Mikey, Draken, and the other founders of Toman, who formed their teams specifically to destroy the Black Dragons. Shion wasn’t able to deal with the situation, and he had to retire as the commander. The loyal members left in the party, namely Inui, searched for a better leader and found the person who can reform the gang. He was Taiju Shiba, who brought back the glory of the Black Dragons.

Tenjiku Gang


After the Tenjiku gang formed, Shion’s position was uncontested and unquestioned for a long time. He got the role of a Heavenly King, who served as captains of Tenjiku divisions. The term itself originates from Buddhist mythology, and the generals are supposed to represent the four legendary figures. They all stand for a cardinal direction, getting assigned to either North, South, East, or West. It isn’t clarified which direction are the Kings assigned to, or even if the leadership thought of this connection. positions also may refer to the Taiping Rebellion from China, in which the Heavenly King assigned his best men to be the kings of the compass directions. Given how much attention Tenjiku gave to details, this could be a possible reason for their meaning as well. Their tribute to the Chinese origins is also proved by the Confucian symbol on the backside of their uniforms, the Yin and Yang.

Shion took part in the battle against Toman. He offered to be the forerunner of the show[1]. As a member of the Showa 62, he valued one on one fights. Before a free-for-all, Tenjiku invited one Toman member to fight their chosen warrior. This small-scale fight would boost the morale of the winning team, and also reduce the number of elite members by one, if knocked out successfully. Shion happily offered his services and was willing to beat his opponent to death. Pe-yan stood against him in this fight from Toman’s side. To everyone’s surprise, Shion was knocked out in just one punch. This wasn’t only the showcase of Pe-yan’s immense strength, but also the bad focus and weak nature of Shion. It was pointed out by his boss, Izana, that he is in fact a weak member of the squad, and he was the reason why the Black Dragons collapsed[2].


Izana Kurkawa

Izana Kurokawa

Despite belonging to the same generation, they didn’t have many conversations. In fact, Shion rarely talked to any other commanders, he either ordered his squad members or just had monologues.

He was one of Izana’s “friends” from juvenile. This probably was the reason that Shion was his successor as the leader of the Black Dragons. Their relationship wasn’t clarified, but Izana viewed him with somewhat of distrust. He mentioned, that it was only Shion’s reputation that he needed as Tenjiku’s leader.


Tokyo Revengers Plot Takemichi Hanagaki is a corporate slave who leads a very boring life and has no ambitions or dreams to pursue. One day, he finds out that his former girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed by the infamous Tokyo Manji gang. He's wondering where things went wrong when suddenly someone pushes him on the train tracks and he finds himself back to the time when he was still in middle school. Now, Takemichi must get involved with the Tokyo Manji Gang to avoid the disasters waiting for him in the future.

Shion joined Tenjiku after Kisaki helped Izana gather the prime members. The leadership of the gang fell into the president, Izana, the second man, Kisaki, and the Four Heavenly Kings. One of them was Shion, along with Mochizuki, Haitani, and Kakucho. Shion later lost this position during the fight with Toman, where Yasuhiro Mutou was recognized as a captain instead of him. After Tenjiku broke up, Shion went into hiding, and later joined Tokuhara Tandai, a newly formed gang.


Shion is only a minor character in the franchise, but his actions led to many events that affected the flow of the story. Maybe, if it wasn’t for the weak leadership of his during the ninth generation of the Black Dragons, Toman might have never formed! If you liked this article, go check out our other summaries about Tokyo Revengers!


[1]    Chapter 154

[2]    Chapter 155

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