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Keizo Arashi or Benkai is one of the founders and captains of Black Dragons. He’s currently the executive of the Brahman Gang. Today we are going to be learning more about him. He’s one of the characters that was introduced in the final arc of Tokyo Revengers.  Let’s have a deeper look and learn more about his strengths and skills, as well as looking into his past.

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Tokyo Revengers is a series somewhat known for having many similar-looking characters. The characters that really stand out tend to either be the leaders or high-ranking members. Keizo Arashi is one of the many high-ranking gang members in the series and as such he has a much more distinctive character design than his fellow cast members.

Among all of the gang members we see in the series, Arashi stills looks intimidating. He is taller than many of the other characters in the series and has a very muscular build. He appears to look more mature than many other members, supporting a slight beard.

We essentially see Arashi at two very different points in life, hence he has two different appearances. The few times we see him in the future, he is always seen glaring with his eyes opened wide, showing off his fierce personality. One interesting thing to note is that Keizo is often described as ‘unblinking’ (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 213). He also has white hair. When we see him in the past, the most notable difference is the fact that his hair is dark instead of white. He also doesn’t have the beard he goes on to have later on in life.

 As for outfits, we’ve only seen Arashi wear two different kinds of uniforms. In the past, he used to be a high-ranking Black Dragon member and wore one of their uniforms. In the future, he is typically seen wearing a Brahman uniform. As he is a high-ranking member, this uniform is far more ornate than many of his peers (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 208).


Keizo Arashi

Character Info


Nickname: Benkei


1- Brahman’s Executive 

2- Black Dragon Captain (former)

Age: 27

More Information

Gender: Male


Affiliated with: Brahman and Black Dragon


Manga: Chapter 213


Benkei personality

Arashi is much more serious than many of the other characters we see in the whole series. He is a very serious person, and does not have much time for small talk. Despite being a Brahman executive in the future, his heart has always been with the Black Dragons.

 He displays a fierce amount of loyalty towards his old gang, valuing their ideals above everything else. He believes that many of his fellow members should take this as seriously as he does, and he frequently yells at them when he finds them not living up to the Black Dragon ideals.

Strengths and Skills


Heavy Damage and Authority

 The Black Dragons are no joke. Besides being one of the strongest gangs they were also known for having many of the strongest delinquents. In the world of Tokyo Revengers, the leaders of every gang are much stronger than any of its normal members. Not only was Arashi a leader and hence much stronger than many of his peers, he was also the Guard Unit Captain, a position that would require him to be especially strong.


  • Benkei used to be the Guard Captain of Black Dragons. 
  • Benkei is currently affiliated with Brahman Gang. 
  • He respects the original ideals of the Black Dragons. 


keizo tokyo revengers

Black Dragon is one of the strongest gangs we see in the entirety of Tokyo Revengers. Along with people like Shinichiro and Imaushi, Arashi is one of its founding members.

The Black Dragon gang works on the idea of ‘generations’ where every generation is defined by the gang having a new leader (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 79). Arashi is part of the gang’s very first generation alongside the leader Shinichiro.


Black Dragons

Black Dragon

Black Dragon Gang: The Black Dragons are one of the strongest gangs in the entirety of Tokyo Revengers. At the height of their glory, they all but controlled the entirety of Tokyo (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 63). The first generation of the gang is known for being especially powerful and when the gang was at its strongest. Arashi was part of the first generation and served as the Guard Unit Captain.

Arashi seems to care about his former gang even more than many of his fellow members. Even years later, he still shows signs about deeply caring about the Black Dragons and everything they stood for.

Brahman Gang

Brahman Gang

Executive of Brahman Gang

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Takeomi is a great addition to an already well-rounded and developed cast of characters. Many fans will doubtless be curious to see where his character arc takes him.


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