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Haruchiyo Sanzi was a mysterious, silent background character who didn’t do much to the story until the last chapters when we realize that he can be a crazy character as well. The character was announced in Chapter 139 but he was there all along before, but we only know him better when we are reading Chapter 196 where It said he shows his crazy-ass face.

Haruchiyo Sanzu

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Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo sanzu


Status: Alive

Birth: Unknown

Age: 16


-Kawaragi Senju (younger sister) 

-Takeomi Akashi (older brother)

Professional Status

Position: Bonten’s number 2, Tenjiku member (former), 

Eye Color: Blue

Hair color: Rosy Pink (Manga), Bleach Blond (Anime) 

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 138

Anime Debut: Episode 5

Voice Actors


English: – 



As a Teen

In this story, when we are talking about a character, we usually talk about two types of that character. When he was young in 2003 and when he was older in 2017. 

 When he was a teen, he had long pink hair and he was always wearing a black mask. The reason for the mask is that he has scary scars on his mouth so his boss, Yasuhiro Muto, gave him a black mask to cover it. (Chapter 196)

 His hair, as I said, is a long and pink pair but when he joined the Toman, it was shorter and combed to one side only. Later, he got his hair longer to his shoulders.

 His clothes are usually the jacket of the gang he is in, which is the Toman most of the time. So he wears a Toman black jacket, black jeans, and white boots.

 In fact, I should also mention that he also appeared in the anime, too. But his hair there is blonde. We don’t know why it changed but in the anime, the arc where he got a bigger rule hasn’t gotten an adaptation, so it shouldn’t bother us yet.

As an Adult

As an adult, he got rid of his mask so we can clearly see the scars on his mouth and he also got a tattoo on his forehead which shows that he is a member of the Bonten gang.

 His hair stayed long but only on the back. His forehead is exposed and it needs to be because his Bonten tattoo is there.

 He doesn’t wear jackets anymore. His style has become more classy, meaning he wears a shirt with a waistcoat, and finally, he also wears classy jeans with all that.  A scary but classy criminal.


haruchiyo tokyo revengers

At the start of the story, he seems like a silent character, his masks also make us think that, but later we find out he is not really just a shy boy. We find out that he is really a troublesome member of Toman.

He’s so troublesome that Manjiro Sano didn’t find a division that could manage him. So he directs him to the 5th division where he becomes good friends with the captain of the 5th division: Yasuhiro Muto. But even though they were good friends Sanzu believes that “the king is more important than anything else” and when Muto didn’t follow his ideals their friendship ended in a non-so-friendly way. (Chapter 206)

 When he became a member of the criminal organization, Bonten. His personality went in a really bad direction. His personality in 2017 can be described in one word, PSYCHO. He kills people without any morals and smiles while doing it.

Strength And Skills

Haruchiyo sanzu


It is one of the significant strengths of Akaza. He can easily sense the opponent’s attacks even without seeing. That’s because he can detect a person’s movements with his ability of Detection Compass. The strength of his detection compass and the opponent’s battle spirit is directly proportional.

Akaza: “The stronger his battle spirit is, the stronger my compass detection will get.” (Manga Chapter 152)

Tanjiro: “These precise techniques!! They pierce through my openings as accurately as a compass. What’s more, these attacks aim for my vital points as if they’re being attracted by magnets.” (Manga Chapter 149)


  •  Even though we haven’t seen Sanzu in a fight we can clearly expect that he is really strong. The obvious reason is that he somehow became the vice-captain of the 5th division and we know Muto enough that he won’t accept a weakling as vice-captain
  •  The second reason we know he is really strong is because he is number one of Bonten. Whereas the leader Mikey-kun (Manjiro Sano) is the strongest character in the series, so for someone like that to accept Sanzu as number 2, he has to be really strong.
  •  But if I mentioned Bonten, from that period we know that Sanzu is not only strong when he is using his fist but he is capable of using weapons. We can see him using two types of weapons: a katana, and a gun. He seems to be a real pro when it comes to katana because he sliced his opponent in a second. About guns, it looks like he is used to them but he doesn’t look like an extreme pro with it.



Unfortunately, until now we don’t know much about his past. (Chapter 217). We only know that he used to be a troublemaker inside Toman until he joined the 5th division.

The other thing we know is that he has two siblings: Takeomi Akashi, an older brother, and Senju Kawaragi, a little sister. But in a conversation between him and Muto, he said he is an only child(Chapter 206)

After this, we can only speculate: he doesn’t know, he doesn’t consider them as a family or something else. We will need to await these answers.


Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang

As I said he is vice-captain of the 5th division of the Tokyo Maji Gang or Toman for short.  While he is in this gang, he helps out in the various fights from the background. He made a strong friendship with Muto so when he decided to leave Toman, he also left Toman and helped Muto to scout Coco for the Kanto Manji Gang.


Tenjiku Gang

He left Toman and joined the Kanto Manjo Gang but he didn’t do much in this gang. He also doesn’t seem to appear in the fight between Toman and Tenjiku.

Kantou Manji Gang

Kanto Manji Gang

After he lost the gang which he was in, he had to find another gang that he could join, so, he found the Kanto Manji Gang, one of the biggest gangs in Tokyo with the strongest president Manjiro Sano.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know much about this gang at this point (Chapter 217). We know that it is quite big, and Mikey-kun is the president of the gang, and Hajime Kokonoi is also a member of this gang. We also know that this gang is responsible for the Shibuya Ward.

Mikey-kun made this gang after 2 years of the fight between Toman and Tenjiku. But the gang’s objective is still unknown.


Bonten Gang

Bonten is Kanto Manji Gang but in the future it is not really a gang anymore but a criminal organization. It deals with drugs, prostitution, murders, and so on. Sanzu is not only a member of this organization but number two, meaning the only person who is above him is the president himself who stayed the same: Mikey-kun.

From the one chapter we saw, he seems to be some kind of special person who deals with traitors inside the organization. The same thing that the 5th division did in Toman, but he is doing it alone. He finds the traitors and gets rid of them in a classical mafia way.  He also seems to be a bodyguard for the president, like he would need one, but he always follows him everywhere.


Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto

Muto is the captain of the 5th division inside of Toman. Their relationship started really badly but later on Muto chose him to be the vice-captain.

Sanzu said that Muto is like a brother to him, and everything seems to be good between them, even when Muto left Toman, but later Sanzu couldn’t accept Muto’s betrayal so their relationship ended really badly.

Takeomi Akashi

Takeomi Akashi

He is the blood-related big brother to Sanzu who he either doesn’t know about or doesn’t accept him. We don’t know much about their relationship because in the manga they haven’t met with each other yet.

But they will definitely meet because he is the vice-president of Brahman, a gang whose objective is to stop the Kanto Manji gang.

Senju Kawaragi

Kawaragi Senju

She is the blood-related little sister to Sanzu who he also either doesn’t know about or doesn’t accept her. He also hasn’t met with her yet in the manga, but we know that she doesn’t use her real name when she is in the gang. The reason is not clear, she said because it sounds cool but it could be something else. (Chapter 216)

I am sure this little sister is going to meet with her big brother in future chapters because she is the boss of Brahama which is trying to stop the Kanto Manji gang.


Sanzu plot

Currently, the plot for him is that he is a member of the Kanto Manji Gang which will become Bonten in the future, a criminal organization. But the story right now is in 2006. Where another organization Brahman is trying to stop the Kanto Manji Gang whose leader is his little sister and its vice-president is his big brother. The main character, Takemichi Hanagaki already found out that Sanzu is a key element to change the future so he will take a big part in the last arc of this manga series. But we need to wait to find out what it is,

Voice Actors


English – TBA


We will surely get to see more of Haruchiyo Sanzu throughout the anime especially in the Bonten Gang in the future. Who knew he would be the brother of almighty Kawaragi Senju? Did you know? 


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2- Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 196

3- Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 206

4- Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 215

5- Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 216

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