3+ Best Tokyo Revengers WAIFUS that fans are CRAZY so far…!

Tokyo Revengers Waifus

If you’re looking for a violent and badass girl for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! Tokyo Revengers has a lot of good-looking yet badass characters. But when it comes to female characters, there are only some of them. Honestly guys, the three girls that I’m about to introduce you are literally the perfect waifus to exist! That’s right! We have Hinata TachibanaEmma Sano, and Yuzuha. 

Some people believe that girls have to be Kawaii and bubbly but some people like their girls to be tough and baddies! However, Tokyo Revengers has only three female characters so far, the three of them are very WHOLESOME! One of them is Kawaii and the others are badass! So, it neutralizes the anime. Now, without further ado, let’s dig right into it and find your Tokyo Revengers Waifus! 

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3. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana, Tokyo Revengers

If you’re ever down or sad, Hinata Tachibana will come to save you! She will raise your morale and make sure that you’re smiling all the time. Honestly, Hinata Tachibana is one of the perfect waifus in any anime. 

She’s the girlfriend of Takemichi Hanagaki. Takemichi was completely a different person before he met Hinata. When he’s on the verge of breaking down Hinata always comes to raise her morale. She never failed to evolve Takemichi into a new person

Hinata is a very extroverted and bright person. She loves making new friends even though she gets jealous very easily. We have seen her getting jealous of Emma when she was with Takemichi. In fact, Hinata has slapped the unbeatable Manjiro too! Can you guys believe that? It’s insane how she stepped out for Takemichi. 

I got very impressed to see Hinata being strong-willed and protecting those who are dear to her even if it meant danger to her own life. I think that’s an amazing trait! And now we all understand why Takemichi is head over heels for Hinata! Indeed, we all need a waifu like Hinata who’d be there for our mental reassurance. That’s all we need in 2021! Isn’t that right? 

2. Emma Sano

Emma Sano, Tokyo Revengers

Emma Sano, being half-sisters of Mikey and Izana Kurokawa, is a very tough and strong girl. She has learned martial arts from Mikey too. Emma is a martial artist. Draken is Emma’s boyfriend. And in my opinion, they both look BEST together! What do you guys think? 

I think you guys can stan Emma but she’s already head over heels for Draken. She’s short and very feminine. She’s got sandy hair that sweeps to one side. Emma wears a casual uniform with a jacket wrapped around her waist. Once she changes clothes, we get to see her unique fashion sense. 

Her long-time crush is Ken Ryuguji and is very childish around him. She’s very flirty and tries her best to get Ken’s attention. And Emma wishes to grow up faster but her silly nature comes in the way. However, she’s very loyal to her brother and respects him as well! 

Emma’s friendship with Hina is BEAUTIFUL! She follows the order of protecting Hinata. And since she’s been spending a lot of her time with Hinata, they both have developed very nice relations with one another. Indeed, Emma is one of the best waifus to exist in Tokyo Revengers!

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1. Yuzuha Shiba

Shiba Yuzuha

Yuzuha Shiba is the younger sister of Taiju Shiba and Hakkai Shiba. She’s a very brave girl who took a lot of punches for her brother Hakkai Shiba. Her older brother Taiju abused both of his siblings back in the days which made Yuzuha quite strong! 

And now, she’s one of the strongest Tokyo Revengers Characters. Truly Yuzuha is one of the most badass characters in Tokyo Revengers. Honestly, if I were a guy, I’d date Yuzuha! She’s for sure a perfect waifu to exist in Anime. 

Yuzuha is very calculated, her quick-witted thinking allows her to handle dangerous situations very smoothly. She’s very sensitive when it comes to her brother Taiju Shiba. Yuzuha is ill-tempered but that’s one of her strengths. 

When there was a conflict going on between the Black Dragons and Tokyo Manji Gang, Yuzuha stepped up for the sake of her brother, Taiju. Hakkai loathed how Taiju became a part of the Tokyo Manji Gang! Then the fight started and that’s how we got to see Yuzuha trying her best to protect her brother. YES! Yuzuha is the real badass waifu to exist in Tokyo Revengers! 


These were some of the BEST Tokyo Revengers Waifus! Do let us know about your favorite Waifu in Tokyo Revengers in the comments down below. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog! Stay tuned for more! 

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