COMPLETE Tokyo Ghoul Filler List (OFFICIAL)


Blood, blood and a lot of blood. What comes into your mind when you think about Tokyo Ghoul? For me, it’s just blood. Anyway, we’re not here today to talk about the disturbing things that happen in Tokyo Ghoul. You’re all aware of it, right? And if you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul, you really need to. This blog is for those who haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul and are planning to watch it. I’m here to list out all the filler episodes that you can skip while watching Tokyo Ghoul. But hey, you really don’t have to because they’re just too good to skip even if they’re Fillers or are just mixed ones. So, without further ado, let’s get right into our Filler List for Tokyo Ghoul!


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Table of Content

Tokyo Ghoul Filler List

Episode No. Episode Title. Type.
1 Tragedy Manga Canon
2 Incubation Manga Canon
3 Dove Manga Canon
4 Supper Manga Canon
5 Scars Manga Canon
6 Cloudburst Manga Canon
7 Captivity Manga Canon
8 Circular Manga Canon
9 Birdcage Manga Canon
10 Aogiri Manga Canon
11 High Spirits Manga Canon
12 Ghoul Manga Canon
13 New Surge Mixed Canon/Filler
14 Dancing Flowers Mixed Canon/Filler
15 Hangman Mixed Canon/Filler
16 Deeper Layers Mixed Canon/Filler
17 Rift Mixed Canon/Filler
18 Thousand Paths Mixed Canon/Filler
19 Permeation Mixed Canon/Filler
20 Old Nines Mixed Canon/Filler
21 City In Waiting Mixed Canon/Filler
22 Last Rain Mixed Canon/Filler
23 Deluge of Flowers Mixed Canon/Filler
24 Ken Mixed Canon/Filler

About Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

The story introduces a dark and grim Tokyo, which is infested with bloodthirsty Ghouls that are living alongside humans without revealing their true identity. The people of Tokyo are in constant fear of being devoured by these Ghouls who could attack them at any instant. What’s the most dangerous thing about these Ghouls is that it’s hard to tell them apart from normal humans. 

Ken Kaneki is a timid and shy college student who comes across a Ghoul named Rize Kamishiro who had concealed herself as a human. As he’s walking home with Rize, she shows Kaneki her true colors and attacks him. However, Kaneki is saved by a waitress named Touka Kirishima.

Kaneki is now a half-human and half-ghoul as he was attacked by Rize. Now, he must live his new life and save himself from both humans as well as ghouls. Will he be able to survive and resist the urge to devour human flesh and blood?


Tokyo Ghoul Mixed Filler/Canon Episodes

Tokyo Ghoul has a very low rate of fillers. There are two seasons with 24 episodes. The second season contains a total of 12 episodes that are mixed canon/fillers.

Episode 13 (New Surge)

episode 13

Episode 13 is basically the first episode of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul. It introduces us to a new character named Hideyoshi Nagachika. He goes to Anteiku and finds it closed. He then rides his bike to look for Kaneki. Kaneki is in the 11th ward of the torture building and after fighting with Yamori, he walks out of the building, wearing his mask. 

Owl is able to recognize the ghoul investigator whom he came across 10 years ago and who took his arms. Shinohara and Iwao decide that they must kill Owl and start a fight with him. There are a lot of casualties and Owl manages to flee from the site. 

Touka Kirishima and Ayato Kirishima come across each other where the latter humiliates Touka and tells her that she has a weak Kagune. There’s a fight between the two and it is interrupted by Kankei. Kaneki attacks Ayato but Ayato is saved by Noro who takes him away from Kaneki. 

Kankei proceeds to take Touka away by carrying her and leaves with Nishiki. The building starts to crumble and the investigators try to leave the building before it crashes down. Kaneki comes across the dead bodies of the investigators who got caught in the crashing building. He notices Eto smiling at him. Kaneki leaves and goes to Touka who comments on his hair being too eye-catching.

She suggests to him that he should do something about his hair as it will gain a lot of unwanted attention. That’s when Kaneki tells Touka that he’s not going back to Anteiku and is joining Aogiri. He leaves and Touka tries to stop him but is too fatigued to go after him. She ends up collapsing. 


Episode 14 (Dancing Flowers)


This episode opens with an investigation conference where all the Special Class Investigators are present. Kishou Arima is not present. The rest of the investigators think it’s very rude of him to not show up.

Anyway, the meeting starts and they discuss the Aogiri Tree. Their focus is on the ghoul with an eyepatch. They believe that he’s the one who has been leading the attacks.  Shinohara and Kuriowa talk about Owl in private after the meeting. They had both been involved in a fight with Owl and wanted to keep it a secret from the rest of the investigators

At Anteiku, the staff is preparing to open the cafe. They start talking about Touka and wonder what she would be doing. Kaya Irimi tells them that she’s preparing for her exams and wants to get into Kamii University

At School, Touka overhears some students talking about evacuations because of the recent ghoul attacks. The students also mention how they want all the ghouls to die. That leaves Touka bitter and sad. She walks home with Yoriko when Yoriko asks her the reason behind her wanting to go to Kamii University. Yoriko believes that she’s just following her boyfriend to the university. Touka is left dismayed.

After joining Aogiri, Kaneki had been attacking the CCG Headquarters and killing many investigators. Ayato has teamed with Kaneki in order to do so. 


Episode 15 (Hanged Man)

episode 3

This episode starts off with Kaneki and Ayato stopping a truck that is transporting the subordinate of Yamori, Naki. Both Kaneki and Ayato are attacked by the twins, Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa. They reveal themselves to be one-eyed ghouls and leave the scene. 

Naki is rescued by Kaneki from the truck that is about to burst. Naki is extremely angry and sad at Yamori’s death and fights Ayato. Apparently, there’s a rumour going on at the Aogiri Tree that Kaneki had devoured Yamori.

Hinami and Touka are in Touka’s apartment when news pops up on TV that a truck was attacked by some ghouls and they had witnessed a ghoul with an eyepatch leading the attack. Touka turns off the TV as she doesn’t want to listen to anything about Kaneki. The next day, everyone notices at Anteiku that Touka looks very depressed. Nishiki enters the cafe and starts talking about Hinami. Touka tries to attack him but fails. Nishiki offers Touka to give her a tour of Kamii University which she accepts.

episode 3

Touka visits the Kamii university and comes across a missing person poster for Kaneki. She then meets Hideyoshi Nagachika who tells her a bit about Kaneki’s past. 

Juuzou Suzuya is taken to the CCG Laboratory where he was going to get his new quinque. Juuzou is all excited and grabs his quinque to destroy a large block of steel. 

Kousuke Houji and Seido Takizawa are researching at the 20th Ward’s Branch Office. After they have done their research, they hold a meeting and discuss the ghoul with an eyepatch. They bring up the incident that happened between Kaneki and a woman four months ago. They also mentioned that the doctor who performed organ transplant on Kaneki disappeared with him. 


Episode 16 (Deeper Layers)

episode 4

Itsuki Murade and Yoshitoki Washu are discussing how they’re going to attack the Aogiri Tree again, despite how badly the 11th Ward was injured. They want to find out Owl’s true identity. For that, they dispatch Koutaro Amon to consult a Priest. 

Amon goes to Donato to interrogate him. Donato claims that he doesn’t know anything about Aogiri or Owl. Amon doesn’t get any answers out of Donato and leaves. 

Aogiri attacks Cochlea and all the investigators engage in a fight with the ghouls. Aogiri manages to free a lot of prisoners. Kaneki and Ayato are leading the attack and they split up later to complete their individual missions. Eto is watching over all the ghouls as they slaughter every personnel present in Cochlea. 

Akira and Amon are attacked by Naki, Gagi and Guge and are trying to survive until the backup arrives there to help them. Akira is attacked by Naki but is able to save herself from it, attacking Naki in return and weakening his Kagune. Naki still manages to fight and injures Akira’s leg. Amon saves her and takes her to a safe place despite her telling him to leave her behind. 

The backup arrives and Juuzou Suzuya starts killing the ghouls. Kurona and Nashiro come across Juuzou and are not happy to see him. Juuzou asks them why they decided to throw away their humanity and become ghouls. The twins replied that the world was a twisted place and they hated it so much. The three of them prepare to fight.

Shachi is free now and he comes across Kaneki. He notices that Kaneki smells like Rize. He fights Kaneki and overpowers him. Eto interrupts their fight and asks Sachi if he would like to see Rize. They leave and Kaneki is left alone. 


Episode 17 (Rift)

episode 6

Juuzou Suzuya, Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa reunite for the first time since their days in the Academy. Shizuka Kawakami is a friend of the twins and along with the twins, she asks Amon about being a ghoul investigator.

They’re reassured after they hear that women can become ghoul investigators too. However, after some time, Shizuka dies. They come across Juuzou after her death who can’t seem to sympathize with them. Both the twins are disgusted at Juuzou’s behaviour.

At Cochlea, the twins are fighting Juuzou and having a really hard time attacking him. Juuzou manages to injure Kurona and is about to kill her when Nashiro takes her sister and runs away.

ep 5

Tatara comes across Kousuke Houji and Seido Takizawa and engages in a  fight with them. Tatara is able to injure Kousuke Houji but retreats after an alarm goes off, releasing Control Rc gas. 

Ayato is engaged in a fight with Yukinori Shinohara. Just when he’s about to be defeated, he remembers about his past. He remembers his father reading him and his sister a bedtime story before leaving. Yukinori is weirded out by the distant look in the eyes of Ayato. That’s when Kaneki attacks Yukinori. He hits Yukinori really hard and Yukinori is overwhelmed. 

Amon is carrying Akira to a safe place when he notices the twins and recognizes them. The girls recognize him as well and take their leave. After that, Amon comes across Kaneki who is eating Shinohara. Amon attacks him and just before he’s going to finish off Kaneki, Owl comes and takes Kaneki away. 


Episode 18 (Thousand Paths)


In the last fight, Kaneki activated his Kakuja, and ever since he activated it, he hasn’t been able to control it properly. It causes him extreme pain and his Kakuja destroys everything in sight. He’s now considered a greater threat to humanity after the last battle. 

Even though Touka is staying away from all the ghoul drama, she still can’t ignore the rumors about Kaneki. Shinohara declared him very dangerous as he fought with Kaneki and was near death. 

Juuzou Suzuya had been spending most of his time idly after the battle. He’s wandering around in a zoo when his memories are triggered by a parent and a child present in the zoo. He remembered how he used to work as a Scrapper under Big Madam. He was saved by the CCG who took him in. However, he was declared unfit to work because of his behaviour. But Shinohara disagrees with them and makes Juuzou his partner. 


Juuzou is soon approached by Shinohara who just got out of the hospital. Juuzou asks Shinohara about Owl and if he’s really strong. Shinohara tells him that he’s really strong. Juuzou is seen to be very excited after hearing that. 

Amon is constantly bothered by humans turning into ghouls after what he experienced at Cochlea. He decides to investigate the twins and Kaneki is also on his mind. To shake off this weird feeling, Amon decides to join Seido Takizawa and Akira Mado for dinner. Takizawa and Akira get into an argument and Takizawa leaves, leaving Amon and Akira alone.

Akira is bitter. She thinks that her father died because Amon couldn’t protect him and Amon agrees to that. But he vows to Akira that he will protect her.


Episode 19 (Permeation)

Hinami Feuguchi constantly worries about Kaneki Ken’s activities and their effects on humans. Shuu Tsukiyama tells her that Kaneki is fine and takes her to a cafe where she meets Sen Takatsuki. Takatsuki tells her that she cannot help Kaneki and gives Hinami her business card, telling Hinami to call her whenever she needs some help.

Takatsuki visits CCG and asks them to have an interview with someone from the staff. Juuzou Suzuya and Yukinori Shinohara talk to her. Takatsuki tells them that she wants to write a novel about ghouls in the future and wants some information about them. He asks them if artificial ghouls could be made by putting a ghoul’s body parts inside humans. Shinohara finds it weird and judges her for thinking that. 

Kaneki is having nightmares and is still bothered by his mentality. Kaneki decides to visit Anteiku and have a talk with Yoshimura. Yoshimura agrees to speak to Kaneki. 


Hinami gets to know about Kaneki’s visit and tells Touka about it. Touka confronts Kaneki under a bridge and Kaneki explains to her the reason why he joined the Aogiri Tree. He only wanted to protect Touka and Anteiku. Touka tells him that she can see through his lies and he’s only doing it because of his selfishness. Touka is angry and starts a fight with Kaneki. She doesn’t want him to rejoin Anteiku and beats him, leaving him alone.

Juuzou and Shinohara visit Anteiku to investigate Yoshimura about Kaneki as he used to work there previously. Yoshimura tells them that they are no longer in contact with Kaneki as he disappeared after having an organ transplant. Shinohara tells Yoshimura that he had seen him somewhere before but Yoshimura denies it. Shinohara and Juuzou leave after. 


Episode 20 (Old Nines)

When Kaneki met Yoshimura, Kaneki asked him about the one-eyed Owl. Yoshimura told him a story about a ghoul named Kuzen who fell in love with a human woman, Ukina, and got her pregnant. Kuzen told Ukina that their baby won’t be able to survive. However, Ukina was adamant on giving birth. Ukina gave birth to a one-eyed ghoul. The organization where Ukina worked did not approve of her child and killed Ukina. Kuzen was able to save his baby. That baby was Owl and it is revealed that Owl is the child of Yoshimura.

The people at Anteiku are enjoying their time there. Even though they are too busy, the air is still light and cheery. Touka is also able to enjoy her school life after meeting with Kaneki. 

Shinohara files a report after visiting Anteiku. Itsuki Marude is the one who reads it. However, he is a little confused as Shinohara’s report lacked evidence. Shinohara decides to visit Anteiku again and this time, he visits it after it’s closed. Shinohara meets Yoshimura and they talk for a bit while drinking coffee. Shinohara leaves and Komi and Kaya Irimi visit Yoshimura, reporting him about their work being done. The CCG’s target is now Anteiku and they must prepare for it.


Episode 21 (City in Waiting)


The CCG is ready to eradicate Owl. Amon meets Akira who tells him about how Owl killed her father. Many years ago, they happened to face Owl. Owl was too overpowered for them to handle. That’s when Akira’s father was killed by Owl. Akira is adamant about getting her father’s revenge from Owl. Amon is concerned about her ending up doing something reckless.

The CCG are ready to ambush Anteiku and face Enji Koma and Kaya Irimi first. Yoshimura is confronted by the primary force and faces them alone. He is able to slaughter a bunch of investigators, scaring the survivors. That’s when Shinohara arrives there and recognizes Yoshimura as the manager of Anteiku. 

Touka when hears about Anteiku being under attack, she tries to sneak out and that’s when Renji Yomo stops her. Touka is upset because she wants to help her friends from Anteiku. Yomo tells her that they’re all fighting with the CCG as a punishment for their past crimes. Touka tells Yomo that she should also be held accountable and get punished for killing people. She rushes off to Anteiku as she doesn’t want to lose any of her friends.

Ken also decides to help them and meets Nishiki Nishio who tells him that Touka and Hinami are safe. Shuu Tsukiyama stops Kaneki from going and Kaneki fights him off. After getting beaten, Tsukiyama begs Kaneki to not leave. However, Kaneki has already made up his mind and does not listen to Tsukiyama’s pleas. 


Episode 22 (Last Rain)

episode 10

In this episode, the battle continues. The Special Investigators are engaged in a fight with Yoshimura, Koma and Irimi. Yoshimura is in deep trouble as the CCG are overpowering him. They have defeated him and Yoshimura struggles to stay sane and starts seeing Ukina in his hallucination. Amon attacks Kaneki with his team. Meanwhile, the CCG starts celebrating their victory against Yoshimura, Owl emerges out of nowhere and attacks the CCG.


Episode 23 (Deluge of Flowers)

epsidoe 11

Shinohara is extremely wounded and Juuzou is left alone to face Owl. Aogiri Tree also decided to help Anteiku with their battle against the CCG. Kaneki is fighting Amon. Kaneki tells Amon that he doesn’t want to fight him. However, Amon has no intention of backing down. 

Both Kaneki and Amon are extremely injured after their battle. Meanwhile, Juuzou is unable to fight Owl as he’s too overpowered. Owl attacks Juuzou but is saved by Arima who attacks Owl with his quinque. Arima chops off Owl’s arm and Owl then swallows Yoshimura and runs away. Kaneki is heavily injured but somehow makes it to Anteiku. The episode ends with Owl transforming into Sen Takatsuki, his true form.


Episode 24 (Ken)

episode 12

Kaneki meets with Hideyoshi at Anteiku to have a final talk. Hideyoshi told Kaneki that he always knew that Kaneki was a ghoul and was very disappointed because he stopped contacting him. Hideyoshi is also extremely injured and suddenly collapses after having a talk with Kaneki. When Touka arrives, she sees Anteiku burning. She also notices an injured Kaneki carrying Hideyoshi. After that, Kaneki fights with Arima. A few days after the battle, Touka is seen opening a new cafe.



Tokyo Ghoul

We’re finally at the end of our blog and I must say, I have revealed a lot to you guys. I hope this list helped you in knowing more about Tokyo Ghoul’s filler episodes. Comment down below if you want us to make more filler lists!


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