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Back in the early 2010s, Tokyo Ghoul was a massive hit. If you were one of those people who witnessed that “cosplay boom” of people wearing Kaneki Ken masks during conventions, then you probably know where we’re going here. Both the anime and manga are well-loved by fans around the world.

Although the anime series has already concluded, we think it’s a better way to revisit this popular series by exploring each of the characters’ individual zodiacs and match it with their personalities. We have a lot of characters to cover to sit back, relax, and let’s go.

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Tokyo Ghoul Character Zodiacs

Before we get deeper into each of the characters, we have decided to start with the main characters first then proceed into the side characters that have appeared in the anime. Also, we would like to remind our fellow otakus that this feature will be filled with heavy spoilers along the way, so we highly recommend that you watch or read the Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga before proceeding. There’s going to be A LOT to get into so here we go!

Aries (March 21 ~ April 20)

Koutarou Amon

tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Koutarou Amon

Birthday: April 7
Sign: Aries

Koutarou Amon is a former First Class Ghoul Investigator born under the sign of Aries. Similar to his zodiac sign, he is usually the kind of person who sticks to his beliefs regardless if people see it as wrong or not. Koutarou was an orphan and due to a certain personal experience, he believes that what the world is doing is wrong and he is destined to change it for the better. He also strongly believes that the reason why the world is chaotic and different is all because of the ghouls.

However, after meeting Kaneki, he starts to question his beliefs and slowly changes his previous views. Although his appearance doesn’t say much, he has a huge and soft heart for children.

Taurus (April 21 ~ May 20)

Kanae von Rosewald

Birthday: April 2

Kanae is a German ghoul and the last remaining member of the Rosewald family. Like her zodiac sign, sometimes it’s really hard to understand her. One of the notable things that people would not forget about her is when she talks to a rose and has this habit of mixing languages (such as German) in her sentences which can be difficult to understand. She can also be very over-dramatic in her speeches and quite flamboyant at times.

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)

Hinami Fueguchi

tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Hinami Fueguchi

Birthday:  May 21
Sign: Gemini

We have Hinami Fueguchi. Like Touka, she is a ghoul whose parents got killed by some ghoul investigators. Like her zodiac sign Gemini, she appreciates her closest relationships to the point that they are like her family siblings. You get to see this with her sibling-like solid relationships with both Kaneki and Touka. She is shy, but she has a very gentle heart for those she really cares about. She also loves reading and gaining knowledge.

Unlike other characters in the world of anime which will find ways to avenge the death of their parents, Hinami is the opposite. She continues to live her life with a cheerful attitude and not letting the sadness of losing her parents overwhelm her.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Hideyoshi Nagachika

Birthday: June 10
Sign: Gemini

Another character in the series under the Gemini sign, Hideyoshi Nagachika or Hide is a human and is Kaneki Ken’s close friend. He is friendly, carefree, and very joyful. It’s no question as to why Kaneki Ken admired his energy. Aside from this, he is very observant with his surroundings, and the people he interacts with that are not Kaneki.

It’s also no question as to why he is quite an admirable character because we couldn’t imagine what would happen to Kaneki if he didn’t have a loyal friend like him. Bless this dude!

Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

Touka Kirishima

tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Touka Kirishima

Birthday: July 1
Sign: Cancer

Being under the Cancer sign, Touka Kirishima is a character that has a dual personality of rage and kindness. Although her reckless personality was because of her abandonment issues and insecurities, she has a kind loving heart and wished to become human and be part of society. Touka is a ghoul and notable for wearing a rabbit mask when she goes on a hunt to refresh your memory.

We get to see her progress as a character as her relationship grew with Kaneki through the series. When the time came, Kaneki and her got married. This was also the period when the humans and ghouls are finally living in harmony in the same world. It is amazing what love can do to a Cancer, really. This kind of situation does not apply to Touka alone, but also to other anime characters born under this zodiac sign.

Renji Yomo

Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Renji Yomo

Birthday: July 9
Sign: Cancer

Born under the Cancer sign, Renji is the right hand of Yoshimura. In the series, he is given the nickname “Raven” due to his avian-shaped mask as well as his eating habits. He’s hot-headed and would not hesitate to fight back when someone gets in his way. When it comes to the people he cares about, like Hetare, he is a very overprotective person.

Leo (July 23 ~ August 22)


Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Yoshimura

Birthday: August 2 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Leo

Based on our careful observation, Yoshimura is most likely be a character under the Leo sign. He helps the ghouls that can’t hunt or kill humans because he cares for both species. He is the manager of the Anteiku café and took Kaneki Ken under his wing to teach him the ways of living like a ghoul.

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

Seidou Takizawa

Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Seidou Takizawa

Birthday: September 10
Sign: Virgo

Seidou is a former Ghoul Investigator (Rank 2) and is born under the Virgo sign. He is notable in the series for being straightforward and holds great admiration for his mentors or any person higher in authority. Sometimes it has become almost close to an obsession as he keeps newspaper clippings related to these personalities. He often encounters conflicts with his coworkers and, in the end, doesn’t really get much respect in return. He also gets upset when he felt like being forced to interact with younger associates.

Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

Rize Kamishiro

Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - Rize Kamishiro

Birthday: October 18
Sign: Libra

Born under the Libra sign, Rize was a ghoul and Matasaka Kamishiro’s foster daughter. She was born into the Washuu Class and is Tsuneyoshi Washuu’s illegitimate child. You shouldn’t mess with her as this independent ghoul can take you down to her trap if you fell victim to her schemes. In the series, those who were acquainted and went into conflicts with her are more or less not to come out alive. She is very dangerous and very selfish.

Although her personality is something under the antagonist category in the anime, Rize does have a fan following regardless. Even if she is, to us, one of the most dangerous people to mess with within the series.

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Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 22)


Birthday: November 2
Sign: Scorpio

Born under the Scorpio sign, Nico is one of the members of the Clowns and is Itori’s close friend. Like Kane, Nico is a flamboyant person. He is also very outgoing and playful. Under this playful character on the surface hides a twisted personality who is fascinated with life’s extremities.

Sagittarius (November 23 ~ December 21)

Ken Kaneki

Birthday: December 20
Sign: Sagittarius

Now we go to our main man, Ken Kaneki. We believe that there is no question as to why Kaneki is primarily relatable to fellow otakus because he is shy and reserved—two personality traits under the Sagittarius sign. He is often seen as a loner and only has one trusted friend, Hide. Most of the time, he is optimistic and very gentle.

Due to his true testament of modesty and being greatly influenced by his mom, he is willing to take blame and punishment from others. He would instead absorb the torment and rather be someone who doesn’t want to hurt people. Although this kind of makes him like a martyr of sorts, his lack of assertiveness is also the reason why he gets targeted for bullying. Although he doesn’t really admit it on the surface, Kaneki is afraid of solitude and is willing to protect the people he cares about in order to avoid that loneliness.

Kaneki’s story may sound a little sad and tragic at the beginning, but at least things look a little better for him as he had Touka as his wife.


Tokyo Ghoul Zodiacs - uta

Birthday: December 2
Sign: Sagittarius

Uta is a ghoul born under the Sagittarius sign. Although, his face seems lifeless, especially when it comes to first impression. He has a good way of speaking and is quite friendly to people. On the other side of the coin, however, he has his own way of teasing people. Formally, he is seen as savage and mad but has huge respect, especially to fellow artists, particularly when it comes to ideas.

Capricorn (December 22 ~ January 19)

Arata Kirishima

Birthday: January 1
Sign: Capricorn

Arata is known as “Corpse Collector,” and he is born under the Capricorn sign. Like his zodiac, he is gentle and virtuous. He is a ghoul who just wants to live peacefully along with the humans and wants his children to experience the same. He admires humans so much that he does all the basic things humans do, like cooking and eating food regardless of whether ghouls like him and his children cannot digest.

He is very passionate about the human world that he tries his best to blend and socialize with humans as much as possible.

Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 19)

Nishio Nishiki

Birthday: February 4
Sign: Aquarius

Nishio Nishiki is one of the characters who fought against Kaneki but eventually become one of his allies. Like the Aquarius sign, he is a very diligent student and you would definitely say he is one of those characters who only wished to get straight A’s all the time in school. He can be very insensitive too and he is very vocal of swearing hurtful words without regret. Although his sharp tongue can be too much for people, Nishiki is trustworthy and willing to sacrifice his life for his lover, Kimi.

Pisces (February 20 ~ March 20)

Kuki Urie

Birthday: February 12
Sign: Pisces

Kuki is the squad leader and mentor of the Quinx Squad. Like his zodiac sign, he knows how to keep his cool, which is evident due to his mostly emotionless face all throughout the series. He is a very dedicated person when it comes to his work as a ghoul investigator. He can be very ruthless, especially when it comes to dealing with ghouls that stand in his way. He also has the knack to investigate the smallest detail of something or someone, especially on something that he thinks is very suspicious.

Shuu Tsukiyama

Birthday: March 3
Sign: Pisces

Another Pisces character in the Tokyo Ghoul series, Shuu, is infamous for being the “Gourmet ghoul.” He comes from a very wealthy and influential Tsukiyama Family. When you see him for the first time in the series, you would see him as someone who is very friendly, intelligent, and a confident ghoul. However, don’t let these traits fool you, as he uses his good side to lure his “preys” into the Ghoul restaurant. He is actually a selfish, eccentric and cruel character. You seriously don’t want to mess with him or be near him.

Yakumo Oomori

Birthday: March 15
Sign: Pisces

Another Pisces character in the Tokyo Ghoul series, Yakumo is the founder/leader of the White Suits. Not much known of his previous life, but he is a arrogant, very manipulative, and deceitful ghoul. Like Shuu, you wouldn’t want to be near this character as he tends to be very violent when you stand in his way.


Although the series has been long done and over with, Tokyo Ghoul, in our opinion, is one good anime and manga series to get into while you are still waiting for new episodes of your currently watched anime. We recommend that you watch live-action movies as well as their spin-offs to give different perspectives of the key characters of the franchise. We hope this one has been very informative to you and look forward to more Tokyo Ghoul stuff from us very soon.

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