All TOKYO GHOUL Characters’ Birthdays

“If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.” – Ken Kaneki.

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Aside from Kaneki, another appeal of the “Tokyo Ghoul” anime is the breath of fresh air outside our regular Shonen-Ai anime. Tokyo Ghoul did give us a delicious and balanced serving of beautiful friendships, repulsive gore, unique characters, character development, and pretty good animation for its era. We’ll be looking at how closely and seriously Sui Ishida took the characters’ birthdays. 

Without further ado, here are the official birthdays of the characters in Tokyo Ghoul!


Arata Kirishima

Birthday: January 1st

Arima started out as a comforting character wanting nothing but to live in peace with his family until his wife was murdered. His sensitivity after the loss of his wife drove him to eventually kill humans and ghouls alike.

Kureo Mado

Birthday: January 24th

Mado was a ghoul investigator obsessed with the death of his wife and her killer. He did end up killing ghouls to quench his thirst for revenge but ultimately failed at killing his wife’s murderer.


Birthday: January 28th

Naki was a confident, boastful and sensitive ghoul that eventually joined forces with Kaneki after Aogiri was disbanded. Naki’s naivety also made him gullible.


Nishiki Nishio

Birthday: February 4th

Nishio was a pretty loyal lover to his girlfriend, Kimi and likewise a diligent and cautious student. He was an analytic, enjoyed his books, and loved to learn.

Kuki Urie

Birthday: February 12th

For such a straight-faced person, Urie did enjoy his job killing ghouls as an investigator. Harboring quite the level of hate from the way in which his dad died, he preferred to do things on his own terms due to his high ambitions.

Donato Porpora

Birthday: February 14th

Donato was a Russian ghoul that partook in ruthless acts including killing children. Donato enjoyed inflicting pain and suffering on others.

Kichimura Washuu

Birthday: February 29th

Formerly “Souta Washuu-furuta” amongst other aliases which he used to get his way, eventually became the leader of the CCG. Souta was selfish and cared less for his comrades or their deaths. He had a destructive view of the world.


Shuu Tsukimaya

Birthday: March 3rd

Shuu was an eccentric ghoul that enjoyed obsessing over Kaneki, killing humans and corrupt ghouls, playing the piano, and studying foreign languages as he eagerly lets us know with his expressions.

Ginshi Shirazu

Birthday: March 8th

Ginshi was a simpleminded person and did what it took to execute a task and ensure safety. He shows his compassion for his sibling and in his recognition with the human side of ghouls.

Yakumo Oomori

Birthday: March 15th

Kaneki’s torturer, also nicknamed Jason, is the major antagonist of the series. He is known for torturing and mentally breaking abilities.


Koutarou Amon

Birthday: April 7th

Koutarou was an investigator with a justice drive with the enemies, in this scenario being ghouls. He eventually opened his mind to the possibility of their existence not being all evil after he was spared by Kaneki.

Misato Gori

Birthday: April 8th

Gori was one of the ghoul investigators that participated in the Aogiri Tree operation. She was presumably friends with colleagues of Amon, as she was disturbed by the news of his death.

Kazuo Yoshida

Birthday: April 10th

Yoshida was naïve with people and inexperienced with the ladies which ultimately did not pose well for him. He was eventually killed off by Nishio for feeding on his turf.

Kanae von Rosewald

Birthday: April 23rd

While pretending to be a boy for nine years just to fulfill her dying father’s desires, Rose developed feelings for her master, Shuu Tsukiyama. She was a melodramatic and compassionate German ghoul until she was made unstable by the trauma she suffered from torture.


Take Hirako

Birthday: May 14th

Take had a calm demeanor and fought with an effort to keep casualties to a minimum. He was quite icy and shrewd in dealing with ghouls.

Maiko Abe

Birthday: May 15th

Also known as “Madame A”, she was a cruel woman and was only seen to have shown any emotions when Taro died.

Hinami Fueguchi

Birthday: May 21st

Just before her parents died, she was put under the care of Anteiku café. Hinami was a child ghoul with a thirst for learning and knowledge. She also had a good sense of smell.

Hanbee Abara

Birthday: May 21st

Hanbee was a peacekeeper with looks that opposed his personality. He was gentle and avoided rough situations that would compel him to get into fights.

Mougan Tanakamaru

Birthday: May 31st

Mougan was a rare ghoul investigator compared to the others, as he really wears his emotions thin.


Akira Mado

Birthday: June 6th

Akira was smart and passionate about her job. Just like her father, she displayed a good level of sensitivity and comprehension, which she used in her investigation to solve cases.

Juuzou Suzuya

Birthday: June 8th

Suzuya loves to hurt himself as he enjoyed inflicting pain on himself by sewing together his skin. He was emotionally lacking and had no sensitivity to morals, fear and the likes. Most likely, due to the experiments performed on him.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

Birthday: June 10th

Pretty much the opposite of Kaneki and also his best friend, Nagachika was a very playful, joyous and friendly character. His observational skills were top notch which helped in his determination and curiosity.

Ching-Li Hsiao

Birthday: June 20th

Hsiao was an investigator who focused most of her time on work. Her calm and calculative demeanor has aided her out of tight situations. It also made tasks for her and her team easy to execute.


Birthday: June 29th

Rio was a careless fellow with his only interest being killing ghouls after the murder of his brother. He was eventually caught and tortured by Kijima.


Touka Kirishima

Birthday: July 1st

Unlike her pretty calm looks, Touka battled with a lot of trauma induced issues. These made her pretty unstable in her behaviors and actions. She innately has a longing to be human again as she was raised to reject her ghoul nature.

Ayato Kirishima

Birthday: July 4th

Ayato started off as a typical pubescent teenager but eventually grew past that to be more cultured.

Kurona Yasuhisa

Birthday: July 7th

She was a cheerful child as most are, until she witnessed her parents getting murdered by a ghoul. This eventually led her down a rough path of killings.

Nashiro Yasuhisa

Birthday: July 7th

Just like her sister “Kurona”, the death of her parents ruined their childhood and created a dependency situation between both of them.

Renji Yomo

Birthday: July 9th

Albeit quiet and reserved now, Renji was once a very rash, cold and hot blooded ghoul who always chose violence to solve his issues. He also harbored a lot of hate towards Arima for killing his sister.


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Saiko Yonebayashi

Birthday: September 4th

Saiko was lazy and avoided work as much and often as she could. She preferred to live carefree, playing games and eating. Asides her shenanigans, Saiko comes through as an investigator and does her job well when needed.

Seidou Takizawa

Birthday: September 10th

Seidou has a major inferiority complex which results in him having issues with his peers. As a human, he was sincere and easy going which gained him admiration. After being transformed into a ghoul, he became a merciless killer.


Kuuro Ui

Birthday: October 3rd

Koori is a simple and straightforward special class ghoul investigator with a knack for telling jokes. Like most investigators, he despised ghouls and saw them all as monsters.

Rize Kamishiro

Birthday: October 18th

Rize was a confident and selfish female ghoul that reeled her human meals in with her female charms.



Birthday: November 2nd

Nico was a gaudy and outgoing ghoul. He enjoys being at the receiving and giving end of pain. He is also shown to be smart and sly. Although violent, his boundaries lie with children.



Birthday: December 2nd

Uta was a ghoul and artiste who creates and sells masks. He may come across as nice but is very indifferent about occurrences and situations around him.

Tooru Mutsuki

Birthday: December 14th

“Eyepatch” constantly sought to grow and be better as he saw himself as weak and inferior. He avoided fights, violence and anything resulting in spilling blood. He also had a strong desire to help others which motivates him to work hard despite his shortcomings.

Ken Kaneki

Birthday: December 20th

Our white haired prince and the main protagonist of the show, Kaneki started off as a really sweet, nerdy and shy boy that would often even get bullied for it. After being captured and tortured by Jason, he became a ruthless, finger-cracking, killer ghoul.

Kishou Arima

Birthday: December 20th

Arima researched and experimented with everything concerning ghouls. Although strict and staunch, he tried to establish friendships in his little ways. We also eventually learn of his empathy when he confessed to siding with the ghouls at the end.


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In the end, each character stood different from the next, contributing various quarters to the totality of the anime. The writing of each character’s attributes was brilliant and could not be better. What do you think about getting a new season? Tell us your thoughts!

If you have the same birthday as one of these characters, let us know in the comments below! You can even tell us if we missed someone. Comment now so you’ll be, not one of the boys…but one of the MEN!

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