11+ INSPIRATIONAL The Way of The Househusband QUOTES [HQ IMAGES]


The Way of The Househusband is out with some crazy hype as well as some disappointed fans who are not really happy with the animation. But all the unnecessary hate aside, this anime is sure to give you a good laugh!

Most of the scenes feature our MC, Tatsu, the ex-yakuza and now a full-time househusband going about his day, completing the tasks a good househusband should complete. 

Even though this anime is hilarious, the characters, especially Tatsu, says a lot of inspirational things that could educate someone watching it!

So, let’s just dive right into some inspirational quotes that’ll teach you a thing or two!

Tatsu Quotes

“The real first prize is my wife’s smile”

1. Tatsu Quotes

 “You can’t protect what’s sacred to you through violence.”

4. Tatsu Quotes

“When you mess up, you really gotta clean up straight away”

3. Tatsu Quotes

“Sales are a battlefield. Being a househusband is no joke”

4. Tatsu Quotes

” Everybody makes mistakes. What’s important is how you set things straight afterwards”

5. Tatsu Quotes

“My boss always said… “If it’s dead, just bury it”

6. Tatsu Quotes

“Two-by-fours sure are amazing”

7. Tatsu Quotes

“When you use a tool or a blade to cut wood, make sure there’s no one around”

8. Tatsu Quotes

” I was called the Immortal Dragon and survived in the underworld all those years. And now I gotta be charming? Hah!”

9. Tatsu Quotes

Masa Quotes

“Could yakuza and househusband be two sides of the same coin?”

10. Masa Quotes

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Torajirou Quotes

” A guy who only knew how to fight is a househusband now?”

11. Torajirou Quotes

Tori Quotes

“You mess with me and see what happens”

12. Tori Quotes


If you’re looking for a short anime that’ll refresh and cleanse your soul, then this one could definitely help you. The anime itself is not full of funny quotes but the situations Tetsu and other characters get themselves in are quite hilarious!

These were some of the quotes from the Way of the Househusband and I hope you liked reading them!

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