7+ POWERFUL The Case Study of Vanitas Quotes (Wallpapers)

The Case Study of Vanitas

Once there was a vampire known as Vanitas born under the Blue full Moon. He was hated by other vampires for not being born under the Crimson moon. I didn’t know that vampires could be racist too. Anyway, being all alone, Vanitas created a cursed grimoire that would avenge all vampires who discriminate against those born under the blue full moon. 

The story also revolves around a young man traveling to Paris in the 19th century with one goal in his mind, which was nothing more than to find the book of Vanitas

A sudden attack of Vampire leads him to meet an enigmatic Vanitas, who’s a doctor apparently. This mysterious vampire is a doctor who heals his patients through the spells in his book! 

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Vanitas' Quotes

#1. While Noe (the crimson-eyed vampire) was trying to save Amelia, a random girl that he met on an airship, he was attacked by Vanitas. The confrontation of both vampires born under opposite-colored moons is just amazing!

Noe is trying to find the book of Vanitas and it is the sole reason as to why he’s traveling to Paris. Vanitas knows about his intentions and wants to knock him out at any cost. Therefore, he started fighting Noe and told him that he’s in for a world of pain as he’s trying to mess with Vanitas.

“I did warn you that you were in for a world of pain.” (Episode 1)

Vanitas Quote 1

#2. Vanitas revealing his original form in front of the Hellfire Witch whose main purpose was to take the book of vanitas to heal Luca’s brother. So, Vanita decided to reveal his original form, unlike his human form. He took the beast out of him and said that it takes one monster to defeat another one. 

“It takes one monster to fight another.” (Episode 2)

Vanitas quote 2

#3. Our sharp boy, Vanitas knew from the start that the kid, Luca, was the weakness of the hellfire witch. While fighting her, he exposes her weakness right in front of her that such weakness is the result of wishing to protect something. 

“What’s with the tears and that feeble attitude? Such weakness is the result of wishing to protect something.” (Episode 3)

Vanitas Quote 3

#4. With his one and only wish for saving the likes of him, he only wants to do what he pleases by using his own methods. Basically, Vanitas wants to save Vampires that go through the same discrimination as him. So, he feels their pain and wants to save them from suffering. 

“I will do as I please, I will use methods I choose, it matters not what you people want!"” (Episode 6)

Vanitas Quote 5

#5. After all the hassle of fighting with different vampires, Vanitas and Noe have a little communication and eventually fight as well. Vanitas loses his cool and thinks that everyone is trying to assume different things about him, while his only purpose is to save the vampires.  

“Stop trying to paint me with your silly assumptions.” (Episode 6)

Vanitas Quote 5

Noe’s Quotes

#1. Noe’s teacher told him about how a vampire’s identity and existence depend on its name. And it must never be taken away from them. Amelia’s name was corrupted that’s why she was sick all the time. That’s why Vanitas helped to lift up the corrupted name and found the light within her. 

“A true name is a vampire’s life itself.” (Episode 1)

Noe quote 1

#2. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate their bittersweet relationship. After quarreling with one another, Vanitas and Noe decided to stick to one another. That’s how their journey becomes even more interesting with much loyalty towards one another. 

“I’ve decided to stay by your side, Vanitas.” (Episode 6)

Noe Quote 2

Jeanne Quotes

#1. Jeanne, in desperation to fight for Luca’s brother, said that she can still fight. However, from her appearance, she looks defeated. I think we all should have such a mindset where we push ourselves beyond our limits, so we can grow!

“It is not over yet. I can still fight.” (Episode 3)

Jeanne Quote

Final Verdict

Even though The Case Study of Vanitas is a new anime yet, there are so many appealing scenes! And I’m sure you can tell that by their quotes. Do check out this lit anime if you’re into vampires and some kickass action! 

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