The Case Study of Vanitas Personality Quiz

the case study of vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas Quiz 👆

The story of The Case Study of Vanitas opens in the 19th Century and follows Noe Archiviste, a young man who was travelling in an airship. His main motive is to look for a book named “The Book of Vanitas”. He is suddenly attacked by a bunch of vampires that lead him to meet Vanitas who can apparently cure the victims of the curse of the blue moon. However, is he really that kind and caring as he poses?

The anime’s premise looks promising with a bunch of interesting characters. And because of that, we’ve created this quiz for you to know which character do you resemble the most from this series. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go take the quiz!



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Table of Contents

1. Vanitas


Vanitas is the main character in the series “The Case Study of Vanitas”. He is introduced as someone who can heal the victims of the Curse of the Blue Moon

Vanitas has a playful nature and he never thinks before acting. His reckless behaviour often lands him in a bit of a pickle. He also has a very mischievous and flirty nature and finds others’ reactions to his behaviour very amusing.

Despite his careless and playful nature, Vanitas knows how to get things done and gets all serious when it’s needed. His brain is 10x sharper than an ordinary human being. He’s everyone’s favourite character!

2. Noe Archiviste

noe archiviste

Noe Archiviste is one of the main protagonists of the series and was travelling to Paris in search of “The Book of Vanitas”. Noe ends up getting involved with the author of the book, Vanitas and partners up with him, even though he’s not interested at all.

Noe is seen to be a very caring person who does not shy away from helping even strangers. He has an innocent nature and finds happiness in the littlest of things. He gets all excited when he sees an airship that takes out his inner child. 

Other than being kind and caring, Noe has also been shown to react to things quickly. He gets annoyed easily at Vanitas because of his reckless behaviour. Overall, Now is a sweet guy and every girl’s dream boyfriend!

3. Jeanne


Jeanne, the “Hellfire Witch”, is the Bourreau of Lord Ruthven. She wields the “Carpe Diem”, which is a Crimson Gauntlet. 

Jeanne is shown to be a very loyal person, being extremely protective of her master, Luca. Due to not being treated kindly initially, Jeanne is prone to get embarrassed and flustered whenever she’s shown some decency. Other than that, she often acts frantically, especially in the presence of Vanitas.

3. Luca Oriflamme

luca oriflamme

Luca Oriflamme is a vampire noble and also an advisor to the Queen. Even though Luca is very young, he tries to act all mature and serious.

However, he can’t help but show his childish nature. Just like how Jeanne is protective of Luca, Luca also cares deeply for Jeanne and will do anything to protect her. He despises Vanitas and gets furious, especially when Vanitas mentions how he forced Jeanne to drink his blood.


With a set of such diverse and lovable characters, The Case Study of Vanitas is bound to entertain us. We hope you liked taking this quiz and have found your personality twin. Comment down below the name of the character you got. We’ll come back with more!

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