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The anime community has been hyped about one thing recently, and it’s none other than Jujutsu Kaisen. This shounen anime has taken the community by storm. It has great animation with a solid story. Even the non-shounen watchers are hooked. So many of you might be skimming the internet to know more about your favorite characters from this fantastic show.

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite character. It can also be a mysterious one — for instance Master Tengen, who was just mentioned in the eighteenth episode of the anime. To the anime only weebs, he is a character who is shrouded in mystery. And for the manga readers, he is a  potential OP character.

No matter which group you fall in, we are here to help you find the information you are looking for. So without further delay, let’s jump in.

Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen

Table of Content



Character Information

Position in Anime: Cursed Spirit


Species: Human, Cursed Spirit

Age: 1200+ 

Professional Status

Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer

Affiliations: Tokyo Jujutsu High

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 45, Chapter 144

Anime debut: Episode 18

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced
English: To Be Announced


Tengen appearance

Tengen or more commonly known as Master Tengen, has yet to make an appearance in the anime. So it’s a given that the details about his appearance are yet unknown. And by specifics, I don’t mean his character design but his skin tone or eye color and stuff. Well, he did show up in the manga, but dude, we all know that it ain’t a manga if it ain’t black and white. So I am just gonna talk about his outward appearance.

Okay, so for his character design, it’s a bit unique. He is a human, but he is nothing like one. Don’t get me wrong, he does have a bipedal humanoid body, but the part above his shoulders is nothing like that of a typical human being. (Manga Chapter: 144)

Tengen appearance

He has a cylindrical head that has almost the same width as his neck. And atop that head, there is no hair. That is, he is bald. And as for eyes, he has four of them and no ears. His appearance may be a weird one, but not many within the Jujutsu world know about it. Only those of higher rank or privileged know of his existence, and a few among them know his appearance.

For his clothing, he wears the typical and simple light-colored robe. This gives him a mystic vibe that perfectly suits his character.

The most important thing about Tengen’s appearance is that it can change. Not like shapeshift but entirely transformed into a different body. As stated by Tengen himself, he was supposed to fuse with a Star Plasma Vessel but failed to do so after the vessel was killed by Toji Fushiguro. And this failure has led to the deformation of his body. In fact, this deformation is a result of “evolving” above his humanity. So yeah, this cylindrical dude had a much human-like appearance but changed due to a failure. So he might change again as the story progresses.



As the title ” Master Tengen” suggests, he is a knowledgeable character. Despite his age and knowledge, he is well-mannered. But this age also made him a bit too straightforward. He is one of the essential side characters in Jujutsu Kaisen as he is one of the people in charge of maintaining the barriers around both Jujutsu High locations. And due to this, he always does what he thinks to be the best for humanity.

He is frank despite being such an important entity. He doesn’t mind weird questions and is always ready to help out novice Jujutsu sorcerers. But the situation has to be the right one. In fact, he was willing to help Yuji against Kenjaku though he is not much of a fighter himself. He knew his weakness, and for that very reason, he wasn’t the only one who helped Yuji. But two other members from Yuji’s team stayed behind to make sure no harm came to Tengen. When you are the key to the survival of humanity, such treatment is expected.

Strengths and Skills

Being one of the Star, Tengen’s existence is a secret. So he doesn’t venture into the world that often, and thus he doesn’t have to fight that much. In fact, he has close to zero combat skills. But that doesn’t mean that he is insignificant. He is one of the most essential characters within the Jujutsu world.

He is one of the pillars that protect the Jujutsu world. And he has been doing it for 1200+ years. This shows that he might not be a combat freak, but he has enough strength and skills to last for thousands of years while protecting an entire culture from a different one.

As he has just been introduced to the story, not much of his skills are known. Still, a few of his OP skills have already been revealed. So let’s talk about them.



Now this one is an Innate Technique that almost Tengen possesses due to his Jujutsu. As the name suggests, this skill makes it so Tengen never dies. That is, he has eternal life. But this one is not anti-aging. So at the end of the day, Tengen will get old but he won’t die. (Manga Chapter: 53)



Now this skill is a complementary skill to his Immortality. Though Tengen has no issue with aging, he has to make sure to merge with a new body after every five hundred years. But the human or “vessel” he combines with has to be a specific one. And by specific, I mean the vessel has to be a Star Plasma vessel.

Merging is not there to counter aging but to make sure the Immortal ones don’t lose their mind. Due to immortality, the Stars can keep on evolving, which might cause them to go past their humanity. And when that happens, they lose their sense of reasoning and thus can be dangerous. (Manga Chapter: 63)


Elusive & Permissive Barrier

This skill is all about Barriers. But these barriers are ineffective against attacks or invasions. They are more like a cover-up. Tengen is responsible for erecting both the barriers which hide the Jujutsu High and also the Cursed Storehouse. (Manga Chapter: 53 )

These Barriers are responsible for changing the appearance of the school building every day. This helps them to hide the Jujutsu world in the open. But if you know what you are looking for, it will be easy to find the school.

On the other hand, the Cursed Storehouse is protected by this barrier where it manipulates over thousands of gates. The gates are necessarily a maze that prevents one from entering the storehouse, containing all the cursed objects. The only way to enter this storehouse is to know which gate to enter through. Or else you won’t be able to enter no matter what. (Manga Chapter: 73)

So far into the story, this barrier has only been used in one place, around Master Tengen’s room. It is a unique barrier that is a bit different from the Elusive one. One can easily infiltrate an elusive barrier as long as one knows what they are looking for. But for this particular one, one has to be invited. Or else, no matter how hard they try, crossing this barrier is impossible. (Manga Chapter: 72)


Here are some interesting facts about Master Tengen,

  • Master Tengen’s group, The Star, are the founders of the modern Jujutsu system.
  • He has the potential to destroy humanity entirely.
  • Tengen used to be a Buddhist monk.
  • If a vessel for merging is not found, the immortal body of Tengen will evolve by consuming its own life force.
  • The Time Vessel Association succeeded in hindering Tengen’s Merge in the past.


Though Tengen is a mysterious character, a bit about his past is well known. Before the rise of the Jujutsu system, Tengen was a Buddhist monk who traveled around and spread knowledge which was the foundation of modern Jujutsu.

Eleven years before the current storyline, Tengen was supposed to merge with a Star Plasma vessel but failed to do so. This failure triggered his evolution which caused his outlook to take a non-human-like shape.

Though he doesn’t show himself, he is the most vulnerable during his Merging. And the Religious Time Vessel Association took this opportunity and caused the partial evolution of Master Tengen.




Tengen is one of the pillars that help hide the Jujutsu world. And this he is one of the core members of the Star. In fact, the Star corridor he resides in is the HQ for all the barriers within Japan. He is a core member of this association.

Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High

As Master Tengen is in charge of the Barriers for both Jujutsu High locations, he has a good relationship with the Tokyo Jujutsu High authority. It’s not “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” but more like a “we are in debt to you” type relation.

Time Vessel Association

This religious group sees the Stars as deities. And they pray to them. But they believe that Tengen is stuck in his human form and wants to force evolve him. So they have a “love-hate” relationship with Tengen.


Tengen appearance

Being one of the pillars of the Jujutsu world, Tengen’s importance in the story is immense. He is so important that Kenjaku wants to merge with Tengen. Kenjaku wants to cause human evolution within Japan and believes that it would be possible if he merges with a vulnerable Tengen. 

This is sure to play a huge role in the upcoming story. That’s because once Tengen evolves, he will lose all his reasoning and will become the ultimate villain within the Jujutsu world.

Being the preacher of the modern Jujutsu system, Tengen has a vital role within the Jujutsu world. He used to be a Buddhist monk, but now he is one of the most sought-after characters. He always does things that will help humanity.

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced 

EnglishTo Be Announced

Listen to your master Tengen and comment down!

That’s it for Master Tengen. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this Master full of surprises! Do let us know in the comments down below that what do you think about this character! 


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