9+ STUNNING Takt Op. Destiny QUOTES (Wallpapers)

Takt Op. Destiny is one of the hottest series in Winter 2021. It’s being animated by two legendary studios that are known for their fluid animation and beautiful sound effects. Both Studio Madhouse and Studio MAPPA really put a lot of effort into this series. Seeing as it did not have a manga, it might be hard for it to gain popularity, but that isn’t the case anymore.

From heart-wrenching moments, hair tingling fights, and soothing music, Takt Op. Destiny is a big player this season. The series has some beautiful lines in the most crucial moments of the story. This time, we’ll be looking at the 9+ STUNNING Takt Op. Destiny Quotes. Let’s go and get ready for quotes that might change your perspective of life!

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Takt Asahina Quotes

“Really? Have You Been Waiting? Waiting for the return of music."


“No matter what, music prevails."


“I have no confidence that my music can move people’s hearts."


“Cosette. It shouldn’t be like this. Music is supposed to bring comfort and joy and everyone sings along."


“I don’t want to stay here. I don’t want to be robbed anymore."


Cosette / Destiny Quotes

“Won’t you be reluctant that no one listens to your music?"


“I believe someone is waiting for your music."


“The first movement in Sonata Pathetique. Desperate present. The third movement is seeing a little light of hope for tomorrow. While the second one in between is about love."


Anna Schneider Quotes

“Is the piano the only thing in your brain? Even though no one is willing to listen to your piano, are you really willing to continue playing?"


Lenny Quotes

“Try to harmonise with her. Between the tune they deliver and your conduct. To a musician, it's amazing to communicate with the music you play."


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Takt Op destiny

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