Top 10+ Funny Hero Academia moments (With GIF’s) 2019

1. When Midoriya meets Kota Izumi (LOL!. No coomment.) Kota Izumi: is son of the deceased Hero’s Team Water Hose, and is also nephew of Shino sosaki. He is reserved but has quite a bit of pent up anger due to his parents being Heroes, and the fact they were killed on Duty, and that […]

41+ Powerful My Hero Academia Quotes (IMAGES + Wallpaper)

Midroiya Quotes. Hero Academia Quotes. 'All men are not created equal.' Anime Quotes

Want the best & most POWERFUL My Hero Academia Quotes from the most emotional moments of Boku No Hero Academia? The moments where you felt their hardships, and see how they can rise from the occasion, given really rough circumstances. That is my favorite thing about anime in general, and My Hero Academia has just […]