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Baki Vs Kengan Ashura Theory: Gaolang Vs Muhammad Ali Jr.

Baki vs Kengan Ashura

Continuing from our last Baki Vs Kengan Ashura post where we talked about what would happen in a fight between both series protagonists with Baki Hanma vs Ohma Tokita. Now we are going to shift our focus onto the boxers of the series. This means that we are going to talk about Gaolang Wongsawat facing […]

Baki Vs Kengan Ashura Theory: Baki Vs Ohma, Who Would Win?

Ohma vs Baki,. Baki vs, Ohma, Kengan Ashura Vs Baki

Both the Baki and Kengan Ashura series have been massive hits for Netflix. Both of these shows have been part of Netflix’s push to have more anime content on their streaming services and they are great showed to have on the platform. With these series being so similar, it’s lead a lot of fans to […]

Kengan Ashura Theory: What Is The Niko Style?

What Is The Niko Style?

The Niko Style is practiced by the main protagonist of Kengan Ashura, Ohma Tokita. This style was taught to him by his adoptive father, Niko Tokita but just what exactly is it? The Niko Style consists of four main katas or forms, the Flame Kata, Adamantine Kata, Redirection Kata and Water Kata. The Niko style […]