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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Theory: Is Star Platinum The Reincarnation Of Jonathan Joestar?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Theory, Jonathan Joestar is Star platinum?

Jonathan Joestar isn’t most peoples favorite Jojo but he still deserves respect as the man that started off the Joestar family’s bizarre adventures. Jonathan was able to best Dio, a vampire with supernatural powers, an insane intellect and an army of undead servants by his side, with only his determination, will and magic breathing. Unfortunately, […]

Cagaster Of An Insect Cage Review: Stream or Skip?

Review: Cagaster Of An Insect Cage

Netflix has been building up the amount of anime that they have on their site and they don’t stop with just adding well-known series to their catalogue. Netflix has been making a ton of high-quality original anime like Kengan Ashura and Levius and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. On that note is […]

+11 Emotional Cagaster Of An Insect Cage Quotes

Cagaster Of An Insect Cage Quotes, Kidow Quotes, "Before he Died, He Made me promise to take care of you."

Kidow Quotes “Cagasters aren’t human, don’t hesitate to take their heads.” – Kidow “I am your sword” – Kidow “If you’re an exterminator, you must remain a heartless tool.” – Kidow “I want to live togetther wih everyone, even if I am afraid” – Kidow “Before he Died, He Made me promise to take care […]

11+ Awesome Cells At Work! Quotes

Cells At Work Quotes, Cell Quotes, "You filthy coward, how dare you treat me like I'm nothing but a defect!"

Cancer Cell Quotes “You can pretend all you want but I still hate everything you are.” – Cancer Cell “What makes you worthy of life, when others are not!” – Cancer Cell “They’re not going to kill us, right? We didn’t do anything wrong. This is how we are.” – Cancer Cell “You filthy coward, […]