TOP 10 Strongest Tower of God Characters, RANKED!

Strongest Tower of God characters
We have seen a lot of Anime with great action. However, the Tower of God does it on a whole other level. I thought it would be interesting to do the strongest Tower of God characters as there a lot of them to choose from.
The whole series is full of diverse characters with a lot of unique powers. So, keeping that in mind, the Tower of God is full of mysteries. This list will be focusing on the strongest Tower of God characters from the Anime series. Without any further redo, let’s get started.

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10. Rak Wraithraiser

Rak Strongest Tower of God Characters

Without a single doubt, Rak is one of the strongest Tower of God characters. When it comes to Rak, he is intimidating. His toughness speaks for itself, and Rak’s vibe is on a whole other level. Rak is a C-Rank Spear Bearer that makes him fairly competitive.

However, Rak is very competitive in a general sense. He won’t let others outdo him. Moreover, Rak is always trying to surpass everyone. He isn’t the strongest Tower of God character but his sheer will is something we don’t see in a lot of Anime characters either.


Rak belongs to the Wraithraiser race, and he’s a huge looking creature full of strength! Being a spear bearer means that his main weapon is a spear. Therefore, Rak is an ideal opponent for long-range attacks.

But that’s not where the story stops. His physical appearance speaks for itself. Even though he’s friendly with many characters, his appearance makes him look like he is ready to eat you anything. 

However, Rak has a very warm heart as well. I wouldn’t say that Rak is among the strongest, however, he’s on this list due to his sheer hard work. You just can’t expect to not get your butt kicked after teasing this bad boy.

9. Shib Yisoo

When it comes to Shubusu, he’s physically weaker than Rak. However, his analysis and deducting abilities are something even Khun can’t match. This guy is a genius in terms of thinking, and that’s what makes him one of the strongest Tower of God characters of all time.

Even though Shibisu started off as a relatively weaker character, his character development was real! The whole reason he’s doing it is for a friend. Though when it comes to thinking, Shibisu has some serious skills. He was able to catch Khun’s bluff, and I didn’t know that being smart was a crime in itself.


Shibisu is a C-Rank regular, and when it comes to lifting others up, he does a great job. No matter how hard things become, his intellectual brain helps in pulling out the right solution according to the problem.

Moreover, the way Shibisu takes on enemies is interesting too. When they are least sure that he’s going to attack, Shibisu will put out his cards. In terms of actual combat, we can’t expect much from him. 

However, in laying out the best strategies, this guy is the beast. Throughout the series, Shibisu has been working hard, and that’s the reason why he’s one of the strongest Tower of God characters of all time. It’s the big brain time.

8. Rachel

Rachel Strongest Tower of God characters

I can say that the whole story took interesting turns due to Rachael. Doesn’t matter if you like it or not, but Bam was a simp for her! She’s irregular in the tower just like Bam. However, Bam had only memories of her, and therefore, he felt attached to Rachael. She was Bam’s only friend.

However, Rachael was one strange girl. Endrosi told that the moment she saw Rachael, something was off! And that was true after some episodes in the Anime. Well, aside from that, Rachael is one of the strongest Tower of God characters too.


What makes her powerful though? Well, her potential is something we can’t ignore. Just like Bam, her character is somewhat twisted. We didn’t get to see that in the Anime. Her real powers are mental manipulation. She had been naughty throughout the series, and we weren’t surprised to see what sort of potential she had!

7. Hatz

Probably the only samurai and one of the strongest Tower of God characters is Hatz. Also known as, “Hatsu,” this guy is crazy good. He was introduced in the first few episodes and her fight with Anaak was something that blew everyone’s minds. Hatz is physically strong. One slash of his sword and the enemy’s head will fly away. The best part about Hatz is that he’s always calm and composed. I personally think that he surely looks hotter that way.

But that doesn’t mean he has no soul either! Hatz helped Bam in multiple instances, and with the use of his power, he has defeated a lot of enemies.


His swordplay is something I can’t ignore. Always fighting head to head with enemies and winning is the way his mind works. His fighting and speed are seen to surpass most overpowered characters in the series too. Moreover, Hatz is a supporting guy in the team, and I have to say that he gets the job done.

As he’s ruthless, you can’t expect mercy from him no matter how much you beg. Helping multiple players like Anaak, Shibisu, and Khun, we got to see a lot of Hatz’s sides. I love this guy!

6. Anak Jahad

Anak Strongest Tower of God characters

Anak is one of the cutest yet interesting characters throughout the series. One of the Jahad princesses who possess such a huge power! For reference, Anak went head to head with Hatz and didn’t flinch. Now, I can’t say that she’s powerful either. However, both have their cons.

When she was an E regular, she was considered to be one of the strongest Tower of God characters. She surely didn’t flinch at any moment, and when it comes to her weapon, she’s a beast! Make Anak angry and she will make you regret it.


A single kick from Anak means that you can say goodbye to your life. With the use of Shinsoo, she can enhance her physical abilities, making her jump to a level where no one can! Moreover, with her speedy reflexes and sheer willpower, Anak is amongst the strongest in the series.

The Green Apple weapon we saw in the Anime was so intimidating! When Anak becomes serious, she uses it like a whip, and it was seen multiple times in the Anime how strong her weapon was. Fighting on par with one of the strongest, I can proudly say that she’s one of the strongest Tower of God characters we’ve seen!

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5. BAM

The main protagonist and one of the strongest Tower of God characters of all time, Bam is irregular, however, special. His sole purpose to go to the Tower of God was to find Rachel, and that’s how the story progressed. In other words, Bam had hidden feelings and compassion for Rachel that he never told her.

Bam is shown to be quite exquisite when it comes to his character. He’s kind and his sense of justice is great. He hates when stupid fights happen and would do anything to fix the irregular world.


 Our protagonist deserves all the credit here. He’s shown to be an exception when it comes to Shinsu, and when it comes to impressing everyone, he has a knack for that. 

I can go as far as to say that he’s the strongest character of the series. However, in the Anime version, there are a lot of areas where he hasn’t improved. Right now, he’s not on par with the greatest, making him look like a rather weakling.

The problem with Bam is that he’s always worried about Rachel, and thinking about how to meet her. In the midst of all this, the guy would just be naive a lot of times.

4. Yuga

4. Yuga

This annoying monster wanted to kill all the irregulars so that they won’t reach the top of the tower. Yuga is shown to be one of the strongest Tower of God characters, surpassing someone like Anak too. He has beaten Anak so bad that I can’t even tell! 

Hence, in order to retrieve Green Apple from Anak, he deceived everyone. Moreover, Yuga is the one who killed Anak’s mother too! Being such an overpowered character didn’t stop him from stomping the innocent ones, and it figures why he receives so much hate. 

His appearance is like a bowl of rice, and he was impressed by how much progress Bam made! There’s something fishy going on in this business.


He’s a master of Shinsu, and his attacks are on point. Being the only one against Anak and Endorsi, this guy didn’t leave any stone unturned. In the past, he has caused a lot of trouble without anyone knowing, and when it comes to his combat powers, he’s one of the strongest Tower of God characters in the Anime series.


3. Khun

The mysterious guy from a totally badass family, Khun is one of the strongest Tower of God characters we’ve ever seen. He’s an assassin that would make sure to carry out his duties like they’re supposed to be done. Belonging from the Khun family, the irony is that he became the best friend with Bam.

Well, we all know that Khun is surely hiding something, and I am so excited to see what happens in the next season of Tower of God. He was expelled from the family with the “defected” tag, and that kind of pisses him off. Due to the fact that Khun’s sister couldn’t make it as a Jahad princess, he has a deep-rooted hatred for a lot of guys in the series.


When it comes to Khun, he’s a jack of all trades. But most of all, he’s the brains that will lay the best strategies out there! A lot of people underestimated him in the series and they totally regretted that. Khun is also a natural-born spear bearer due to the fact that he belongs to the Khun family.

But instead, he went for the light bearer. At first, Khun was weak when it came to Shinsui, but he just didn’t discover his own powers! He is one of the strongest Tower of God characters of all time.

2. Yuri Jahad

The one female in the series who surpassed every other girl in terms of strengths, looks, and brain, Yuri is one of the strongest Tower of God characters we’ve seen in the series. Well, mainly due to the fact that she was one of the Jahad Princesses, Yuri is shown to have one hell of power throughout the series.

Well, even though Yuri wasn’t shown fighting many times, I can easily say that she’s one of the strongest characters in the series. Her fight with Yugi left a badass impression of her on everyone. Without even moving, she was able to tear the ground away. Moreover, with a collection of some of the strongest weapons from the series, Yuri’s powers cannot be estimated


Her single flick was enough to give her an estimate of Yuri’s powers. She was able to destroy Yuga with just a flick of the finger. Yuri posses two weapons including the Black March and Green Apple. Moreover, she has seen helping irregular in several instances, making her one of the strongest Tower of God characters in the Anime version.


One of the strongest yet complex characters in the Tower of God series is Lero Ro. He was a test administrator but was easily able to see who was going to pass and who wasn’t. His complex character is what makes him so low-key. While his exact powers are unknown in the series, we can say that he’s surely one of the strongest Tower of God characters we’ve seen.


The guy is a light bearer, meaning that he has got an exceptional hold on the Shinsu. Moreover, his analysis is always on point, making him one of the strongest Tower of God characters in the series.


These were some of the strongest Tower of God characters who were shown to have quite an impact on the series. While we haven’t seen much character development in the Anime version. I can vouch for Bam! He’s surely the strongest character in near future. With that aside, what do you guys think about the list? Let us know in the description


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