29+ STRONGEST Solo Leveling Characters By The End

Strongest Solo Leveling Characters

When reading the manhwa, Solo Leveling seems like any other “Cliché” around, something to pass the time. Turns out that the series completely amazed us with an incredible plot, magnificent fighting scenes, and original yet refined graphics. It’s innovative, unpredictable and once you start, you just cannot stop (speaking from personal experience). It has been growing in popularity every day, and can fairly be considered the Number 1 Manhwa right now.

I propose to you a list of the strongest characters of the Manhwa.

Please keep in mind that I disregarded characters with no main role.

Also, be very cautious, MANY spoilers ahead!


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Table of Contents

20. Woo Jin-Chul

Woo Jin-Chul is the strongest A-Rank Korean Hunter. He was the right hand of the Chairman and was promoted to his position after his death. He is a humble, respectful, cautious man that will always put his work above all else. He seldom shows his emotions and counts only on himself to resolve problems.

His senses are on another level considering he is a Melee-Type Hunter. His strength is almost at the level of an S-Rank.


His special skills were not yet revealed in the Manhwa, we only know that he is very confident in his strength and skills. He even could stop Baek and Hwang’s attack simultaneously when they started fighting each other.

Woo Jin chul

19. Min Byung-Gyu

Min Byung-Gyu was an S-Rank Korean Healer. He hates battle and bloodshed and decided to retire at a very young age despite his status. A kind and gentle soul that despises violence, he reformed himself and became a teacher instead.

He was requested to participate in the Jeju Island Raid and only accepted to keep his friend Baek Yoon-Ho safe. He was killed by the Ant King on the battlefield and resurrected by Sung Jin-Woo to heal Hunter Cha who was on the brink of death. He started healing her without being instructed to do so and that action showed Sung Jin-Woo how good of a person he was in real life.

Baek pleaded to Sung to let his soul go, that it would be despicable to force him into battle even after death. Sung Jin-Woo agreed with him and liberated him after he was done saving Hunter Cha.


  • Healing Magic
  • Camouflage: A skill that can be compared to Stealth, this ability could hide is physical presence from enemies.
  • Buff Magic: The abilities to buff all physical abilities of his allies
  • Antidote: The power to cure any poison
Min Byung Gyu

18. Go Gun-Hee

Go Gun-Hee is an S-Rank Korean Hunter and the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association. He is very down-to-earth and respects all people around him. He is charismatic, kind, and very perceptive. He always speaks his mind, there is not a hint of evil in this man. He would only be cruel toward the people that tried to put his man in danger. He is a workaholic that aims only for the safety of his people and his country.

The second he met Sung Jin-Woo he knew that he was different and that he would hold a key role in the events to come. That he will shake the entire Hunter community.

He was the strongest Hunter in all Korea and possessed the Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light, making him one of the Ruler’s Vessels but due to his old age, his body could no longer handle his immense power. He was finally killed by the Frost Monarch who was hunting for the Fragments. Sung Jin-Woo rushed to his aid but he got there too late and swore on his grave to avenge him. He had such a deep relationship with the Chairman that he even shed tears on his grave.


  • Ruler’s Hand
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation


17. Lim Tae-Gyu

Lim Tae-Gyu is an Archer-Type S-rank Korean Hunter and the Guild Master of the “Fiend” Guild. He lacks the confidence for a Hunter of his status and can be pretty lazy. Instead of giving his all in a battle he just hopes that the enemy will go easy on him. His weapon of choice is, of course, a bow and each of his arrows has a special effect.


  • Bowmanship: That ability allows him to shoot arrows even without a bow.
  • Magic Arrows: The skill to magically generate arrows
Lim Tae Gyu

16. Ma Dong-Wook

Ma Dong-Wook is the Guild Master of the “Fame” Guild and an S-rank Korean Hunter. He is always energetic, never depressed, and compared to other S-Rank Hunters he is very humble, never looking down on anybody. He is the kind of person to put his life on the line even for strangers which makes him loved by almost everybody. His emotions can be easily recognized, he is like an open book, and no malice comes out of him.


  • Gigantification: The ability to grow is physical size.
MA Dong Wook

15. Baek Yoon-Ho

Guild Master of the “White Tiger” Guild, Baek Yoon-Ho is an S-Rank Korean Hunter who can transform into a magnificent, monstrous white tiger when he unleashes his full strength. He was the first Hunter to realize that Sung Jin-Woo was a special case Hunter that could constantly evolve.

If not fully transformed, Baek Yoon-Ho can be considered weak considering his rank and he is reluctant to change since he doesn’t like others to see him in his animal form that he finds repulsive. Considering his robust allure, he is quite a sensitive soul, he can be easily intimidated and does not have a problem crying when facing saddening events.


  • Transformation: White Tiger’s transformation significantly increases his strength and speed.
  • Eyes of the Beast: The ability to determine an enemy’s strength that also gives him enhanced reflexes.
Baek Yoon Ho

14. Choi Jong-In

An S-rank Korean Hunter and Guild Master of the “Hunters Guild” nicknamed the “Strongest Soldier”. He is a Magic-Type Hunter with the ability to control powerful flames, but his title was not given because of his strength but his ability to strategize and be several steps above his enemies. He enjoys fighting but has a sly personality pushing other people to compare him to a snake. He is very clever and has sharp senses making him a charismatic leader respected and looked upon by many others.


  • Fire Magic
  • Fire Spear
  • Flame Barrier
  • Flame Dragon: the creation of a small dragon made of flames that will incinerate everything in its path

In terms of power, Choi Jong-In is weaker than other S-rank Hunters, but his intelligence makes up for his lack of power. He is a person you do not want as an enemy and that’s the reason he is so high in the ranking. Intelligence is a skill and a source of power in itself.

Choi Jong In

13. Reiji Sugimoto

Reiji is the Vice-Guild Master of the “Draw Sword” Guild and a Japanese S-Rank Hunter. He was promoted to Guild Master after Goto’s death on Jeju Island.

He is very proud of his position and of his time working under Goto. He had a deep respect for him and believed he could accomplish miracles.


We never saw this character in action, but in his Guild, he was considered Number 2 and could hold his own against Goto himself.

Reiji Sugimoto

12. Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-in is an S-Rank Korean Hunter and the Vice-Guild Master of the “Hunters” Guild. She has a very sensitive nose, and cannot handle the stench of Hunters or Monsters. The only person that she can smell so far is Sung Jin-Woo. She even finds his scent pleasant.

Her fighting style is very graceful and her comrades started calling her the “Dancer”, a nickname that was banned due to her embracement.  She also has a crush on Sung Jin-Woo and wanted to join his Guild to get closer to him, abandoning her current position. An offer that was declined by Sung Jin-Woo who just wanted an additional member more as a “décor” than a comrade in arms.

During Sung Jin-Woo’s battle against the Architect, he acknowledges her as his first and only friend.


  • Mana Smell
  • Sword Dance: A sword dancing technique that resembles dancing
  • Sword of Light: She can turn her sword into a light sword to upgrade its sharpness
  • Quake of Provocation: By stabbing her sword into the ground she can start a small earthquake.
Cha Hae In

11. Hwang Dong-Su

Hwang Dong-Su was originally a Korean S-Rank Hunter but was bought off by the US. His brother was a B-rank Hunter that was killed by Sung Jin-Woo during a raid. Even if he was not certain who the culprit was, just to have a reason to kill another person, he set his sight on Sung Jin-Woo and swore to kill him in cold blood. When he got to Korea, Sung Jin-Woo was trapped in a Red-Gate and he determined that an E-Rank Hunter had zero chance to survive and left the scene.

Soon after, when Sung Jin-Woo’s father emerged from the Gate, he was assigned to determine if he was a monster or not. When he saw who his son was, without a second thought he declared him a monster and told him that his precious son was dead. Igniting Sung Il-Hwan’s rage, he ended up in the hospital after being completely humiliated by his opponent.

To make things worse for him, right after he woke up, Sung Jin-Woo appeared on the news alive and kicking. Unable to let go of revenge, when Sing Jin-Woo went to America for the conference, he kidnaped and tortured the Vice-Guild Master of his Guild and his close friend Yoo Jin-Ho, a D-Rank Hunter.

When Sung Jin-Woo found him half dead under Hwang Dong-Su’s hands, he killed him without hesitation and turned him into one of his faithful Shadow Soldiers “Greed”. 


His special skill was never revealed in the Manhwa but it was obvious that he was on a superior level compared to other S-Rank Hunters since he got upgraded by Selner.

Hwang Dong Su

10. Yuri Orloff

Yuri is an S-rank Russian Hunter who specializes in creating barriers. His defense magic is so strong that he can even seal an S-rank Gate for as much time as necessary without too much trouble.

When the S-rank Gate appeared in Tokyo, the Japanese requested his help to seal it up so they could have time to recruit help since the loss of Goto and half of his Guild S-rank Hunter left them completely defenseless against this massive Gate.

This alcoholic Hunter asked for the outrageous payment of 10 Million Dollars a day of his services. When the Dungeon was finally breaking open, Yuri activated his barrier but it was easily broken before its completion by one of the Giants who killed Yuri in the process. Right after, because of his incompetence, Tokyo became a battlefield.


  • Barrier Magic: The creation of a magic barrier that can seal Gates as well as Hunters.
  • Sharp Senses: Heighten senses that help him detect anyone in a certain radius.
Yuri Orloff

9. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji is an S-Rank Hunter superior to other S-Rank Hunters. He is Japan’s strongest warrior and the Guild Master of the “Draw Sword” Guild. His Guild is famous for having the most S-Rank Hunters as its members. Including Goto, they had a total of eleven S-rank Hunters.

Goto was the one who led the Japanese Hunters during the Jeju Island Raid. He met with Go Gun-Hee, requesting the help of a Korean S-rank Hunter to clear the Gate. But his true intention was to whip out the Korean Hunter to leave the country defenseless.  Instead, they were the ones whipped out by the ants, and Goto lost his life against a new breed of ant, the Ant King, that was almost as powerful as a Monarch.


During the little time this character was shown, no special ability was revealed but his movements and attacks were so fast that they could be compared to knives.

Goto Ryuji

8. Siddharth Bachchan

Siddharth is the last National-level Hunter and also one of the Ruler’s Vessels. He fights for his country, India. This is all the information we have on this hunter right now. Even his appearance has not been revealed yet.


  • Ruler’s Hands
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
? Question mark ? unknown

7. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed was one of the few Hunters that Selner upgraded. He managed to get the title of National-Level Hunter with her help and the help of the fragment of the Rulers. The Monarchs on a hunt for the fragment targeted Christopher in the first place and took his life.


  • Ruler’s Hand
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: He can transform into a massive golem covered in flames.
Christopher Reed

6. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is a National-level Chinese Hunter as well as one of the Ruler’s Vessels. He is aware of how strong he is and acts all mighty in front of people he finds inferiors. However, with those he considers a level above him, like Sung Jin-Woo, he would be friendly and even humble towards them. He knows his place.

In China, the level of the Hunter is not determined through letters but by stars. The maximum number of stars a Hunter can usually get is five but the overwhelming strength of Liu got him a seven stars rating.


  • Ruler’s Hand
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
Liu Zhigang

5. Thomas Andre

To get the title of National-level, the said Hunter has to clear an S-Rank Gate all on his own. The title makes you a king on earth, your influence surpasses even that of an entire country.

Thomas Andre is a National-level American Hunter as well as one of the Ruler’s Vessels. Between the four National-levels, he is the most powerful one. He is the Guild Master of the “Scavenger’s” Guild. He possesses the skills of a Tank-Type Hunter. He thought he was on top of the world until Sung Jin-Woo completely overpowered him in a fight by practically breaking all the bones in his body making the healers‘ magic completely useless.

After witnessing the extent of his power he gifted him Kamish’s Wrath to thank him for sparing his life, and the life of his comrades and also because he thought that he would be the only one skilled enough to manipulate and control this weapon.


  • Reinforcement: Thomas can cover his entire body with impregnable gold armor, increasing his defense and attack capabilities. He is said to have the most powerful defense in the world. 
  • Capture: Like a black hole, he can attract everything nears him towards him. The power of this skill is so great that he was able to ground Kamish himself.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Collapse: By pushing the ground, Thomas releases a shock wave the destroy everything in its radius
  • Power Smash: To increase the damage of a single punch, he infuses his arm with all his magic making it deadly.
  • Ruler’s Hand
Thomas Andre

4. Monarchs

The Monarchs are the first Monsters ever created. Their ultimate goal is to eradicate humanity from the face of the earth.

There are nine Monarchs in total:

1. Ashborn: The Shadow Monarch, the King of the Dead

Ashborn was originally born as a Ruler. The biggest difference between him and the rest is that he does not look down on humanity. He desired peace and fought endlessly toward this ultimate goal. He put his life on the line to stop the bloodshed and the war, making the Rulers and the Monarchs his enemies.


He possesses all the abilities that his current Vessel Sung Jin-Woo wields

2. Antares: The Monarch of Destruction, the King of Berserk Dragons

In terms of raw strength, Antares is even stronger than the Shadow Monarch himself. He was the previous Master of the Dragon Kamish, the greatest calamity that the earth encountered.

He will be the final, most difficult challenge to overcome for Sun Jin-Woo.


  • Colossal Physical Strength
  • Dragon’s Fear: Like Bloodlust, this skill will drive any enemy weaker than the caster into a state of despair and panic.
  • Breath of Destruction: Antares can breathe fire from his mouth, annihilating anything in his path, even the immortal Shadow Soldier can be reduced to ashes if hit.
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: This ability grants him the ability to turn into a Dragon.
  • Telepathy: Antares can communicate with anyone, anywhere.
  • Spatial Manipulation: Spatial Manipulation, like the name suggests, is the power to control and shape space as you desire.

3. Baran: The Monarch of White Flames, the King of Demons


Baran was the final boss in the Demon Castle Quest and was defeated by Sung Jin-Woo. 


  • Colossal Physical Strength
  • Hell’s Army: This ability opens portals to summon demons from another dimension.
  • Lightning Breath: The ability to breathe lighting from one’s mouth. If hit a stunting effect will activate, paralyzing the target.

4. Legia: The Monarch of the Beginning, the King of Giants


Legia was the final boss of the S-Rank gate break in Tokyo. He was easily defeated by Sung Jin-Woo since he was sealed by the other Monarchs in the Dungeon. Even after offering his assistance to Sung Jin-Woo in defeating both Monarchs and Rulers, he refused after realizing he was still planning to destroy humanity.


He probably has more than two abilities, but in the short time that he appeared in the Manhwa only those were revealed:

  • Colossal physical strength
  • Pledge of Trust: A kind of pact between two parties that forbids them to lie to each other.

5. Frost Monarch: The King of Snow Folk

Solo Leveling

The Frost Monarch ignited Sung Jin-Woo’s rage after killing Go Gun-Hee. He was the only one of the Monarchs brave enough to try to stop the Shadow Monarch before his full awakening.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Ice Magic: He can instantly create weapons made of ice for attack or giant walls for defense.
  • Sleep Inducement: Through a single snap of a finger, he can knock out enemies weaker than himself. Because of his status as Monarch, he can easily put to sleep multiple A-Rank Hunters without breaking a sweat.
  • Gate Creation: Frost Monarch can open blue-colored gates that can transport him to his location of choice.
  • Dimensional Warping: With this skill, he can trap his enemies in dimensional gaps, dividing them up to decrease their strength and stopping anyone from interrupting him.

6. Beast Monarch: The King of Beasts

Beast Monarch

The Beast Monarch is the most violent, bloodthirsty murderer of the nine Monarchs. The immense joy that he feels after each kill makes him a first-rate butcher. Despite his intimidating looks and cold gaze, he is a coward at heart that will abandon his comrades the second he feels like his life is in danger.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: He can transform into a giant Werewolf.
  • Gate Creation: By slashing the air around him, he can open red-colored gates that will transport him anywhere in the world.

7. Querehsha: The Monarch of Plagues, the Queen of Insects


Querehsha is a breathtaking woman, her beauty is only rivaled by her personality and her love for slowly slaughtering her prey.


  • Colossal physical strength
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation
  • Poison Spit: She can spit deadly poison from her mouth.
  • Mind Control: With the help of minuscule parasites, she can control the minds of those weaker than her.
  • Regeneration: she can restore herself in an instant with the help of that skill, even a severed head is not enough to kill her.

8. Yogumunt: The Monarch of Transfiguration, the King of Demonic Spectres


Yogumunt has a huge Ego, he sees everybody else as an insect, the only person that he acknowledges is the Shadow Monarch since he confessed that he will be facing his death if he tries to face him alone.


His abilities are yet to be unraveled in the Manhwa

9. Iron Body Monarch: The King of Monstrous Humanoids

Iron body

Like all the other Monarchs, the Iron Body Monarch is arrogant and sees every human as a bug to be crushed underneath his feet. The only one who could smash his Ego to smithereens was the overbearing strength and immortal army of the Shadow Monarch. 


His abilities are yet to be unraveled in the Manhwa


3. Rulers

The Rulers are the sworn enemies of the Monarchs. The Monsters and the Gates are doing their best. They are trying to fill the earth with magical energy to prepare the stage for their showdown with the Monarchs.

We still have little information about them. All we know is that they were created to defeat the Monarchs and that there are eight fragments of the Rulers of earth, we know the whereabouts of two of them:

1. The Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light (Ashborn)


Even though he was a Ruler, for an unknown reason, Ashborn became the shadow Monarch.

2. The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light

The only thing that we know about this fragment is that he chose as a Vessel Go Gun-Hee

Ashborn is the most powerful fragment and he is said to rival Antares, the most powerful Monarch. Like the Monarchs, the Ruler cannot wander around on earth in their original form, they have to bestow their power upon Vessels.

Their human Vessels are:

  • Go Gun-Hee
  • Liu Zhigang
  • Thomas Andre
  • Christopher Reed
  • Siddharth Bachchan
  • Sung Il-Hwan
  • Jonas

All possessors of a fragment can use Ruler’s Hand.


2. Sung Il-Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan is Sung Jin-Woo’s father. He disappeared 10 years ago after entering a Gate and has been missing ever since.

He reappeared in American, in a Dungeon, with the magical energy of a Monster.

We know practically nothing about him, his past is shrouded in mystery.

He started as an A-Rank Hunter and when he came back he easily defeated Hwang Dong-Su, one of the most powerful S-Rank Hunter’s. He appeared to have significant knowledge of what’s about to happen to the world. He knows about the Monarchs and the Rulers. and he also knows that his son became the Shadow Monarch since he told Hwang Dong-Su that if he messed with his son, he will not be able to rest even after death. His premonition turned out to be accurate since Sung Jin-Woo turned him into another one of his Shadow Soldiers.

He is one of the Rulers Vessels, the only difference between him and the other Vessels is that he is aware of the power that he possesses, this is why he can use the full strength of the Ruler’s Fragment. He was able to fight two Monarchs simultaneously and hold his own.


  • Ruler’s Hand: The ability to move objects from a distance like telekinesis
  • Stealth: He’s practically invisible
  • Spiritual Body Manifestation: The ability to transform into another entity
Sung Il Hwan

1. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo started his journey as the weakest E-Rank Hunter. After finding a double Gate inside a C-Rank Dungeon, he acquired the Black Heart of the Shadow Monarch. His powers are omnipotent to the point that all other Monarchs fear and respect him.

With the help of his newfound abilities and the fact that the Architect made him a “Player”, he became the only Hunter with the ability to level up. He transcends the S-Rank level, overpowers the National-Level Hunters, and even after knowing that he is not fully awakened, the remaining Monarchs do not dare to attack him.

Norma Selner, the “Upgrader” has the ability to increase by 20-30% the strength of Hunters, but only those who have a limit to their power. When she tried to upgrade Sung Jin-Woo, her attempt failed and she declared that he does not have a limit. This probably means that Sung Jin-Woo can level up endlessly which logically makes him a being above all others.

He later became a Guild Master by establishing his Guild to have the opportunity to clear Gates on his own without the interference of others. He named the Guild “Ah Jin” after his sister, and he appointed Yoo Jin-Ho as Vice-Guild Master.


  • Shadow Extraction: With this skill, Jung Jin-Woo can reincarnate any dead being (Monster or Human) and make them his loyal Shadow Soldier. The only exception are demons with corrupted souls.
    The success of Shadow Extraction depends on the amount of time the corps was dead and the strength of the caster compared to his target.
    The Shadow soldiers reside inside Sung Jin-Woo, he can summon them any time and constantly regenerate them till he runs out of Mana.
    The Shadow Soldiers can also hide in another person’s shadow.
    Till now Sung Jin-Woo can summon approximately 900 soldiers and as he levels up the number of his troops increases as well.
    Finally, each soldier can also increase his rank and level as he goes into battle and defeats enemies.
    This ability made Sung Jin-Woo kind of a One-Man Guild since he can clear Gates on his own, harvest the bodies of the defeated monsters, and mine the crystals.

Solo Leveling Shadow Extraction

  • Shadow Exchange: Sung Jin-woo can change position with any of his shadow soldiers wherever they are and he can transport someone with him as well. It’s like teleportation but the cooldown of this ability is rather long. It started at 4h and started decreasing steadily as he upgraded the ability level.

Shadow Extraction

  • Domain of the Monarch: Within the Domain that Sung Jin-Woo creates, he can increase, for a limited period, the power of his shadow soldier.

Domain of the monarch

  • Ruler’s Authority: Ruler’s authority can be compared to psychokinesis, granting the ability to control objects remotely.

Solo Leveling

  • Stealth: Stealth is an Assassin’s ability that Sung Jin-Woo acquired after defeating a B-Rank Hunter and taking the Ruin that was stored inside his body. Stealth masks completely your presence, your smell, your aura, or the sound you make. It makes you practically invisible.


  • Bloodlust: The opponent targeted will be paralyzed by fear for a limited period, stopping him from defending himself against attacks.


  • Longevity: Immunity against all diseases, poison, or harmful substances such as alcohol. It also grants him a healing ability.
  •  Immunity: Immunity against all debuffs.
  • Detoxification: Clear instantly any kind of poison that enters his body.
  • Tenacity: If his health is below 30%, Tenacity reduce all further damage that he will take by 50%
  • Quicksilver: This ability will increase his speed by 30%
  • Mutilation: The easy ripping on any target to shreds with a Dagger.
  • Critical Chain: Daggers strike from all directions


Sung Jin-Woo has a large arsenal of weapons that he acquired by defeating monster after monster. He also has access to the “Store” of the system, allowing him to buy weapons with Gold.

Three weapons of his possession are worth mentioning:

  • The Orb of Avarice that he entrusted to “Tusk” doubles the magic power of any magician.
  • The Long Sword of the Demon King Baran was given to Igris. It boosts the attack power by +350 and it summons lightning.

Finally Kamish’s Wrath: Kamish’s Wrath is two daggers, the weapon of choice of Sung Jin-Woo. They were forged with the largest fangs of the Dragon Kamish. Turned into a dagger by Thomas Andre, he gifted them to our Hunter to thank him for sparing his life and the life of his guild members. Those daggers are so powerful that even the system cannot identify the Item Class. And they give the user +1500 attack power. An unrealistic number that makes this weapon very difficult to use and control.

Sung Jinwoo


You will all be delighted to know that an anime adaption was confirmed to be released next year. An adaptation offered by MAPPA X Funimation. All their anime adaptations so far like God of High school or Jujutsu Kaisen have been Masterpieces so we can expect wonders for what’s to come.

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